Gay Pride Schedule 2017

The following is a calendar of the gay pride line-up for 2017 for the remainder of the year. Earlier this year we celebrated Brussels Pride, Tampa, and pride in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale. Be sure to save this list and share it with your friends so they will know the most important upcoming events for the #LGBT community.

May 20-21, 2017 Long Beach Pride
May 20-21 Puerto Vallarta Pride
May 25- May 29 Memorial Day Weekend Pensacola Beach
May 25- May 29 Matinee Las Vegas
May 30-June 4 – Gay Days Disney Orlando pool parties, group outings to Disney attractions, circuit party events such as One Magical Weekend, Pulse Nightclub tribute, and Parliament House Concerts.
May 31-Jun 4, 2017 Salt Lake City, Utah Pride
Jun 1-25, 2017 Toronto Pride
Jun 1-4, 2017 Charlotte, NC Pride
Jun 2-4, 2017 Kansas City, Kansas Pride
Jun 2-11, 2017 Boston. MA Pride
Jun 2-10, 2017 Indianapolis Pride: Gay Icon CeCe Peniston will be performing at Indy Pride this year.
Jun 2-11, 2017 Zurich Pride
Saturday Jun 3 Sacramento Pride
Saturday Jun 3 Tulsa, Oklahoma Pride
Sunday Jun 4 Asbury Park New Jersey Pride
June 24 – San Francisco Pride Weekend featuring Kamasutra Circuit Party with DJ Offer Nissim, performer Deborah Cox and DJ Dani Warren.
Jun 4-10, 2017 Tel Aviv, Israel Pride
Jun 5-11, 2017 Los Angeles Pride
Jun 7-11, 2017 Key West Pride
Jun 8-12, 2017 Sitges Pride
Jun 8-11, 2017 Washington DC Capital Pride
Jun 9-10, 2017 Albuquerque, NM Pride
Jun 9-11, 2017 Milwaukee Pridefest
Jun 9-11, 2017 Long Island,CA Pride
Jun 9-11, 2017 Vienna Pride
Jun 9-18, 2017 Portland, ME Pride
Jun 9-19, 2017 Portland Pride
Jun 9-11, 2017 New Orleans Pride
Jun 9-18, 2017 Edmonton Pride
Jun 10-11, 2017 Detroit Motor City Pride
Saturday Jun 10 New York Brooklyn Pride
Jun 10-11, 2017 Pittsburgh Pride
Saturday Jun 10 Athens Greece Pride
Saturday Jun 10 Rome Pride
Jun 11-17, 2017 Des Moines Pride
Sunday Jun 11 Albany Pride
Jun 16-17, 2017 Norfolk Hampton Roads Pride
Jun 16-26, 2017 New York City, New York Pride Continue reading Gay Pride Schedule 2017

Gay Circuit Beach Party To Debut on the Jersey Shore

The Ascension Party is returning back to the states for a hot summer beach event this August 4 – 6. The last time it was in the U.S. the event was held on Fire Island Pines in Long Island and more recently in Mykonos, Greece. The party is coming to the Asbury Park beach in New Jersey this time around!

Ascension has made an international name for itself in the circuit community with attendees coming from around the world. This year in Asbury Park the party organizers say there will be 14 Dj’s spinning at 11 different locations between August 4-6, 2017.

The party begins Friday night with the VIP cocktail at 7pm hosted by the one and only DJ Lina, followed by the Ascension Underwear Party with world renowned DJ Eddie Martinez. It continues Saturday with the weekend’s main event, the Ascension Beach Party from 1pm to 8pm with International DJ Dani Toro and DJ Hansel, proceeded by the Saturday Night Celebration starring superstar DJ Paulo.  Continue reading Gay Circuit Beach Party To Debut on the Jersey Shore

Debbie Gibson, Macy Gray, and Keri Hilson To Perform for #GayDays Parliament House Events

The Legendary Parliament House in Orlando just announced their concert line-up for Gay Days Weekend 2017. Performances include Debbie Gibson, Macy Gray, and Keri Hilson.

Debbie Gibson is performing Friday night but that is also the biggest water theme park night aka Riptide at Typhoon Lagoon. Saturday night is not so big for the One Magical Weekend promoter as they have really dropped the ball on this year moving their event from one with a theme park with rides to one at a average concert venue in Disney. Your best best Saturday night is Parliament House with Macy Gray and the Footlight players. Sunday night is not to be missed at the Parliament House as Keri Hilson performs who is known for working with Kanye West and Ne-Yo with her hit “Knock You Down” and “Pretty Girl Rock”.
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Gay Memorial Day Weekend 2017

It looks like things are shaping up to be an exciting summer this year starting out with epic beach and circuit parties. Memorial Day weekend has grown over the past several years to be one of the biggest gay outings for beach and dance. There are two events that really compete each year for the Gay Memorial Day Weekend and that would be the events in Pensacola and Matinee Las Vegas.

The decision is easy for most of us because we would prefer the beach to the concrete faux Las Vegas skyline. This year they have upped the offer for the Matinee party as they are throwing most of the parties in the clubs inside Hard Rock and those are great places to party even though they are not traditionally gay clubs they have supported past gay events such as Hustlaball Vegas. See our comparison here.

May 25-29 on the beautiful sugar white sands of Pensacola Beach they are throwing 7 Fabulous parties.The newest events are the Glow party and the Foam parties. Keep in mind they have skipped the past few years of throwing beach parties and moved them to Emerald City. This year will be better with the parties on the beach.
Friday, May 26 • 9PM-3AM GLOW Paint Party with DJ Joe Gauthreaux
Saturday, May 27 • 9PM-3AM The return of WAVE Beach Party with DJ Dani Toro
Sunday, May 28 • 9PM-3AM BATHHOUSE Foam Party with DJ GRIND
Additional weekend DJs include: DJ Joe Ross, DJ Blacklow, DJ Drew G and DJ Hector Fonseca. DJ Dani Toro puts on an amazing production and is one not to be missed! There will also be parties across the beach at the Portofino resort which is basically the “host hotel” for the weekend. Continue reading Gay Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Addicted Gang Bang Swim Wear

Now is the time to start picking out some great swimwear for the massive pool and circuit parties scheduled for 2017. Every now and then you see underwear or swimwear that really sticks out in more ways than one! These new gang bang boxer swimwear will have everyone talking. These are so scandalous we love them because it almost looks like a big load stain in the front and a welcome mat of a gang bang in the back. Continue reading Addicted Gang Bang Swim Wear

Gay Clubs, Pride, Dance Festivals Being Targeted by Terrorists?


This Post was written before the Pulse Nightclub shooting but it was a warning that we need stronger security at gay clubs at big events checking for guns and knives. There has also been attacks at gay bars in Mexico, a fire set to a gay bathhouse in Ybor Tampa, and club formerly known as a gay club in Cincinnati (Adonis) had a shooting where one died and 15 were injured. There have also been many threats received by homophobic groups around the world but security is still not doing their job and wanding people at the front door for guns.

The attacks in Paris, France sent the message loud and clear they are targeting happiness and fun. ISIS and radical islamists do not want anyone having any fun. They want us all to fear them which is why they they go to extremes to behead people and throw gays off buildings then stone them when they do not die from the fall. Now that they are going after concert halls and sporting events the club scene could be next. Continue reading Gay Clubs, Pride, Dance Festivals Being Targeted by Terrorists?

Berlin is absolutely the hottest gay destination for Weekday and Weekend Clubbing

I don’t want to go into a history lesson here so I’ll just say that, since the wall came down in 1990, when we talk about Berlin now we talk about both East and West Berlin combined. However the city still has various districts and they are each as diverse as each other, but the news is that gay people are generally accepted in most of them and you can often see gay couples walking hand in hand and enjoying a relatively accepting society. This is particularly true in districts such as Kreuzberg, Schoneberg, Mitte and Friedrichshain. However if you travel to the eastern districts of the city there is a certain right wing element there which means you have to be more cautions and probably less public in your affections.

If you are visiting Berlin and are a bit of a culture vulture then you’ll be pleased to know there are many museums and galleries, plus the cathedrals and other architectural sites to visit. Including the Gay Museum which also has an archive of mainly English language and gay related books that you can browse, on site. is their website is you want to take a look.

But that might be jumping straight in; first you’ll need somewhere to base yourself for your visit. has a comprehensive list of places to stay. This site is in German and English and you can easily follow the links to the individual hotels where you will find locations and prices to suit you. Staying with that site you’ll see lots of information about things to do after dark. There are many gay cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs in Berlin though no one area where you find them all together as as you might in say Soho, London or Canal Street Manchester, UK. That means there is no gay ‘ghetto’ and, some people think, this adds to the individuality of the city as each business does its own thing and each district has its own vibe.

Check out the Mitte (central) area of e city as this is where the trendy and the young hang out at the new and sleek Sony centre with free wi-fi, open air and crowded with hip tourists. The Maritim ProArte is a recommended hotel in this district, it features original artwork on each of its 11 floors and the nightlife of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg is only five minutes away by cab. In these areas you will find some of the oldest and most notorious of Berlin’s clubs, such as SO36 and Eldorado. There’s a saying that cameras are not allowed in many of Berlin’s clubs for a reason and you can probably guess what that reason is!

But it’s not all sex clubs in Berlin, there are other, dance and chill out places too. It’s just that you might have to go searching for them. One of the biggest party nights in the city can be found at Club Weekend ( for up to date opening times) but it takes place in what looks like an office building. As says, these wild clubs are often hidden in plain sight.

And staying with that site there’s some very handy tips on having a good time listed there. Such as: The various nights and dates of certain events can change and you need to be known to know where and when the party will be. Remember which will have the details on the nightlife or nachtleben as the Germans call it. Also don’t forget the gay museum and the various cultural events that the city hosts including the Love Parade, a giant street party you’ll see And as for getting there LTU offers nonstop flights from NY, LA and Las Vegas, see

As usual that’s only a quick dip into a huge city that is teaming with varied night (and day) life and loads of gay things to do and see. Check those websites, there are many more too if you use your search engine and keyword “gay Berlin” for example. But one thing is for sure: if you are planning a European vacation then Berlin needs to be on your itinerary.

LabOratory / Berghain
There are few gay nightlife experiences in the world that compare to LabOratory. If you are just visiting or a local, this is one gay nightlife spot that you must experience. Lab, as the locals call it, is probably not for the novice or faint at heart gay explorer.

Lab has a motto of“Anything goes” and a very cool location inside an old East Berlin power station. What an amazing atmosphere!  It also houses Berghain and Panorama Bar (separate entrances). To get to Lab, walk by the hundreds of people trying to get into Berghain and go to a hidden entrance on the northern side of the building.  Men play hardcore here so you may will catch yourself in the middle of cages, glory holes, slings, private areas/cabins, and dark rooms. On a place like this you can also expect to have access to showers, paper towels, free condoms and lube.

Make sure to check LabOratory’s website for specific themed parties. Each party has a special dress code that you should adhere to if you want to get in. Some of these parties sell out way in advance (if they are “ticket only”). Some don’t require advance purchase.  Tip: Do not wear strong perfume. You will not be admitted. And obviously pictures are not allowed inside.

As you walk in, you are expected to get into your outfit which could be your birthday suit, sports clothes, rubber, jockstrap, leather. After that they will give you a bag for your “normal clothes”. You then check in the bag and they write a number on your shoulder. This number is used for billing your drinks at the bar.  Friday nights are popular with 2 for 1 drinks and “no dress code required”.

You just hop on the subway to Ostbahnhof and walk for about 7 minutes or use an Uber Taxi since they don’t have Uber in Berlin.  Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1 Berlin

Upcoming circuit events in Berlin include the Hustlaball held in October at the Kit Kat Club. Gay pride comes around the end of every June with half a million people attending between Ku’damm and the Siegess.

NYC’s Black Party Moves from Brooklyn to Manhattan

The Black Party in NYC is one of the wildest and kinkiest things to do in spring with over 5,000 of the city’s most daring men. The all-night and day party is a fetish fest that promises high-flying aerial sex stunts and performances with an endless supply of leather. You are probably guaranteed to smell lots of poppers in the air. The party was held in Brooklyn but now it has moved to Manhattan to Space Ibiza on West 50th. According to the Saint At Large Facebook page a huge warehouse party was shut down just this past weekend in Sunset Park so they had to make certain that all the permitting is secured which led to a wait in the official location announcement.

The tickets are over $100 for the event but you can go cheaper if you wish to go in the wee hours of the morning. Saint At Large Tickets are $50 after 9am and the closing time is now 6pm Sunday evening. There are some complaining about the new Space venue saying it will be smaller than the one in Brooklyn so it may be best to go early in the morning and pay less. People are also saying they are relieved they do not have to go over to a sketchy neighborhood in Brooklyn to attend this party but getting a room in Manhattan can be an accomplishment in itself. You can check out hotel recommendations below.
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