Gay Downtown Miami and Miami Beach Weekly Events

gaybingohotelmiamiMiami is always changing when it comes to clubs, bars, and events. It’s sometimes hard to know when you leave the tropical paradise a few years and come back what there is to do. Whether you’re a tourist or local in Miami this list will help you figure out what to do even on Monday and Tuesdays not just the busy weekend. Hotel Gaythering leads Miami beach in things to do for gays because they host daily non-bar events. Although they do have a bar inside the hotel lobby that is open during their events they host.

If you’re seeking gay nightlife in the Miami area then you can normally count on people out late at night drinking and dancing at Twist nightclub. This is a four level club/bar with a stripper room on the patio. People normally go out late in Miami but that could change if they change their laws to make it where you have to close at 2 a.m. Continue reading Gay Downtown Miami and Miami Beach Weekly Events

Amsterdam Euro Pride Festival of Dancing and Entertainment

funhousexxlamsterdamThe headline should have been “Amsterdam Euro Pride Where the Milkshake Brought the Boys to the Bars” just to be fun on the pun that it started out with a Milkshake festival a week before the canal pride weekend. Amsterdam Pride this year was part of the Euro Pride celebration. Although it did not change it much for me as the canal pride weekend is by itself spectacular. Continue reading Amsterdam Euro Pride Festival of Dancing and Entertainment

Las Vegas Gay Nightclubs Update, No Gay Days 2016

krush fridaysWe heard rumors that Share may be closing down and those turned out to be true unfortunately. Share, the largest LGBT nightclub in Las Vegas shut its doors last month. The gay scene in Las Vegas only has one dance club left which is not on the strip but on the gay Fruit Loop and that club is Piranha.

But where can you catch drag queens and hot gogo dancers in straight people’s sin city? Wait in line for a dress code club with overly expensive drinks on the strip? Stay tuned because there are a few that are coming soon to Las Vegas at least we are hearing about.

Krush Nightclub
Housed in the former Rendezvous space on Arville off Tropicana, Krush nightclub will celebrate its grand opening July 22. The venue is already promoting weekly parties (Hip-Hop Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, F*ck It Fridays, Shirtless Saturdays and Latin Night Sundays) and drag shows hosted by local queen Elektra Del Rio. They have an adult entertainment cabaret license so private dance rooms will be part of this club’s attraction. Continue reading Las Vegas Gay Nightclubs Update, No Gay Days 2016

Mass shooting at gay bar in Mexico leaving “15+ dead”

mexican gay club massacreWe are getting conflicting reports of a mass shooting in Mexico where there was either 4 dead, 15 dead, or more. It seems the corrupt government may be covering something up or inaccurate reporting from various websites out of Mexico.

The Latin American Herald Tribune claims that Gunmen arrived at the Madame club, located on Avenida Lazaro Cardenas, and killed two men inside the nightspot and two others outside. While another claims that May 22, the three gunmen entered Madame gay bar in Xalapa – a city in the state of Veracruz and carried out a mass shooting, killing what is believed to be more than 15 people and injuring many others.

More information is below from the latter site. Make sure to read through our post here about how we need more security in gay nightclubs across the world. Also, read about the threats to gay bars following the Orlando tragedy.

The state prosecutor released a statement saying that there were 5 people killed in the shooting and 14 injured, of which 12 have been discharged from hospital, however Mexico has a long history of manipulating the media and of journalists being killed. A local reporter notes “there were many more than what the government says, obviously”.

Her comments are backed by various witnesses, including a local doctor who tended to the injured and knowing that the authorities would try to cover up the facts, told reporters at El Noreste there were more than 15 people dead. The doctor, who works at Ignacio García Tellez hospital in Xalapa, said that among the wounded there was a 14 year old pregnant minor who suffered a severe wound in the leg and another one in the arm.

News outlet Regeneración reports that a witness who was entering the bar at the time of the shooting says he took refuge in a cupboard as soon as he heard the shootings. He says he saw three subjects with weapons enter the bar, and that he had believed it was the police, who regularly monitor the bar.

Soon after they entered, the witness says they started shooting behind the bar and massacring people. He could hear the screams from the cupboard. When the shooting stopped, about 10 to 20 seconds later, absolute silence followed. He could see two dead people on the floor and the bar was empty.

Adding to this, a young man sent photos to both Regeneración and El Noreste media outlets that showed at least seven dead people.

A 24-year-old employee at the gay bar, also told reporters that he witnessed an armed group enter the bar and shoot into a crowd of more than 400 people. He said that there were more than 15 dead and multiple wounded, who were taken to various hospitals.

The mass shooting went mostly unreported in English language media and with the current situation in Mexico, was barely reported locally. It appears authorities have tried to downplay the shooting but evidence shows otherwise.

The government dismisses it as a drug dispute, however Mexican LGBTI organisations have condemned this massacre as a homophobic attack.

Pink’s New Single ‘Just Like Fire’ – Listen Now!

pink-newalbumcover-just-like-fire-alice-songPink is finally out with a new single titled ‘Just Like Fire’ to be used in the Disney film “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” The song is co-written with Max Martin, Shellback, and Oscar Holterhe and will be the first original song written for a live action film by Pink.

Pink also recorded ‘White Rabbit’ for the upcoming movie’s marketing campaign which releases in May 2016. On April 15, 2016, the release of the new single ‘Just Like Fire’ will be Pink’s first single in three years. We haven’t heard anything from Pink since she did the theme song for ‘The Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Pink has sold more than 60 million albums, 130 singles and 2.4 million DVDs. LISTEN BELOW: Continue reading Pink’s New Single ‘Just Like Fire’ – Listen Now!

Pensacola Beach Memorial Day Weekend 2016

memorialdaypensacolabeachemeraldcitypensacolaMemorial Weekend is coming up starting May 26th of this year in Pensacola. We have been going to this event annually and of course it’s in our Top 5 events of the year not to miss. The reason as you can see in past posts on Gay Memorial Day Weekend that thousands of people a re camping on the beach and having the time of their life.

You can also go to the man made city of Las Vegas for Matinee but why would you want to do that when more people are in Pensacola and it’s mostly hot southern boys. Did we mention there is a real beach? Not some man made concrete pool where you have to order bottle service for a place to lay in the sun or even sit down. With the Pensacola Beach the gays take over during this weekend you don’t have to pay anyone to put up a tent and can goto temporary tent venue to tent venue partying it up from sunrise to sunrise. You will also want to make room for the DJ’s playing at Emerald City which is the popular nightclub in Downtown Pensacola.

Emerald_City DJ Lineup Pensacola DJ GauthreauSuperstar DJ Lineup at Emerald City for Memorial Day Weekend:
Thursday, May 26th “Foreplay” with DJ Jay-R
Friday, May 27th “Strip Down” with DJ Blacklow
Saturday, May 28th “Sweat” Dani Toro Dj
Sunday, May 29th “Friction” Glo Blacklight Underwear Party with Joe Gauthreaux
Monday, May 30th “Climaxx” Drink and Drown DJ Jay-R
This venue is located at 406 East Wright Street in Pensacola, FL. You can check out their website at

Where to Stay?
We recommend either setting up a tent on the private beach set up for this weekend across from the Portofino or staying at the Portofino. If you have a tent you may want to consider a hotel as well because you will want a place to regroup each night. There are facilities for bathrooms and showers along the beach but to each his own.

The Portofino Resort is where you will find many gay parties and you can go room to room or their main pool area where they normally have a huge Pool Party event setup each year for this weekend. It’s not an easy task getting a room at the Portofino because you basically have to plan months in advance and you have to book with a 4 day minimum and have two rooms or more. They are more expensive than a regular hotel but not so bad when you split it up with friends.  Other hotels in the area include the Holiday Inn, Hilton and the Hampton Inn right along the beach.

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How to get Around Pensacola Beach and Downtown Pensacola
They do have Taxi’s but now that they offer Uber we recommend taking Uber or Lyft.
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Las Vegas Gay Events 2016

vegas pool partiesLas Vegas is ranked by some as one of the top leisure destinations for LGBT travels. We for the most part highly disagree as the club scene has went downhill the last few years following the demise of Krave and other high profile gay bars. While it may not be a great place for single people it is a good place for couples and for single people during big event weekends. There are also plenty of hotels, attractions and dining on the strip to enjoy. The top events this year are mostly the same including Matinee Las Vegas, Las Vegas Gay Pride, and the Temptation Pool Parties.

April 22-24. National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA) will host The Coady Roundball Classic which brings 36 LGBT and Ally teams from across the U.S. and Canada to Las Vegas and is the longest running LGBT basketball tournament in the world.

April 28-May 1. Dinah Vegas, An event for lesbians by lesbians returns for its 5th year in Las Vegas. A weekend-long event with cocktail parties, sunshine, and poolside fun. Caesars Entertainment welcomes the ladies in style with live entertainment from a top-tier line up of Lesbian DJs including Dawna Montell, Dirty Kurty, Whitney Day and DJ Du Jour. Event highlights include a headlining performance by former Pussycat Doll Kaya at the Infinity Pool Party inside Flamingo Las Vegas and the always anticipated Vegas White party at Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas. Continue reading Las Vegas Gay Events 2016

Studio 54 Flashback

studio 54 ryan phillipeYou’re too young to remember the actual Studio 54 I’m sure, but you may have heard of it and wanted to know what was so special about it. Why does the name, no the legend, live on all these years later? What was Studio 54?

To understand it completely you have to travel back to April 16th 1977 and to put that into perspective: that was the year that first saw VISA on credit cards, rings were discovered around Uranus (I’m not joking), the first spacewalk took place and Sarah Michelle Gellar was only 12 days old. Meanwhile over on 254 W. 54th Street, New York, two friends, Steve Rubell and Ian Shrager opened their doors for the first time and thereby started the legend of Studio 54.

In simple terms it was a night club; but a glittering one. They had tried owning and running steakhouses in the city but soon decided that there was more money to be made in alcohol, hence the idea of a club. With Rubell’s drive he was always the loud and gregarious one, they bought and renovated the old TV studio, transformed it into the club, hung an illuminated man-in-the-moon over the dance floor and the rest, as they say is history.
Continue reading Studio 54 Flashback