Columbus Pride 2009

Everything seems to be different or “changed” in every city this year and Columbus is no exception.  One thing that is true everywhere is there is no shortage of hot boys.  Because of construction of the park near the river the Pride after party and Pride were held a week earlier this year so that they could do the pride fair where the CommFest ususally is located.  This turned out good though because it was closer to our hotel and the Short North area without having to walk all the way downtown.

Axis shined above anything else during the festive weekend.  They had a drag supershow featuring “Something in Red” the “Titanic” and some old movie tunes as part of the entry in the club Saturday night.  Friday night was a dog collar night and it was off the chain with hotties wearing red for taken, yellow for maybe, and green for anything goes (haha just kidding it means you are single and looking to play though).  The DJ in Axis was fabuluous.  No complaints there.

We did the Sunday Funday with lunch at Lemongrass to have their delicious soup, then it was off to Union for Showtunes, then Level for a few drinks.  We then hit up Q Bar and Slammers the lesbian bar down the street.  AWOL we hit up to check out the big patio.

Then night finally came and we went over to Havana which was packed and gave us a great drag and strip show.  After havana everyone headed over to Tradewinds which was a drunken mess that I remember nothing of.  I was happy for the closing song of pride weekend at Tradewinds to be Deborah Cox Beautiful U R.

Krystal Summers Makes the Boys Sweat

You know by now that when they say things are bigger in Texas they are talking about the hair on some drag queens and the boobs.  With Krystal Summers you get a glamour, fashion, and beauty all in one.  She has the sex appeal that brings the gay boys, straight boys, bi-boys, lesbians, straight girls, and everyone else to the Rose Room in Dallas inside the Station 4 nightclubs (S4).  You will also find Krystal Summers performing at JR’s Bar and Grill just down the block on Thursdays.

Krystal can walk into a straight bar anywhere and no one could ever guess she was a man unless you knew her from the shows.  Here are some pictures that were sent to us of her shows in Dallas.

Gay Days Theme Songs 2009

gay days pool party reunionIf you heard a certain song everywhere this weekend it was for a reason they were they hottest songs of gay days 2009. Most of the parties we went to this weekend in Orlando and in the Disney area had these songs playing…

We predicted that Love Takes Over by David Guetta would be the hottest song of Gay Days and it was but of course there was some other sick music being played:

#1 David Guetta – Love Takes Over w. Kelly Rowland

#2 Deborah Cox – Beautiful U R – This song sounds like Poker Face in the beginning but has that beautiful touch and love from Deborah.  Have no fear… Poker Face is on here too!

#3 Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow

#4 Whateva – Peter Rauhofer Remix (Whateva Whateva Whateva You Say, Whateva, Whateva, Whateva)  You can download this song on Masterbeat’s site.

#5 Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Peter Rauhofer Magic Journeys, Deborah Cox, Typhoon Play topped events

Gay Days 2009 Wrap-up

We pretty much did what we said we would do on our gay days schedule this year.  We hit up Pulse nightclub on Wednesday night and it was packed as always.  Then tried to hit up Revolution but they were having a “girls” party so we thought we better goto Phouse instead and it was packed beyond belief for a Thursday night.  They were having the Pleasure Island Mannequin’s party out on the patio/poolside area.  You could barely move.  We also hear that the Hard Rock was fun Thursday but we wanted to stay in the downtown area the first night.

Friday rolled around with the pool party at the Buena Vista that was ok.  Nothing like last year I guess they have changed things around where there are no more live performances and the pool party was moved from  one side to another making it look smaller than last year.  It was still fun and lots of eye candy. The Sunday pool party may have been a bit bigger then there was even people still around the pool on Monday.

Friday night was Typhoon Lagoon and if you weren’t there then you just missed out.  It was as big as it is every year and Lydia Prim did a great job as always.  They moved the dance floor this year to the sandy area in front of the wave pool which made for a little change.  They threw a great last minute event without all the normal lighting you get but it didn’t really matter because the boys were happy to “Let’s Go Play” over at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

The Buena pool area was not that congested for their ridiculous competitor party at $95 called Beach Ball Luau.  They really had the nerve to charge $95 for a blow up Hawaiian lady dancing on both sides of the stage and some lights.  I mean really??  I think most everyone got refunds or just jumped in the pool and drowned themselves from the money they wasted.

Saturday night of course belonged to Deborah Cox.  She said she loved us a few times and we can feel it when she sings for us.  She sung her number one hit Beautiful U R.  Beautiful U R should be one of the biggest hits of the summertime fun in 2009.  It was beautiful watching her perform below the full moon and sparkling waters of the Phouse pool.

We heard the Kelly Rowland performance was also good and she sung several songs over at the Buena Vista Palace ballroom. Props to the Johnny Chisholm crew for throwing one good event over the weekend besides the pool parties.

Sunday night we heard was dead over at the Palace ballroom and the House of Blues party.  Lots of feedback they were pretty lame so most people probably just went to have fun in their rooms and get to Arabian Nights Magic Journeys early.

Magic Journeys Arabian Nights Sunday night pretty much stole away the entire weekend though.  I will say Peter Rauhofer did an amazing job.  Normally Sunday nights are sketchy and bitchy but this year it was fun and not as crowded…much more room to dance but still perfectly busy.  It was the best Sunday night party I have ever been to at gay days.  I had to keep asking who was djing because he was making everyone dance as hard as possible.. Amazing job.  Although we could have done without the fire alarm drills three times during the last few hours.  I may never miss a Sunday night afterparty again after this years!

Happy Gay Days 2009!