The Outdoors in your Birthday Suit

Get your clothes off and board the bus. Come on, don’t be shy. We’re going for a trip around the USA to find the best of the gay male nudist resorts; or at least the top ranking sites that talk about them. Let’s see what we can find.

First stop is at at the top of the list after searching for ‘gay nudists USA’. These guys sound like they know what they are talking about. Or maybe not – their top two resorts’ links didn’t lead anywhere. But I did find there, which listed all kinds of interesting pages including one for events and gatherings. So, next stop…

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania for the annual Gay Naturists International (GNI) gathering. On offer here are education, entertainment, relaxation, a lake, pools, workout rooms, sports and woodland walks. Sounds idyllic. But hurry- the event takes place between August 20th and 29th . If you’re too late book for next year, or try GNI’s Naked Getaway at Key West. (Back on the bus and off we go.) This is a quick getaway weekend and will run between December 5th to 7th . Last year it was perfect weather and over 100 guys showed up, sounds like fun. They use the Hobart and Equator resorts for this event and promise you pools, gardens, outdoor Jacuzzis and sundecks and, presumably lots of freely naked guys of various ages and types with not a care in the world. In 2007 this getaway coincided with the ‘Bone Island bare it all weekend’ at Key West. There are no details of a 2008 Bone Island (suspicious name) weekend as yet but keep an eye on for upcoming news.

And while we are on their site let’s see what other events and places are listed: Fort Lauderdale Eagle for… oh, too late, just missed that event. The Haulover Sun Club offers SCUBA diving trips, ( events page) though presumably you will have to wear something to do that; and it looks like a mixed event. There is naked Yoga to be had in Miami, a Leather weekend at Camp Mars, two hours drive northwest of Fort Lauderdale, in October, (presumably it’s possible to be naked and wearing leather at the same time) and a gathering, also in October, at Lake Como.

But what about resorts? So far it looks like you head south and attend a gathering or event. Very far south in some cases as there are nudist cruises and holidays to Mexico and Costa Rica available and I fear we are straying from the gay only path. Back to for some free advice…

And a list of nudist beaches in the USA arranged alphabetically with 56 in the A to M list, 33 in the N to W’s and a separate list for New England for some reason, which has five. Well, the good news is that it seems that as long as a state has a coastline you can strip off on it. 22 states are listed at this handy page and, though they may not be permanent resorts as such, you are allowed to go clothes-free anywhere from Hawaii with eight beaches listed, to New York with six. Unsurprisingly there are no beaches listed for Alaska. Check out the pages as they were the best information source that I found, start with: then pick your favorite state and you will find some links take you to just beaches while others also list resorts.

Also, Join us for Hippie Hollow where you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Travis in Austin for the Splash weekend coming up Labor Day Weekend.

How to Make your Straight Bud Curious

There is this myth in the gay world that no man is truly straight. In some cultures (I’m thinking of Greek, Egyptian and other Arabic lands here and speaking from experience,) it’s quite acceptable to be bi-sexual. Sex with your mates, or an older guy, is for fun – girls are for marriage and having babies. But that’s really another story; the point is that some men are more up for it than others. After reading some ‘true life experiences’ on various gay story sites or and many others, I put together a few ideas for getting your straight mate to ‘turn gay’.

Remember that he may not turn gay permanently. Many of the real instances that I’ve been told – where a straight dude lets another guy suck him off etc. – took place after a night of drinking. This is actually a good ploy: I’m not advocating getting drunk on a regular basis as that’s obviously bad for you, but it’s a good cop out for the straight dude to be able to say ‘I was drunk’ or ‘I don’t remember’ as if the thing never happened. Bless them, they feel so guilty when they’ve done something with a guy and enjoyed it.

So, you could engineer a situation where you and he are alone, having a few beers or whatever at home. You slip on a straight porn film (worth investing in at least one) to see his reaction. If he doesn’t know you’re gay you could ease in with ‘what part of this scene turns you on?’ he’ll say something like ‘the girl with the big tits’ in which case you have some work to do. But if he says ‘the blow job’ you can leap in with ‘I’ve always wanted to try that,’ or ‘I wonder what that feels like’ or dive straight in with ‘I can do that for you.’ ‘No way man,’ he will say to which you reply, ‘but we’re only having fun and anyway, we’re drunk so we won’t remember in the morning.’

If he’s really against the idea then don’t push it – things could turn nasty. But if there’s even the slightest moment of hesitation, if he has to think before saying ‘no’ then you’re probably on to a winner. Remember that he is going to be the shy and uncertain one so don’t rip your clothes off and present him with your hard cock. Start slow, seduce him, maybe simply touch his bare leg with yours, or let your arm ‘innocently’ drop next to his so you’ve made body contact. As the movie progresses you can start to pres harder and the moment he presses back you know he’s game.

That’s one scenario: the drunken one. I’ve heard of guys simply going up to their straight mate and kissing him when he’s a bit wasted, or even grabbing his cock. This way you either get a definite no by being pushed away or he is so stunned that he returns the grabbing.

Competition is good, sometimes. ‘Who’s got the biggest cock,’ is one to try. This can lead to both of you getting your dicks out and comparing sizes in a manly, macho way that both of you will love. ‘Ok, so who’s got the biggest when hard?’ is the natural second step. Watch him stroke his cock while you try not to shoot your load too early. ‘Who can come first,’ leads to a natural but quick end, ‘who can hold on the longest?’ is a good variation as is ‘who can shoot the furthest.’ But, as long as you’ve made him feel comfortable and un-pressured then he should respond to this ‘bit of fun’ by stroking his straight meat before your very eyes.

But if you want to see some real experts at it then you’ll need a little cash. Try this first time site to see how they do it and you could even copy their techniques – if you have enough cash and a camera. Here the straight boys (and they really are) are simply offered money to strip and jerk, touch each other and occasionally go the whole way. So if you can’t actually get your own straight mate to do it, click over there and watch someone else’s fantasies come true.

Read about how to throw a wild college party where you can make many str8, bi, and gay fantasies come true .

Boys Lube Wrestling

You always see girls oil wrestling and all the erotic fun seems to happen at the the str8 clubs. And I am sure most of us has had a locker room or wrestling fantasy so why not have some fun with that.

The Boy Bar (Cattle Company club in Austin) sure has a good marketing team. They mentioned our site in a myspace bulletin so we gotta give em’ props for that 🙂 They also have the hottest flyers and youtube videos. Check out these hotties below in this video lube wrestling —

I have not figured out how the hell to show videos on here but I am working on that. I installed a plug-in but it just puts out some white space… but here is the link to the oil wrestling video of the only club in Texas that dares to have something this erotic…

Just as hot are the college boys in St. Louis at the Faces Nightclub wrestling around in Web lube (video preview 1 and 5 below). I recently read this club was going to re-open but they had problems with someone stealing their copper. If anyone can help this club come back and survive again and keep it gay then email them over at or on their
guys oil wrestling in underwear

Gay College Sex Party Anyone?

Now here is an interesting challenge. You’ve seen a site that features wild sex parties where loads of sexy bois turn up, have a drink and then shag everything that moves or does not move. Great stuff to watch but how do you actually go about throwing one of these events?

I have to admit that I never have, but I did speak to some people I know who have organized such an event and I have managed to put together some background on how these guys do it. I also get tons of emails requesting pics for these type of parties so I admit it does spark some interest.

First of all you need to know what you are doing; you need to now the law both national and local as it pertains to where you are. This is particularly important if you are going to film the event and put it on a website. Secondly you need money as this is going to cost you a fair amount: the venue (and you need a gay-orgy friendly one) with charge, the bar will cost you, if you are filming then you have the crew and the cast to consider and then there is the publicity.

Publicity: how do you find 200 gay guys who are willing to have an orgy and be filmed? Well, advertising in local colleges works surprisingly well and you’d be amazed at how many straight guys turn up too. The local press woks the same plus you have the internet and maybe your own website too.

So, you have the film crew, the venue and the whole thing is set up what next? Well sadly these things don’t happen spontaneously though they may appear to on the websites that feature them. If you are making a porn video in the USA (and this rule should apply to any country really to protect yourself) you need to get the actors to do two things: One, they must prove their age and you must make copies of it in case anyone questions the legality of your models, (they must be over 18). Secondly you must get them to sign the legal disclaimer stating their age and your right to use them and their filmed/photographed material publicly since they will be nude.

So, all that preparation done and you are ready to roll. Now you just have to hope that your guys turn up, lose their inhibitions and have a wild time. There is some more backstage work still to be done. Some guys need persuading, others simply need to be introduced to each other, you should keep an eye out for illegal drugs as you don’t want that kind of thing filmed on your website and you should make a general introduction to the guys before the party starts: put them at their ease. After that, I am told, things usually take care of themselves and the kind of guys willing to do a wild gay college party won’t have any trouble in getting naked and wild when the time comes.

If you want any inspiration on how these things turn out here are a few sites to view:

Guysgocrazy is my favorite and features all male orgies in high quality filming from three cameras per party. is highly recommended for its exclusive content, video-making and bonus site access. like many of the gay party sites this one carries a link where you can apply to join a party. Go along and get first hand experience of how it all works if you can. Even if you don’t end up making a video of your own party at least you will have had some fun!