The Low Down on Poppers


poppers in a clubYou know… The stuff (one of the many) you saw Bryan doing on Queer as Folk in the clubs and in the baths.

What are poppers?
Poppers is actually the more common, street or slang name for various alkly nitrites; these are chemical compounds of structure R-ONO, for all you chemists out there, and the most popular forms for recreational use are amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate and isobutyl nitrate. (You can see why they’re simply called poppers!) You may be surprised to learn that these chemicals also appear in some over the counter air fresheners and video head cleaners; they were also used in the past, from 1875 and unsuccessfully, to treat angina and as an antidote to cyanide poisoning. Continue reading The Low Down on Poppers

National Coming Out Day means 20% off on Underwear

It looks like a great day to not only come out of the closet on 10.11.12 but to order some underwear online and save twenty percent. It not only makes a good present for someone this Christmas but makes for a great Halloween Street party costume to wear something sexy like underwear along with a bow tie. Continue reading National Coming Out Day means 20% off on Underwear

Jessica Sutta “Show Me” closing party

We got to see Jessica Sutta at the closing party well at least we remember some of it on video. It was a long day of drinking and debauchery so hey we tried the best we could to stay around for this final event at the White Party 2012. It was the last event of the big but short weekend (why cant we have Mondays off too?). RosaBel played the event as well as they finish it off every year. We have a video we made of Jessica Sutta and her hot gogo backup dancers. Continue reading Jessica Sutta “Show Me” closing party

White Party Roundup 2012

Fabulous year once again at Jeffrey Sanker’s big party in the California desert.  We snapped some photos and videos from the 2012 White Party in Palm Springs including the closing party with Jessica Sutta.   See our Gay Dance Youtube Channel for the videos of Mary J. Blidge and one hot video of Kimberly Cole.   Continue reading White Party Roundup 2012

Kimberly Cole performing at White Party

Here are some White party pics from their hot hot pool events.  This one features Kimberly Cole performing and doing some lap dances for the hot boys who are up on stage.  This was one of my favorite pool party performances out of many that did not do much for me this year.

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Peter Rauhaufer Tour Dates 2012

In case you are wondering the tour dates for Peter Rauhaufer we have them here for you. Look no further. We wished all DJ’s would list their concerts dates so we could stalk them in more than one city!
April 5 – Hoxton, Toronto
April 8 – Stereo, Montreal
April 14 – Ice Palace, Miami
April 28 – Work! Birthday in New York City
May 19 – Vancouver
May 26 – The Week in Rio De Janeiro Brazil
June 9 – The Week in Sao Paulo
June 23 – Work at Pride in NYC
June 28 – We Party in Madrid
July 3 – Guvernment in Toronto, Canada Continue reading Peter Rauhaufer Tour Dates 2012

Spring and Summer Circuit Events

The following is an updated list of the upcoming events for 2012. These include gay circuit party dates, club appearances, and major events you may want to include in your schedule. We also listed a few gay pride changes.

Mar 30 – Apr 1: Cherry – The circuit comes to Washington DC where they boys are guaranteed to be with their shirts off and showing off their Winter Workouts.

August 2nd to 12th Matinee presents Circuit. Barcelona, Spain International Gay and Lesbian event with 11 days of 25 parties with more than 40 top dj’s. 100 dancers and performers, great beaches and intense holiday heat. DJs include Abel, Ana Paula, Gra Ferreira, Isaac Escalante, Offer Nissam, Paulo Pacheco, Renato Cecin, and Peter Rauhofer.

Apr 6 – Apr 8: Palm Springs, White Party – There is an incredible lineup of artists and entertainers this year including France Joli, Dave Aude, Lisa Vanderpump, Nire’ Alldai, Kwanza Jones, Kimberly Cole, Liz Primo, Hector Fonseca, Collette Carr, Nina Flowers, and many more. All in one place, all in one weekend! The QUEEN of WHITE PARTY 2012 Lisa Vanderpump was spotted on KTLA Morning News talking about how excited she is for the big party! Melanie Amaro performing the Sunday T Dance. She is the winner of the X Factor of 2011 the DJs for this party include Dave Aude, Moto Blanco, and Manny Lehman,. This party is fun because its half in the daytime and you get to ride a few circus rides. Maybe that’s why Britney showed up one year? Mary J. Blige, JoJo, Jessie and The Toy Boys, Colette Carr, Porcelain Black, Meital Dohan, Melanie Amaro, Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Coleand Kwanza Jones.

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Mary J. Blige to Headline White Party Palm Springs 2012

The official announcement is coming later this week but we may just have to spill the beans first because of some leaks to us over the Winter Party Festival weekend. We hear that the White Party in Palm Springs will not have a mega-recording artist this year but someone that has certainly won awards and had her share of hits out. She is a woman who has been through ups and downs and had a lot of a think called “Drama”. She is a dance floor diva just like some of the other performers and knows how to move her groove at you. You could have guessed already with Mary J. Blige. Mary J. Blige’s latest single is “Mr. Wrong” ft. Drake and a few years ago she had “Be Without You” and “No Drama”. Both of these songs have been circuit party hits but can Mary J bring it to the crowd like we had in the last few spoiled years with Lady Gaga, Robyn, and Ke$ha?

Now keep in mind this is just assuming this gossip is true and the contracts may not even be signed yet. Remember last year everyone thought it would be Cher, Britney, or Adam Lambert performing and it ended up being Robyn which was great but disappointed some because of the over-teasing of the announcement. Let’s hope they do not make that same mistake this year. Keep in mind it was just a few weeks ago the White Party Miami was Facebook teasing that Madonna could appear at their legendary event just because she had Miami Tour dates during their official week. Do you think Madonna would stop into the White Party Miami without hitting up the Palm Springs music fest first? We know the Miami party cares nothing about live music.
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