Teen to lose virginity in front of an audience in name of ‘art’

gayartA gay student has announced plans to lose his virginity in front of an audience for ‘performance art’. Clayton Pettet will have gay sex for the first time in front of 100 people, as part of a project called Art School Stole My Virginity. After the 19-year-old has had safe sex with a friend, he will ask the audience what they thought of his performance to see if it changed anything between them.

The teenager, who has been planning the event since he was 16, said: ‘I’ve held on to my virginity for 19 years and I’m not throwing it away lightly. ‘I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate.’ The soon to not-be-a-virgin studies at the Central Saint Martins art school. Its alumni include Jarvis Cocker and M.I.A. Continue reading Teen to lose virginity in front of an audience in name of ‘art’

Justin Bieber plays “Cry Me A River” after Selena Breakup

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up last week and he is now following Timberlake once again by singing the “Cry Me a River” song that highlighted the breakup of Britney Spears.  The Biebs is currently on tour which has to be a great time to be single with all those ladies (including gay guys) in the crowd. We are also loving his body rock song and hope to hear more of it on the dancefloors. Watch the video below. Continue reading Justin Bieber plays “Cry Me A River” after Selena Breakup

Mexico Spring Break Alert

The US State Department is warning college and high school students on going to Mexico for Spring Break.  Spring Break for many Universities comes in just a few weeks and students will be planning their trips to places such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Rosarito Beach, Cabo San Lucas, and Acapulco.  The beaches, warm weather, hotties, clubs, non-stop drinking, and being able to drink under 21 are definitely the temptation of going to Mexico over going snow skiing or staying at home and being bored.

The travel alert is pretty serious due to the escalated violence near the border in Mexico.  Tijuana and northern Baja California have had spikes lately in violent crimes.

Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana and Nogales are among the cities which have recently experienced public shootouts during daylight hours in shopping centers and other public venues.  Criminals have followed and harassed U.S. citizens traveling in their vehicles in border areas including Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, and Tijuana. – travel.state.gov

If you are planning on going to Mexico for the clubs consider Canada for the 19+ drinking just make sure you bring a coat.  Then again you could consider Orlando and Tampa which are warm and have good clubs and most of them are 18 to enter but 21 to drink.

Dallas Halloween Block Party

October brings cooler weather, pumpkins, colorful trees, haunted houses, big record label song releases, and one of the funnest Holidays. At the Madonna concert she says “if theirs excitement, put me in it,” and this weekend in Dallas will be more than excitement. There are two huge events going on this year and if you do not have a costume yet do not worry… you may not even need one at one of the places.

Oaklawn Block Party – 7pm to 12M Saturday, October 25
The streets of Oaklawn and Cedar Springs Blvd will be lined up with ghosts, ghouls, Britney Spears, Sarah Palin, Larry Craig, soccer boys, soccer moms, cheerleaders, mass murderers, tax men, sailors, and angels. Oh yeah and Pirates. And most likely you will see some signs of Batman. The FairyTales street party takes place on the street between Knight and Oaklawn on Cedar Springs in front of all the neighborhood clubs. Come stop by and meet us hanging out in front of the Roundup and Mickey’s bar. All clubs in the gayborhood will be 21 and up this Saturday 25th but everyone will be leaving to go to the 18+ Meltdown party at the Lizard Lounge around 12 Midnight which is really going to heat things up!!

Here are some pics from last years Oaklawn Block Party.

Meltdown Kicks off at Lizard Lounge – 12M til 4am!!! Sat, Oct. 25
2424 Swiss Ave Dallas, TX
This hot 25th anniversary of Meltdown presented by Prototype will feature another Block Party event with MOBY spinning up a hot DJ Set never seen before in Dallas. Other DJ’s playing are James Zabiela, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Dirty South, Adam F, Dave Aude, Nicholas Bennison, Jayvon and MC XYZ. Some Old School DJ’s that I love that will be there are DJ Red Eye and DJ Jeremy Word and who can not love DJ Merritt of the Edge. DJ Raydar is also another DJ not to miss to hear some sick beats.
Buy Tickets for Meltdown with Moby – VIP Tickets are available.

Afterparty at Insomnia (The Clubhouse) 4am until 8am??
2250 Manana Drive, Dallas, TX (This is a Titty bar in the day time that turns in to a rave at night).
DJ Raydar, Shaolin, Andy Szontagh

Club One
$5 entry
if you bring a can good for charity
DJ Ronnie Bruno 10pm to 2am – My favorite DJ from Dallas EVER!!
DJ Paul Kraft 2am to 5am

Boycott Caven in Dallas

WE URGE YOU NOT TO SUPPORT CAVEN CLUBS IN DALLAS. PARTY ON THE BLOCK, YES. BUT DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY IN THEIR CLUBS WHICH CONSIST OF TMC, S4 Station 4 , JR’s Bar and Grill, and SUE ELLEN’s. Go inside them if you need to but do not spend any money. Let them know that the door managers need to quit bullying guests and treating good customers like criminals. Politics inside the club have even ran off some of the best people in our community. The only way we can get the corporate office to listen is to boycott all Caven clubs and let them know there are some people working there that are not doing their jobs in an ethical way.
Clubs you should try 21 and over: Mickey’s, Rush on Lemmon Ave.
Clubs 18 and over in Dallas: Alexander’s, Club One 3025 Main Street (Main and Hall) 18 enter and 21 to drink.
Gay Friendly 18+ Clubs = M.i.n.c. the china white club of Dallas., Lizard Lounge, Afterlife 16+

How to Not Use A Fake ID

Ok, so we have all probably tried to get into a club using a fake ID or you know the drivers license borrowed from a friend that says you’re 21.  The problem is that there are so many worries you have to consider than just being turned down from the club once the door person figures out your ID is a fake.  If the ID is borrowed from a “look-a-like” real person they may not want their ID gallivanting around due to identity theft reasons in case the person looses it or it ends up in the hands of a club bouncer that is shady.  I have personally seen people at parties pass around ID’s that were taken at the door and no telling what happened with those.

I think the US liquor laws should be 18 and that clubs should not be as strict but I also wished the world was perfect and its not.  The clubs and bars are not being dick heads they just have no choice and live or die sometimes just on this one issue.  The majority of clubs get shut down just for letting minors drink or turning their heads to it and being caught by aggressive organizations such as the TABC in Texas or the highly aggressive ABC in NY .  If you work at a club you probably find it a personal assault that someone drinks inside it under 21 because it really does risk the club being shut down forever without a license to serve.  Several repeated underage drinking violations and the club is gone.

But what about the stupid things people have tried with ID’s that got them busted.  Here are some I have heard about or seen…

  1. Walking in Drunk into a club when you look 16 and using an id that says you are 23.  Ok this is really stupid.  For one do not walk into a club drunk no matter what age you are.  Even if you are 21 the club can kick you out or you can be arrested for public drunk when the police come do a walk-through inside the club.  I have seen people stand in line to get in a club before and not be let in because they are too drunk and a smart bartender would not serve them anyway for their own liability.
  2. Using an ID that you cannot sign the name.  If you do not have the address, birthdate, and cannot sign the name exactly as it is on the card then don’t risk using it.
  3. Using an ID that rips in half.  Um yeah if you are going to use a fake license then at least make sure the damn thing doesn’t rip apart and that its quality is good enough.  You know… as good as a REAL license.  These bouncers probably bust several people every big club night using identification that is not their own so I would test it out first.
  4. Not knowing anything about your state that license is printed.  Say you get a license from a state such as Ohio and someone asks you about how the Buckeye’s are doing this year and you say um “the who”… You could be in Vegas trying to use the ID but not even think they would know anything about Ohio.  Well most people who are checking identification have been around and they have moved around and know other cities.  Expect them to ask questions discretely just to see if you know anything about it.
  5. Actions speak louder than words.  Know that when you walk in hesitantly into a club and look around like a bozo that they will spot you out and be suspicious.  You will stick out like Marilyn Manson walking into Midnight Mass.
  6. Going up to the bar buying other underage drinkers drinks.  Not only will you get kicked out normally until you are 21 but your buddies will too.

Ok, so I made this list to be funny because I know how it is to not be able to get into a freakin club but you can read this blog and find out most of the under 21 nights in the cities we know about.  You might even be able to make deals with your local club about going in on 21 nights if you prove to them that you will not drink.  That is one hell of a VIP with lots of temptation.

Males get discriminated against more than anyone when it comes to getting into a club.  Most straight clubs make the guys enter at age 25, while girls can get in at 18.  This to me is discrimination and should not be allowed but the courts seem to allow it in most states.

Take Action

With the bad economy I think that governments might finally get desperate to lower drinking ages or loose that money in tourism to Mexico and Canada.  Write your local representatives and vote when elections come around.  Tell them it makes no sense to fight and die for a country but cannot enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

Finding a Fake ID

I wouldn’t risk it.  You might see a craigslist.org ad or someone offer you an ID but beware its almost impossible to make an ID since 9/11 and being busted for having one by the police might really land you in trouble.  If you have an older brother that looks like you then you’re a damn lucky person there might be some kind of music to be made out of that.  The government is cracking down on immigration, identity theft , and terrorism so you can only imagine the penalties for carrying around an ID that is not you.  A sibling I doubt would be much of a case for them (if you had their permission of course).

Fight for your rights biotches! But don’t get your hangout in trouble doing so…