Roxy Nightclub to close after 16 years

The Roxy Nightclub in New York City will be shut down after sixteen years of performances, headline DJ’s, and surprises. Madonna has played a few times at the Roxy and not just made appearances but actually performed several songs. Roxy is one of the last major gay clubs to be shut down or town down because of regulations or underage drinking. Maybe it’s high time to make drinking 18+ but that’s another subject we should get some attitude on. Then again there are other well known clubs that were shut down to build such tragic things as ballparks including one of the largest gay spots in America known as Nation D.C and the stripper bar “Wet”.

I am not familiar with the State Liquor Authority but I am sure they are as communist as the TABC in Texas. Station 4 in Dallas is not even allowed to have contests anymore because they feel they promote drinking. Clubs around the state of Texas are having problems running contests because groups like the TABC say contests that include hot dancing shirtless or in boxers could promote more drinking. Dallas nightlife was also hit hard when Club Eden, a strip club during the day, was the afterhours dance scene for the hottest people in Dallas their dance permit is taken away. You now cannot dance in Club Eden afterhours you have to sit at tables and stare at each other.

The teens, queens, and party scenes today just do not seem to have the balls to go up against the communist government of ours. We need to do something to stand up to all of our famous night clubs shutting down including Avalon NYC, Roxy NYC, etc. Think about all of the raves that disappeared because of the laws that were passed to stop dancing at these happy events.

New York club life will suffer again from another club closing down. The tourists from foreign countries and other states will goto NYC looking for clubs like Roxy, Avalon, or bars like CBGB and they will be no where to be found. It will be emptiness like the Studio 54 day ending but hopefully we can get some new things and learn from our mistakes. You would think the mayor or elected officials would finally realize the nightlife scene is a major reason some people visit NYC. The only problem is they cannot own stock in most nightclubs so if they do not see any money in it then lets just make it so people need permits to dance, permits to drink, and soon you will have to display permits to piss.

After almost two decades Roxy is closing its doors for good on Saturday, March 10, 2007. The building that held the Roxy will be demolished just like our buddies over in D.C. at Nation. This Saturday will be the last dance at Roxy and will definitely be a party that you should not miss if you are in the Manhattan area.

Saturday Nights in NYC
What will become out of the closing of the Roxy in NYC? You can expect lots of new parties popping up. I am sure John Blair will not waste any time starting up some events but there are a few others you may want to check out besides the usual suspects.

Saturdays @ Rebel
Vip List
Ride Saturdays @ Rebel Saturday
Cover: $8 Reduced Admission 10-12pm $10 After & General Admission $15
Location: Rebel Nightclub 251 West 30th Street @ 8th Ave 21+

Afterhours in L.A.

In case you do not know by now there are a few afterhours parties that are going on in L.A. now. Reflex is one afterhours party off of 661 N. Robertson blvd known as Ultra Suede during normal club hours. Reflex features DJ Alexander and is open until 8am. This is only on Saturday nights.

If you are on the strip in West Hollywood partying at Rage or Here you also have Mickey’s afterhour party to attend on Fridays and Saturday nights. Normally there is someone handing out flyers outside of Rage with coupons for Mickey’s and someone standing outside of Here for coupons for Reflex.

These are both good afterhours parties. Mickey’s has go-go dancers of the muscle build and Reflex is more circuitry music and much more expensive at $25. It all just depends on your taste. I recommend Reflex if you have the money to fork over and pick up a coupon for $5 off on your way out of a Weho bar.

Justin Timberlake, Pink Concert Tour

A group of friends and I attended the FutureSex/LoveShow tour starring Pink and Justin Timberlake last night in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. We paid around $120 or so for the tickets off of eBay but were almost tempted to buy the barstool VIP tickets instead of the floor general admissions we ended up with. I am glad we did not for a few reasons.

The concert was fun but not as fun as I expected. The best part of the concert was Pink who most expected to not cause as big a stir as Justin Timberlake. Pink finished her set with Get this Party Started doing acrobats off of two pink bungee type props. I was amazed that Pink actually got up there and did that herself. She seemed to have more energy than Justin. I did hear that Justin just got over the flu so maybe it was that that kept him from performing his best or it could have been that his grandma was attending the concert and he had to tone some of it down.

All in all Justin played on the piano most of the time singing ballads and very slow songs that most had never heard. People who were standing in the floor area wanted to sit down and take a nap most of the concert. At one point I did sit on the floor wishing I had a seat reserved in one of the sections to sit on. Justin Timberlake should have warned people they were going to a performance that we could all bring our grandparents to and sit in chairs opposed to a “Sex Love Show” tour as it was marketed.

Bottom line: If you want to catch Justin Timberlake you should see him at a small venue not a large venue. He was at a smaller place like the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas months ago and that’s where he belongs until he can get his NSYNC or Britney Spears mojo back. There is definitely nothing sexy about his large venue concert. Pink deserves to be the headliner. Pink should be out there producing a big concert tour like Britney’s Onyx Tour or Madonna’s Confessions Tour instead of playing pop princess to Justin.

There is also a controversy surrounding the after parties from this concert tour. Justin Timberlake’s label Jive records announced recently that there has been fraudulent after parties promoted where there were claims made that Justin would make appearances, sign autographs, and/or make small vocal performances. Be aware of attending any after parties you have to pay any money to since they are probably not official. There were no club events planned around this concert in Dallas but then again I think everyone went to bed in a deep sleep after this concert date.


Gay In Greece Part II – We have put together a more exotic destination for your Spring Break or Summer vacation this year with nothing less than the best gay party spots.

Mykonos is a Greek island that is near the centre of the Cyclades group of islands. In Greek kyklathes (Cyclades) means circle, or circular and the group of islands is named this way because… well they form a circular pattern in the Aegean sea. They are probably the result of some ancient volcanic activity and, when you hit the right night spots on Mykonos, you could find yourself in for some pretty explosive action too!

At least that’s what most people think. Mykonos has long been called the gay centre of the Greek islands but it is not like other party islands – I’m thinking of Corfu and Rhodes here, islands catering for the 18 – 30 straight and wild crowd. In the past Mykonos was a place where the young and trendy, gay and glamorous set would go to party during the summer months. So much so that it built up a reputation for being outlandish and expensive. But in recent years it has mellowed and what is left behind is a beautiful Greek island that is a great place to chill out while, at the same time, it still provides some very nice gay night life.

The thing about this island is that it is very small and just about everywhere you go you will find a gay friendly bar or restaurant. As with Athens it doesn’t pay to be too overtly gay, I mean don’t proposition any guy you happen to meet as Greek men tend to be macho and “bisexual” rather than openly gay: they wouldn’t want to be ‘outed’ in front of their friends and family. So take it easy, be polite but be prepared to let your hair down when you find one of the gay bars. And there are plenty to choose from. None of them cater for any one particular kind of crowd, anything goes in most of them: young or old, tranny or butch… whatever you’re into you’ll find everyone goes to their favorite bar because of its atmosphere or location rather than because it attracts other young or old guys, trannies or leather queens.

For a night out in Mykonos Town, the main port and town of the island, you’re spoiled for choice. You could try 4 Roses for a varied mix of clientele, music and late night dancing. Icaros does attract a younger crowd but mainly in the peak summer months. You’ll find it above the Manto bar where it has a quiet mood, a great terrace and some late night cabaret from time to time. For a mainly English speaking crowd there is the Ikon bar and for more sophistication there is Kastro’s bar with a great sunset view and cocktails. Montparnasse is am piano bar with ‘American style’ music and regular cabaret performances and for the big party or that late night rave you should head over to the ‘gay square’ at ‘Matoyianni’, the main street. Here you will find Pierro’s where the crowd spills out onto the street. There is a disco and a café here so you get the best of all worlds.

Those are just some of the night spots you’ll find and they all tend to be close to one another so maybe spend your first night in Mykonos wandering the main town (it’s not very big) until you have found a place you like. A good idea is to establish a base, a bar or café that you like, and start your evenings off from there. You’ll find in Greece that once you start using a bar regularly the guys who work there will be inclined to look after you. You’ll find freed drinks poured for you and some really friendly locals who will point you to what they consider the best place for a gay night out.

Play it cool, respect the islanders and above all – have fun!

More Information:

Gay Accommodations – A good page of info and pics – More general information and gay news on beaches and cruising areas, restaurants etc. Greece:Gay.Mykonos-A good travel page with links to maps and even more information

Gay in Greece

The first thing you should know about going gay in Greece is that there are no laws against it, yippee! The age of consent in Greece (between two guys) is 15 or 17 in some places and that confusion is kind of typical of Greek bureaucracy. But as long as the cute guy you find is over 17 and consenting you should be o.k. Having said that if there is a huge difference in your ages, for example if he is 15 and you’re 40, then you could run in to trouble, so beware.

But you will also tend to find in Greece that being gay isn’t talked about much. It’s a kind of culture where what you do behind closed doors is up to you but they’d rather you didn’t flaunt it in public. It’s still a fairly macho society and, although it goes on, most guys you meet will tell you they are bi-sexual rather than risk being ‘outed’ to their straight friends and family.

But in Athens you’ll find plenty of places to go where young gay guys meet up and you’ll feel at home and safe. Here is a run down of some of the bars, clubs and places that are geared towards a younger, 18 – 30 crowd.

Almodovar is a bar that’s open from 11.30 to 3.30 every night and caters for a mainly young crowd. If those hours sound kind of late to you then you have to remember that, in Greece, folk like to go out late. A standard day consists of working in the morning, early, taking a long siesta in the afternoon (usually between 2 and 5 when everything more or less closes) and then eating late, at around nine in the evening. After that it’s party time for the young set and things don’t really get going until midnight. This is due to the heat, particularly in the summer. By the way, try and avoid Athens in August, it’s horrible!

Sodade describes itself as the most famous night club in Greece and is well worth a look on your trip. It’s a nightclub that caters for boys and girls and opens its doors at 11.30 at night, not closing them again until seven in the morning. It has a cool website (in several languages) at where you can view some images and see what’s on.

There are around 10 gay café-bars and clubs in Athens and most of them cater for a mixed aged crowd; to find younger guys you’ll need to go to the two I mentioned above or take pot luck at the others. Having said that, most guys who are openly out on the Greek gay scene tend to be younger and more enlightened or ‘Westernised’, the older man will probably stay at home or go to a cruising ground.

If you’re not into late night clubs then Interni might suit you. This is a café/restaurant that opens from three to nine in the afternoons and is a great place to chill out. If you want something more steamy then try the Athens Relax Sauna, a gay sauna with private rooms and a bar that’s open from noon until seven p.m. It has private rooms as well as all the usual sauna facilities. The Intercontinental Hotel is also a well known sauna but this one caters for a mixed crowd, so proceed with caution.

And for the really sexed up guys among you who enjoy a spot of outside cruising and sex you could try the National Gardens Park (open from six a.m. to six p.m.), Omonia Square in the afternoon and evening in front of the Neon Café, or the beaches in the Vouliagmeni area 20 km to the west of the city centre. In all these places take extra care who you go with and where. One thing’s for certain in Greece, you don’t want to be arrested for having outdoor sex.


60 Konstantinoupoleos Street (Gazi area)


Triptolemou Street (Gazi area)


152 Ermou Street (Gazi area)

Athens Relax Sauna

8 Xouthou Street (Omonia Square)

Hotel Intercontinental

89 – 93 Syggoru Avenue

Useful links:

Athens Info Guide

Memorial Day 2007

What is there to do on Memorial Day weekend this year for us gay peeps? I have found a party that is not normally on the list or anything you would ever expect.

Texas-sized Beach Ball

Galveston Island in Texas will be the host location to a circuit event this Memorial Day weekend starting on May 26 with Tony Moran, Angelo Kortez, Justin Ryan, Phil B., and the final party on Monday, May 28th with Alyson Calagna. has all the details of this party that will be held at different venues including the Galveston Convention Center and on the sand. There is also mention of a huge 15,000 square ft. multi-level nightclub where the events will take place. The host hotel is The Hilton Resort Hotel on the beach. This is the first year for this event.

Memorial Weekend Pensacola

I have had many friends go to this event and come back with great feedback. I have not tried it out myself because it is so close to Gay Days in Orlando but I may go for this event this year. Event promoter Johnny Chisholm brings the panhandle area of Florida this annually. Pensacola Memorial Day week starts May 25 and goes on until the 29th.

I have heard that the gay clubs are small in Pensacola but the event is huge with lots of partying on the beaches. I definitely want to check this out myself and see how much fun this is since I have heard so much about it. Then again the looks of the Galveston Island event looks promising as well.

Red Party Week

I am still hungover from New Years and it is already Red Party time.  I am kidding I am hungover from last night.  I did party pretty hard on New Year’s though.

There are lots of Red parties going on this week and weekend.  One Red Party is tonight in  NYC with the hot boys of  Campus thursdays presents this party with long island tea drink specials and DJ Mikey Rave and a fabulous Long Island Tea special.  I am always scared when I hear of a LI Tea special because we normally know that means pre-mixed syrup and hardly any liquor – maybe these clubs need to start saying on the flyers it is not pre-mixed.  I wished I could make it to this party but I will be at the Red Party Houston instead.

Houston will also be throwing a Red Party this weekend with DJ David Knapp.  Advance tickets are only $15 which is relatively cheap for a circuit DJ.  The party will be at South Beach Nightclub in Houston in the Montrose area which is 18 to enter.  If you need a hotel to stay at nearby there is a Sheraton off of Highway 59 and Kirby and many hotels near the Galleria shopping area.  Rich’s threw the hottest Red Event last year but they have no announcements on their site.

The Red Party should be an event that gives more than just a Valentines day circuit event.  It should also represent the color of giving back to the gay community for Aids related charities.

There is talk of other smaller Red Parties in other cities but none that really stand out besides these two.  I think I will be wearing black instead of red in remembrance of Anna Nicole Smith.

Gay Winter Party

There are two big parties coming to the South Florida/Miami area before the end of winter.  Both of them are hot winter parties.  One is the electronic music conference and the other is the Winter Music Party Festival which is more of a circuit event.  Both events feature the hottest DJs and will offer you a preview of what the club sounds of 2007 shall be.

The Winter Music Conference will be held this year from February 28th – March 5th, so if your gay weekends are taken up with Buffy reruns, consider this a healthy and comparably safe alternative. Entertainers include DJ Kimberly S, DJ Kate Monroe, DJ Roland Belmares, DJ Joe Gauthreaux, DJ Manny Lehman and many others.  Other entertainers include comedians such as Michele Balan, ANT, and Leslie Jordan. It looks to be an outside event on the beach maybe similar to the Typhoon Lagoon party on Gay Days week in Orlando.

You can party and feel good about giving back to the community at the same time.  This beach dance party and cultural festival benefits the Miami-Dade lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

The early bird special for the Winter Party ends on January 20th but you can purchase tickets at up until a few days to the event.  You may not want to miss the closing party which is at Club Twilo with DJ Abel. I am not a big fan of the non-vocal beats of DJ Abel but I have heard great things of Club Twilo in Miami.  There are also other nights at Club Twilo as part of this festival.

There will also be other great events besides partying on the beautiful Florida beaches and clubs. There are scheduled tennis tournaments, golf classic, swimming meets, and pool parties. It sounds like we need to hit the gym before this party takes off.