Berlin is absolutely the hottest gay destination for Weekday and Weekend Clubbing

I don’t want to go into a history lesson here so I’ll just say that, since the wall came down in 1990, when we talk about Berlin now we talk about both East and West Berlin combined. However the city still has various districts and they are each as diverse as each other, but the news is that gay people are generally accepted in most of them and you can often see gay couples walking hand in hand and enjoying a relatively accepting society. This is particularly true in districts such as Kreuzberg, Schoneberg, Mitte and Friedrichshain. However if you travel to the eastern districts of the city there is a certain right wing element there which means you have to be more cautions and probably less public in your affections.

If you are visiting Berlin and are a bit of a culture vulture then you’ll be pleased to know there are many museums and galleries, plus the cathedrals and other architectural sites to visit. Including the Gay Museum which also has an archive of mainly English language and gay related books that you can browse, on site. is their website is you want to take a look.

But that might be jumping straight in; first you’ll need somewhere to base yourself for your visit. has a comprehensive list of places to stay. This site is in German and English and you can easily follow the links to the individual hotels where you will find locations and prices to suit you. Staying with that site you’ll see lots of information about things to do after dark. There are many gay cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs in Berlin though no one area where you find them all together as as you might in say Soho, London or Canal Street Manchester, UK. That means there is no gay ‘ghetto’ and, some people think, this adds to the individuality of the city as each business does its own thing and each district has its own vibe.

Check out the Mitte (central) area of e city as this is where the trendy and the young hang out at the new and sleek Sony centre with free wi-fi, open air and crowded with hip tourists. The Maritim ProArte is a recommended hotel in this district, it features original artwork on each of its 11 floors and the nightlife of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg is only five minutes away by cab. In these areas you will find some of the oldest and most notorious of Berlin’s clubs, such as SO36 and Eldorado. There’s a saying that cameras are not allowed in many of Berlin’s clubs for a reason and you can probably guess what that reason is!

But it’s not all sex clubs in Berlin, there are other, dance and chill out places too. It’s just that you might have to go searching for them. One of the biggest party nights in the city can be found at Club Weekend ( for up to date opening times) but it takes place in what looks like an office building. As says, these wild clubs are often hidden in plain sight.

And staying with that site there’s some very handy tips on having a good time listed there. Such as: The various nights and dates of certain events can change and you need to be known to know where and when the party will be. Remember which will have the details on the nightlife or nachtleben as the Germans call it. Also don’t forget the gay museum and the various cultural events that the city hosts including the Love Parade, a giant street party you’ll see And as for getting there LTU offers nonstop flights from NY, LA and Las Vegas, see

As usual that’s only a quick dip into a huge city that is teaming with varied night (and day) life and loads of gay things to do and see. Check those websites, there are many more too if you use your search engine and keyword “gay Berlin” for example. But one thing is for sure: if you are planning a European vacation then Berlin needs to be on your itinerary.

LabOratory / Berghain
There are few gay nightlife experiences in the world that compare to LabOratory. If you are just visiting or a local, this is one gay nightlife spot that you must experience. Lab, as the locals call it, is probably not for the novice or faint at heart gay explorer.

Lab has a motto of“Anything goes” and a very cool location inside an old East Berlin power station. What an amazing atmosphere!  It also houses Berghain and Panorama Bar (separate entrances). To get to Lab, walk by the hundreds of people trying to get into Berghain and go to a hidden entrance on the northern side of the building.  Men play hardcore here so you may will catch yourself in the middle of cages, glory holes, slings, private areas/cabins, and dark rooms. On a place like this you can also expect to have access to showers, paper towels, free condoms and lube.

Make sure to check LabOratory’s website for specific themed parties. Each party has a special dress code that you should adhere to if you want to get in. Some of these parties sell out way in advance (if they are “ticket only”). Some don’t require advance purchase.  Tip: Do not wear strong perfume. You will not be admitted. And obviously pictures are not allowed inside.

As you walk in, you are expected to get into your outfit which could be your birthday suit, sports clothes, rubber, jockstrap, leather. After that they will give you a bag for your “normal clothes”. You then check in the bag and they write a number on your shoulder. This number is used for billing your drinks at the bar.  Friday nights are popular with 2 for 1 drinks and “no dress code required”.

You just hop on the subway to Ostbahnhof and walk for about 7 minutes or use an Uber Taxi since they don’t have Uber in Berlin.  Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1 Berlin

Upcoming circuit events in Berlin include the Hustlaball held in October at the Kit Kat Club. Gay pride comes around the end of every June with half a million people attending between Ku’damm and the Siegess.

NYC’s Black Party Moves from Brooklyn to Manhattan

The Black Party in NYC is one of the wildest and kinkiest things to do in spring with over 5,000 of the city’s most daring men. The all-night and day party is a fetish fest that promises high-flying aerial sex stunts and performances with an endless supply of leather. You are probably guaranteed to smell lots of poppers in the air. The party was held in Brooklyn but now it has moved to Manhattan to Space Ibiza on West 50th. According to the Saint At Large Facebook page a huge warehouse party was shut down just this past weekend in Sunset Park so they had to make certain that all the permitting is secured which led to a wait in the official location announcement.

The tickets are over $100 for the event but you can go cheaper if you wish to go in the wee hours of the morning. Saint At Large Tickets are $50 after 9am and the closing time is now 6pm Sunday evening. There are some complaining about the new Space venue saying it will be smaller than the one in Brooklyn so it may be best to go early in the morning and pay less. People are also saying they are relieved they do not have to go over to a sketchy neighborhood in Brooklyn to attend this party but getting a room in Manhattan can be an accomplishment in itself. You can check out hotel recommendations below.
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Planning Ahead for Big Parties I Missed Last Year!

You really have to plan ahead to get the best deals sometimes at least that’s how it used to be.  Maybe not so much anymore if you don’t mind flying coach you can get deals last minute for cheap.  Booking hotels is the biggest obstacle so you have to know months in advance if you want to book a party at say the White Party in Palm Springs or the Gay Ski Weeks.  Sometimes people do not understand you have to plan ahead for things and you can’t sit around until the last minute to go which is why we miss out on so many parties.  Of course not this far ahead but at least a month or so ahead. ..

I am always up for trying out new events and love to meet new people and see new and exciting things.  Some of the events are hard to make because they fall on a big weekend with tons of other things going on that are more close to home or just more convenient.  The hardest events to make are always the gay ski weeks and January and February events.  Why are these so hard to make?  There is so much going on during Spring Break and the week’s right before that.
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Grindr’s New Emojis are Scandalous #sexmojis

Grindr’s has released their brand-new custom emojis and they are a bit shocking at first. We are not sure if these will turn into more of an aggravation with the app or make it more playful and scandalous. Some are into Grindr’s new set of custom emojis but it is getting mixed reviews and some are deleting the app and seeking other apps such as Hornet. Continue reading Grindr’s New Emojis are Scandalous #sexmojis

Peppermint NYC’s Drag Queen of The Year

We stopped by Barracuda near 22nd Street and 8th Avenue on a Monday night while we were in New York City and struck gold. I normally look online to find out the clubs to check out but ask around about the drag shows.  We got lucky this time we found a small bar that had a performer named Peppermint.

Barracuda was a busy bar on a Monday with some cute guys and very nice set of bartenders.  It was Peppermint’s last night to perform at the bar because she is on tour right now internationally to promote her new album.  This includes new singles Servin’ It Up and Thought You Knew.  Servin’ It Up is a video that includes our favorite gay rapper Cazwell and even has the Gay Pimp sitting at a booth.  Get it requested on LOGO!

Peppermint was voted the drag queen of the year on the HX awards in NYC.  I think she may just be the best drag queen in the country right now. She has more creativity than anyone I have seen this year! In person we meet her.. a genuine person and loves to have fun!

Here are some photos of Peppermint Servin’ It Up for her fans out at Barracuda on a Monday night.  Check out the hot guy she picked out of the crowd and handcuffed on stage.  She even wrote all over his hot body.  She did a beautiful Mariah look, a hilarious Taylor Swift, and so many other fun songs!

This is originally a post from 2009 that we thought we would add some photos from our amazing experience at her show! Check out more photos of Rupaul’s Drag Race Peppermint from NYC:

Gay New Year’s Eve Parties Worldwide 2017

12400808_1931489727076739_6743187137028397135_nWe have tried to put together one of the best lists for an epic New Year’s Eve 2017. If you are Canadian, Australian, European, or from the United States of New Trumpland we found some of the hottest parties in the world you may not want to miss. The only problem is that we want to be at all of these parties and cannot decide so maybe this list will help us.

Belgium. H.I.M New Year’s Eve
According to this promoter they are selling more and more tickets in Canada and Australia. They are “Very honored to welcome people from the other side of the world on New Year’s Eve…”
Saturday 31st December 2016. H.I.M would like to welcome you to its very first edition of H.I.M NYE with
This night will be hosted by our first lady ALEX MERCURIO.
“Spain’s hottest party”
TAITO TIKARO (Matinee All Star – Circuit Waterpark 2015)
International Circuit Gogo’s & Entertainment
A brand new night out for him, her and everyone in between. A night filled with POPular pleasure and URBAN desire.
STEWIE LAHYE (Flash/Le You Resident)
JOEY (Random – Hessenhuis)
Hosted by Beauty QueeRs, Dazzling Diva’s and YOURSELF.
Dress up cauz Anna’s watching!
This event will take place at AEC Building (better known as Industria or Mansion), a mesmerizing industrial club with several floors and rooms, located in the Antwerp port (400m from IKON).
Indiëstraat 9, Antwerpen
Our Take: Sounds like they have their shit together and are throwing an epic party in Belgium. Our thirst is real for this party!
Go here for Antwerpen gay stay .

WE PARTY celebrates its 6th WE NYF anniversary, between the dates of December 27th to January 1st. Another edition, welcoming the New Year of 2017 in the city of Madrid, in Europe’s biggest gay Winter festival. A celebration that attracts more than 20,000 men from all corners of the planet.A different winter holiday, where you can enjoy 6 nights and 6 parties, celebrating together with the team of WE PARTY the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. With a line-up of the best DJs in the world, the best opening shows, stagings and over 20 gogos.

Every year Puerto Vallarta has something for you on New Year’s Eve. This year, with DJ Dawna Montell and tropical events with an amazing fireworks show. Hopefully Trump’s wall doesn’t go up before the big weekend is over then again why not just stay in beautiful PVR until Trump is dumped out of office.

14641930_1092065167537568_7189615154572777683_nVIENNA – LOVEBALL – CLEOPATRA & HER LOVERS
Ok, looking through all of the worldwide events this one takes home the prize. In the history of the ancient world there is one woman who eclipses all others. Her name has become a byword for beauty, luxury and excess. Her story is entwined with some of the most powerful men in history. She is the last pharaoh of Egypt – CLEOPATRA. She has been portrayed as everything from romantic to a powerful sexual predator. The secrets of her concealed passionate relationships to her ardent lovers will be disclosed by LOVEBALL.
3 INTERNATIONAL SUPER STAR DJ’S, Cleopatra & her lovers, Live Performances, Huge Led Screens, Mugshot Photowall, 3 Floors, International Gogos, Loveball opening performance, and Ancient egyptian decorations.
DJ ASAF DOLEV (Tel Aviv – FFF, Beef, Revolver Berlin)
DJ Herb (Matine Las Vegas, Rosenball, Male Cologne)
DJ Andi Mik (Cricus, Loveball, GM1)
Mart.I (Ken, Fresh!, Connection Berlin)
WUK – Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien
U6, 40, 41, 42, 40A – Station Währinger Straße/Volksoper
5, 33 – Station Spitalgasse)
…is like every year, the motto of Loveball. Take Cleopatra’s and her lovers’ example and be open minded in love with respect and tolerance towards everyone. Don’t worry about conventions and rules, live your life how you like it, at least for this special night.
So far we see over 500 people interested in their Facebook event which is higher thus far than the other events. for more information and $25 off a place to stay here.

Saturday, December 31 9 pm – 4 am
The Belasco
Masterbeat is excited to present one of our biggest New Year’s Eve productions ever as we take over the entire Belasco Theater for One Love. Experience all 3 rooms of this incredible venue, all completely transformed by Masterbeat for this exclusive event, as we bring in an all new 8 point thundering line array sound system, full color lasers, high resolution 3D video walls with special effects and performances in every room along with Masterbeat’s legendary countdown to midnight. DJ’s Grind and Micky Friedmann will take you into the new year in the main theater, with Alex Acosta spinning all night in the upstairs ballroom and Tristan Jaxx taking over the underground vault. Love makes our world go around, come and ring in 2017 with love and thousands of the hottest men from around the world.
Go here for a $25 Misterbnb credit on your first stay in Downtown or Weho.

gay-london-new-years-eveLONDON – Heaven G-A-Y
I have seen rumours that it could be STEPS performing. If you have not heard of this group then Google search them. It will be quite a camp fan girl party we would all die for on any weekend. Steps is Reuniting For 2017
at the G-A-Y New Years Eve Party from 9pm – 5am.
“Brit Award Winning
20 Million Records Sold
The group with over Ten Top 5 singles and #1’s will be performing Midnight At G-A-Y. This is a mega-club and what we consider to be one of the best spots to be for the best club night of the year.
Go here for a $25 Misterbnb credit on your first stay.

There are also great parties in NYC and every major city. Check out these parties from last year and our advice on what to do when you go out clubbing for NYE.

Don’t Party and Drive
FREE Rideshare:
Up to 5 Free Lyft Rides up to $50.
Free $20 Uber Ride. This is only for first time Uber riders so if you have not used the amazing app before then try it out and get $20 credit!
Airport Rides with No Surge: You can get an instant Wingz $5 Free Credit when you sign up for a new Wingz account.

Party promoter? Add your event in the comments!

How to Get Your Butt Clean and Ready to Bottom Like A Pornstar

What if a guy that you really like has you on a date and pulls you over and wants to fuck the shit out of you. But literally he would be fucking shit out of you because you are not prepared. It’s not that you are not clean but you have not eaten right and do not feel confident you are ready. It could be stomach problems or diarrhea from taking too many aspirin the day before from a hangover.

Having sex on the fly is the best. Most people do not have planned out sex such as porn stars so in reality they are more prepared because they douche. The thing is to reduce prep time to be more comfortable and confident.bottom-supplement

Understanding how your body works will reassure you and make you feel more confident in bed. Sex is much better when you can both relax and have fun.  Read more Below:



The most important thing to know is that the rectum (where his penis goes) does not store feces. The feces are stored in the sigmoid colon until you are ready to go. So you aren’t going to shit on him during sex for the most part.

If your rectum is not clean and the condom or his cock gets dirty when having sex then you have to improve your diet.cuteyincks


You need more fiber in your diet. Fiber acts like a sponge that cleans your rectum. And if it’s clean you can catch a dick whenever you want. 

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, men are not getting enough fiber. The suggested intake is 38g per day. 

You are probably at around 16g of Fiber a day.

Do you WIPE more than 3x a day? Then you should increase your fiber intake.

To fix this you must increase two things at the same time: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Most fiber pills do not address this problem.

Soluble fiber: oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples, and blueberries

Insoluble fiber: all-bran (like Kellog’s), dates, granola, dried figs, lentils

So just remember to eat at least 38g per day so you’ll be ready when he puts you on your back.


It’s hard to believe but there is something you can buy that actually works even for those that have diarrhea problems from meds and drinking too much. We all need fiber and our bodies are simply not getting enough. Basically a bunch of bottoms got tired of shitting on their tops and got together and created fiber pills you can take so you can bottom whenever you want. And it’s got hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon.

It’s called Pure for Men – a proprietary fiber supplement that you take once or twice per day.

It comes in pill form so and you only have to “swallow” 2 a day for most.  The pills are 100% vegan blend of psyllium husk, chia and flaxseed.

They say it’s not glorified Metamucil because Metamucil only contains psyllium husk and doesn’t have the same amount of fiber per serving. Not the same thing.


Pure for Men works like a sponge going through your body so that when you go.. YOU GO. This of course reduces prep time and makes you more comfortable and confident.

And confidence is sexy.

And since most of us don’t get enough fiber in our diets this can make a difference in your overall health too.


Start with one pill per day and work yourself up. S-L-O-W-L-Y. Too much fiber at one time can make you bloat, pass gas and create unenviable digestive issues.  So if you are planning on trying Pure for Men, here are a few things you should know about taking fiber supplements.

Spread it out.

Not your legs. Your fiber intake. Spread it out throughout the day and don’t take the full dose only at night. Spread it evenly throughout the morning, afternoon and bedtime.

Take any meds at least one hour before fiber supplements or two hours after. Fiber is known to absorb certain medicines, diverting them from your body.

Lastly, drink lots of water. Taking fiber without water is like bottoming without lube. Drink at least 8 ounces of water with every dosage.


Medical experts agree: Enemas and douches are harmful. Pushing water or a mixture of water and chemicals up your butt creates a powerful reaction (accompanied by bloating and cramping) that “evacuates” everything in your lower intestinal tract.

Do enemas work? Yes, you’ll never be cleaner in there (or up there, as the case may be).

Should you do it? Never, ever put chemicals up your pipes without medical supervision. Do porn stars do it? Of course they do. And it’s not a good idea. I can recommend something even better than you’ve probably never heard of. If your rectum is so dirty that you have to hose it out, the answer isn’t a fire hydrant connection; it’s a better diet.

But how can I clean out down there?


If enemas and douches pose too great a risk (and embarrassment) for frequent use…

There is a device that will flush out fecal residue without the dangers of an enema or a douche:
The ear syringe.

Ear syringes hold about one ounce of water—enough to get the job done but far too little to remove rectal mucus or cause peristalsis and its consequent “douche dependency.” To find out more about the ear syringe, including how to use it, check out the book where this information came from, How to Bottom Like a Pornstar.

Tips on Eating: Porn star bottoms say that what they eat affects everything.  Porn stars tend to be like most guys who you see at the gym who eat lean meats and fibers and no carbs. They drink water and teas, and stay away from carbonated sodas because the last thing they want to do before a scene is eat or drink anything that would make them gassy. Besides the obvious like staying away from sodas and chalupas, nothing affects your ability to bottom on-the-go than fiber intake.

Orlando Pride has been Postponed

pulsepridepartyOrlando has had some of the worst luck and tragedy this year and it is more than raining on their parade this year it’s being postponed. The gay pride celebration in Orlando that was supposed to remember those who passed from the nightclub tragedy in June will now be held in November. This is because Orlando is under severe weather threat right now with high hurricane winds and possible flooding. You can barely buy bread or groceries or even gas to get around town much less try to make it to a pride parade.
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