10 Sexiest DJ’s on the Planet

LOGO TV recently did a post on the 9 sexiest dj’s on the planet but must have based it more on record sales than looks. Let’s start this all over again. First of all Avicii is missing from the list and so is some of the greats from the LGBT community. What about DJ Paulo, Brett Henrichsen, Micky Freidmann, Tony Moran, Seth Cooper, DJ Pornstar, DJ Morningstar, and the Perry Twins. Also one of the DJ’s on the dance charts right now Joe Gauthreaux with “Bye Felicia”. His video shoots we have seen so far with his mind blowing abs put him in the top 10.

It might be too hard to pick a number one for the sexiest DJ on the planet so we will just list these in no order.
#1. Perry Twins, LA
#2 Seth Cooper, Austin

#3 Avicii, Sweden – he may be straight but he is hot as hell. Plus he is working with Madonna on her new album allegedly.
#4 Diplo, LA – Also working with the queen on a new album. This Dj knows how to bring out the inner-twerk in just about anyone with his Major Lazer EDM Dance act.
#5 Joe Gauthreaux, NYC – The DJ I can never seem to get his last name right. Let’s just call him Joe G with the sexy abs. He normally hides it wearing a shirt and we are not sure why because those abs are to die for!
#6 Tiesto, Netherlands
#7 Tony Moran,
#8 Hector Fonseca – not sure what is sexier him or his amazing beats or both.
#9 DJ Michael Graves, Known from Krave in Las Vegas. We have always dreamed of him being gay but he is straight. Sure is a hottie though. We at least need to be teased with a shirtless photo of this past Krave DJ.
djmichael-graves-lasvegas-krave MichaelGravescutevegas
#10 DJ Pornstar, Las Vegas

Keep in mind this is the male version of the list. We plan to make one on the females as well because some of them have been breathtaking such as the ones playing at the Matinee pool parties. What makes a DJ sexy is not just their looks its the music behind the turn tables or well their mac these days. We can all agree Calvin Harris should have made the list but hey hes on every other list.

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