Gay Sex Clubs

gay-spa-bathhouseWhen I lived in London I knew of a place, over in the west of the city, where guys could go and spend the entire evening naked. If you wanted a bit of relief with another drinking buddy you could go into one of the rest rooms available. That, to me, sounded like a sex club. So when I came to write this and did some online research, my eyes were opened by the variety of places around these days that go under the title sex club. It sounds like the kind of thing you join and go to every Wednesday night, like an amateur dramatics group, but these days things are much more sophisticated.

For example you have your J/O clubs, that’s Jack Off where guys (and sometimes girls and bi-folk on special nights) go for a good old fashioned circle jerk. Turn up, strip off, chat and then when the time is right get down to the J/O part of the evening. Alternatively you can opt for something far more traditional and old fashioned and visit a bathhouse, or sauna as they are also called. Not every sauna on the planet is a gay orientated one so it’s best to check out the details before you go but searching online or asking in your local gay bars will often result in the information you need. You may not think of a sauna as being a club but there are those that have regular customers who know what they want and know where to go to find it. Turn up, pay up, get your towel and start to explore. In the more wild ones you’ll find uninhibited sex happening just about everywhere though most will have those restrooms if you want some privacy. A good sauna should also have free condoms and lube on offer and remember to always play safe. Promiscuous folk as well as first timers go to sex clubs and you should always be aware of the risk of infections, so cover it up before you put it in, or allow it in! parties where loads of sexy bois turn up, have a drink and then shag everything that moves or does not move. Great stuff to watch but how do you actually go about throwing one of these events?

I have to admit that I never have, but I did speak to some people I know who have organized such an event and I have managed to put together some background on how these guys do it. I also get tons of emails requesting pics for these type of parties so I admit it does spark some interest.

First of all you need to know what you are doing; you need to know the law both national and local as it pertains to where you are. This is particularly important if you are going to film the event and put it on a website. Secondly you need money as this is going to cost you a fair amount: the venue (and you need a gay-orgy friendly one) with charge, the bar will cost you, if you are filming then you have the crew and the cast to consider and then there is the publicity.

Publicity: how do you find 200 gay guys who are willing to have an orgy and be filmed? Well, advertising in local colleges works surprisingly well and you’d be amazed at how many straight guys turn up too. The local press woks the same plus you have the internet and maybe your own website too.

So, you have the film crew, the venue and the whole thing is set up what next? Well sadly these things don’t happen spontaneously though they may appear to on the websites that feature them. If you are making a porn video in the USA (and this rule should apply to any country really – to protect yourself) you need to get the actors to do two things: One, they must prove their age and you must make copies of it in case anyone questions the legality of your models, (they must be over 18). Secondly you must get them to sign the legal disclaimer stating their age and your right to use them and their filmed/photographed material publicly since they will be nude.

So, all that preparation done and you are ready to roll. Now you just have to hope that your guys turn up, lose their inhibitions and have a wild time. There is some more backstage work still to be done. Some guys need persuading, others simply need to be introduced to each other, you should keep an eye out for illegal drugs as you don’t want that kind of thing filmed on your website and you should make a general introduction to the guys before the party starts: put them at their ease. After that, I am told, things usually take care of themselves and the kind of guys willing to do a wild gay college party won’t have any trouble in getting naked and wild when the time comes.

If you want any inspiration on how these things turn out here are a few sites to view:

Guysgocrazy is my favorite and features all male orgies in high quality filming from three cameras per party.

Many bars and music clubs have themed nights. You may not think of these as being clubs as such but in a way they are. If you have a thing for a particular fetish you will probably find a disco or nightclub that has a fetish themed night. Here you’ll meet up with guys into the same kinds of things as yourself and, if the themed night is a regular occurrence, with a little social networking you’ll soon find a new circle of friends sharing a similar interest. And that’s exactly what a club is, isn’t it?

So, you may be asking, if sex clubs are places for guys to have sex in public what’s the difference between that and a cruising area or even a brothel? Well for a start at a sex club you don’t pay your partner for the sex. Everyone is there for the same thing and you shouldn’t hand over any cash apart from perhaps a door entry and a bar bill. Cruising areas are outside places where guys go for anonymous sex but these can often present dangers; being caught or being ripped off for example, sex clubs are safer in his respect. It’s worth noting too that some well run and organized sex clubs exist and operate purely as a club for sex (as opposed to being a bar, bathhouse or night club). These may have membership fees, newsletter and will be the kind of club that is set up purely for the fun of the sex, rather than as a commercial venture.

But wherever you go to find your sex, always remember to play rough! Below are some useful links, or simply run and on-line search with the phrase ‘gay sex clubs’ and away you go.

Endless Pool Parties and Boys

The GAY DAYS 2011 Pool Parties were so much fun this year as ALWAYS.  The Buena Vista Palace made a comeback as the more circuit hotel host for Mark Baker’s Events and then you had another pool party going on at the Doubletree.  BOTH were just as fun and most of us went to the Buena Vista one day then over to the Doubletree another day or for sure at the DT at night where they had a light show and lots of dancing and ball throwing.

I have to say that the boys that win the award for having the most fun at Gay Days this year must go to these guys in the the waterfall here dancing.  That really looked like a lot of fun and I would have joined them but I had spray tan on.  You have to also say these were some big beach balls over to the left side and we love some big balls to kick around.  This year the weather was perfect in Orlando for Gay Days and did not rain once with an exception of some outbreak on Tuesday before the week kicked off and it got out of the way then it was sunny and beautiful.  The way Florida should be.

Now let’s take a look of some of the hottest boys on the poolside they both show off their hot butts and large packages in front and flawless abs.  We just do not know who is our favorite.  Smooth and tan legs these are some heavenly twinks.

See more below Continue reading Endless Pool Parties and Boys

Real Jock 4 Jock

Well, bravo I say! It’s always good to come across a place where gay guys are encouraged to look after themselves; to find a website that isn’t just about sex. There is more to being gay than just sex after all. Real Jock is a meeting place, yes, it could be called a ‘hook up’ site in that respect but it’s more than that. It actually about, and for, guys who want to keep fit, and guys who want to meet other guys who are into looking after their bodies and having a healthy lifestyle. I put down my donut and took a closer look at exactly what’s on offer.

First off you have a free registration so anyone can sign up and take a proper look around. But before you do that you might want to see what’s on the tour pages and get a feel for how these things are expanded once you are a member.

The home page lists all the latest news and forum topics and you won’t be surprised, on a fitness site, to find titles such as ‘Ab workout frequency’ and ‘Forearms’ in the latest forum topic list. But it’s not all about workout routines and building muscles as guys have been chatting about scents, their love lives and even more personal matters. There is a list of articles which include subjects such as food nutrition, diets and sexual health. There is also broader news about politics and how it affects gay men. This was USA based when I was touring around but the site is aimed at a global market. You can see this from the list of locations from which the membership is drawn. The home page lists USA states but when you click the ‘more locations’ link you have a list of worldwide countries, plus there are guys listed by interest too.

Of course you have the chance to build your profile when you are signed up and this can include videos. There are some samples on the tour and these included professional clips and members’ homemade shorts; some sexual, many erotic and many simply about showing off fit bodies. You start to collect buddies as you go and, in the manner of many networking and community sites, you get to see images of these buddies and you can let other people into your collection of personal photos too. The more you put into your profile the more you will get out of the site so when you sign and join be honest, otherwise you won’t find the kind of guy you’re looking for.

But you get the impression that Real Jock isn’t just about hooking up and meeting other gay guys. There is plenty of discussion about all aspects of gay men’s lives, their health and fitness in particular and this is a place where you can get helpful and interesting information. You can of course have some intimate and sexy chats and send messages to fit looking guys too and I guess it’s up to you how you use the site in that respect.

Finally you’ll want to know how popular the site is; after all you don’t want to be the only one in there. Well, a quick check of the forum posts is usually a good indicator of a site’s popularity and there were thousands of posts here. Topics covered events, sports, fitness, dating, sex, sports and nutrition. A good mix of subjects which reflects the fact that Real Jock really is about keeping fit, but it is also about meeting other gay guys who care about their bodies and their lifestyles, and improving your personal life as well as your body as you go.

Pool Party Swimwear

Swimwear Season is here again and with Gay Days Typhoon Lagoon just around the corner its time to start shopping. There is also other great pool events coming up and not to mention First Splash is next weekend in Hippie Hollow in Austin (but no clothes are necessary there). You want to show off something on the boats or at the pools.

“People shop for a bathing suit with more care than they do a husband or wife.” – Erma Bombeck. That sounds a true truism from the late American humorist. But is it true and what’s hot and tops at the moment, now that we in the northern hemisphere are starting to look towards the summer? What’s going to grab the eye on the beaches, at the pool and when we’re sunbathing? And, for guys, what’s going to grab your tackle and place it properly, show off what you’ve got, and at the same time feel comfortable?

When you think about it, when you are wearing a bathing suit, to use a rather old fashioned term, you are only one step away from wearing nothing at all. You are showing off everything you have but leaving only one or two things covered for the sake or propriety. So your trunks, or whatever you like to call them, are going to have to serve a couple of purposes. One, they need to be comfortable for you and two, you want them to look good. If you want to pose and have people stare then go for something skimpy and revealing, but if your figure isn’t what it was and you don’t want to draw attention, then go for something more baggy and long. Nothing worse than a fat man in a tight thong showing his thing. Unless that’s a fetish you’re particularly into.

But I digress. We know that your bathers should be cool and comfy. How do you achieve that? A simple search around the net is the modern way of gaining advice and shopping opportunities, and one tip is to search for what’s going to be hot by looking for ‘summer fashion’, rather than just ‘this year’s swimwear’ for example. And check out Ask Men, a neat site that’s for men and covers all kinds of subjects. They are telling us at the moment, that the Speedo debate rages on, as it always will. With Speedo’s classic, tight fit, look it backs up what I was just saying: These tight and sexy things should really be reserved for those who still have a waste. (Sorry if that’s not you. It’s certainly isn’t me.)

J. Crew Solid Nauset Trunks are getting some good coverage at the moment, and will cover more of you, leaving the idea of what lies beneath more tempting than actually showing all your manly, private curves. Lahco have some really neat designs going on though your pockets will have to be deep. $155.00 upwards for a pair probably puts them out of most mortal price ranges. Vilebrequin Swimwear is even more expensive, and it was after seeing their $200 plus price tags that I enter ‘affordable; into my search terms.

And found some useful advice that is also pretty obvious. You want to look good and feel good but you can’t afford the top fashion names. So, simply shop around online and search out swimwear at affordable prices, but keep a check on quality as cheaper often means short-lived. There are online auction sites, such as eBay where you can find deals and bargains, but make sure these are still ‘in the pack’ Speedos or whatever, no one wants to try on second hand trunks. “The swimwear that goes on auction on these online sites comes from diverse sources: like traders looking to clear their stock, traders who have gotten into problems with their creditors and many other reasons. Today men have lot of options in purchasing a quality swimwear.” Albert Wessel at Article

So I guess the bottom line is that fashions change year by year but in the swimwear world, this year, we are still looking at names, top names, brand names, names with price tags heavier than the material the trunks are made from. But at the end of the day you’ve still got your classic choices. Speedos and baggy shorts.

My Favorite picks for gay swimwear:
1. Aussie Bum
2. Andrew Christian (10% off Coupon code
3. Hurley Boardshorts
4. O’Neill Boardshorts

Hottest Pool / Beach Parties
1.  White Party Pool Parties (too late for this great event)
2. Last Splash Labor Day Weekend, Austin TX
3.  Sundays in Las Vegas starting soon…
4.  Mark Baker Host Hotel in June
5.  Gay Days Host Hotel Doubletree Orlando June
6.  Reunion Pool parties at Buena Vista Palace coming in June (not sure which one in Orlando will be the best yet)

Key West gay resorts

Planning a holiday next year, or even sooner? How about Key West in Florida, USA?

The city of Key West encompasses various islands and ‘Keys’ and is the county seat of Monroe County. It is also known as the Southernmost City in the Continental United States being 129 miles southwest of Miami. It is a seaport destination for many passenger cruise ships. The Key West International Airport provides airline service. Hotels and guest houses are available for lodging. But what about the gay scene? Ok, so it’s a great place to go on vacation but what are the gay companies planning for queer visitors?

There are plenty of gay and gay friendly resorts to choose from, that’s for sure. A quick search brought up hundreds so you really are spoiled for choice. I guess many businesses will declare themselves as ‘gay friendly’ these days, it makes sense to attract as many customers as you can and no one is going to say they are ‘gay unfriendly’. But watch out for the real gay resorts, gay run and gay owned, these are the ones that are going to be right on your wavelength.

How about Island House, voted “the best gay men’s resort in the world” by readers of OUT Traveler magazine – as well as receiving many other accolades from the queer press. This place certainly sells itself as gay men’s heaven; ‘a place where everyone is gay…where it’s easy to make friends… where you can really be yourself…where you can enjoy yourself 24 hours a day… in a secure locked compound, safe from the outside world…’ [] I’m not too sure about being ‘locked in a compound’ but I think I know what they mean. Check through their website to read the details of what’s on offer but don’t expect to find the men in the pictures when you visit. Holiday companies always do this; show you hunky guys to attract you, yes there may be some when you visit but the chances are the majority of guests will be ordinary guys like you and me.

So Island House comes out top in searches and has won awards but there are plenty of other places to choose. Ecuador (not the country but the name of the resort) gets good reviews from customers and its website outlines prices through the seasons, starting at $120 a night for a basic room and reaching $237 for a suite. Hobart Resorts have three places for gay men, Coconut Grove, Coral Tree Inn and Oasis. Each has its own charms, pools, bars and facilities and prices here range from $149 to $259 a night depending on the room size.

And for the girls? Pearl’s Rainbow is a resort for women in Key West. It’s close to Southernmost Point in a beautiful part of the town. It’s a full-service resort with two pools, two hot-tubs, a poolside bar called “Pearl’s Patio”, which is Key West’s only bar for women only. There are plenty of shady and sunny places to relax and lounge about, and it’s clothing optional. So the girls are guaranteed some fun too.

But what to do while you are there? Apart from search out the hot guys and gals of course. The local area offers loads of varied attractions, beaches, boats to rent, fishing, watersports (of either variety I expect) and cruises. There is no shortage of nightlife and places to eat out, bars and general entertainment. Search around a little more and you can make wedding plans, or turn up at the right time and take part in the Fantasy Festival; in 2009 it is being held between October 23rd and November 1st – that should give you plenty of time to get packing.

Those are just a few notes and ideas about the gay places to stay in Key West, as I said, there are many other places to check out and choose from but wherever you end up it looks like everyone has a great time down there in the Florida sun.

Hottest Club Flyer of the Month

I try not to post club flyers on this site because I do not want to make it look like some advertisement and I normally do not even accept ads for parties. I do however love seeing hot club flyers and we just had to show this one off as one of the hottest I have seen this month. Check out this military boy.

I found this in my Hells Kitchen Newsletter that comes out once a week.  How I wished I was in NYC to check out Campus Thursdays.

Two-Step the night away

Sordid Lives has me wanting to do some two-steppin’. Yee Haaaa!

While we often see the stereotype of gay clubs featuring techno dance music, there are other options out there and more and more people are seeking out something new for their nights out. If you would rather wear your jeans and boots for a night on the town, gay country dancing clubs might be a good fit for you. While deciding to take the new man in  your life two stepping at the local country bar is possibly a bad idea, you can find gay country clubs and groups to let you do everything from line dancing to two stepping in a comfortable and inclusive environment. Many will even teach you, or perhaps someone cute will take pity on you and take you for your first twirl on the dance floor.

If you are looking for a gay country club, check your local clubs. In many big cities, you will find clubs exclusively devoted to two stepping and line dancing. Maybe they offer a country night. Have you asked for one? Many club owners will offer this fun option if they know their patrons want it. If you are looking for listings for some of the best gay country western clubs, offers their list of the ten best at There are gay country clubs in many southern and southwestern cities, allowing opportunities to socialize, dance and hang out with friends.

You might also try, the International Association of Gay/Lesbian Western Dance Clubs to find a club near you that offers line dancing, square dancing or other country dances. You can even find gay country dance competitions through this organization and, the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. If you are looking for country dance lessons, you may find that you have to call around to multiple dance studios to find one that is inclusive and welcoming. If you have a local club, they may even offer classes. Taking a few lessons is a great way to improve your dance skills. Country dance is a great way to keep fit and make new friends or even perhaps meet someone special.

If you’re more country than city, you might also be looking for friends with shared interests. is one possibility for social connections on the gay country scene.

What to wear? Well, fortunately the uniform at a two stepping gay bar is easy. Jeans, preferably tight, cowboy boots, and a hat if you dare. Keep in mind that if you’re dancing a lot, you may get warm and might prefer something a bit more comfortable rather than quite so snug.

Top Four Gay Country Hot Spots to Consider

  1. Round-Up Saloon Dallas, TX – Music turns to top 40 around midnight on Saturdays
  2. Charlie’s Chicago, IL – The coolest afterhours in Chicago after you take those boots off!
  3. The Finish Line inside the Habanna Inn Oklahoma City, OK – There are some friendly folk in this joint!
  4. Rainbow Cattle Co. Austin, TX

Johnny Dangerous gets Dirty

johnny dangerous gay rapper If you do not know who Johnny Dangerous is then you do not watch the countdown on LOGO often. Johnny Dangerous is the gay rapper similar to the Gay Pimp Johnny McGovern. You will see him playing on LOGO’s The Click List for his Dirty is the New Black. I recently saw him on my visit to Chicago at a nightclub called Berlin. Johnny Dangerous rapped up his hit Dirty is the New Black, Take Your Man, and Curious. His music sounds a little like the Beatsie Boys but with some gay aimed lyrics.

I sort of like some of the nastiness in his lyrics. You do not get to hear such dirty in many songs like you do in his Take Your Man lyrics. Heres some pics from the album release show. You can check out his myspace at