Swinging into Atlanta’s gay scene

We took our tour to Atlanta for the first time in four years. Atlanta is the city known for the Olympics, sweet tea, Coca-Cola, CNN, and Hot-Atlanta. It is also known for strange laws like every restaurant having to serve sweet tea and businesses being forced to close at midnight on Sundays thanks to the local religious right.

Atlanta has a great gay community but it is very spread out. The Midtown area is very hard to navigate with many streets that turn into five other names before you reach your destination or intersect with Peachtree NE or Peachtree West many times. I am still confused on how to find my way around Hotlanta’s Midtown area but we had a great time partying.

Friday night we went to Swinging Richards which is a male strip club where they really get naked. I would recommend this for a Thursday or night that doesn’t take away from club time. There are lots of boys most of them being beefy, muscle guys that are there to please the straight girls but there are some twinky college boys too. I was impressed with the place in that it was only $10 bucks to go in the VIP area then you can request a private dance for some money beyond that. There were some hotties dancing but some of the straight dancers had bad attitudes that needed to be shut down.

Swinging Richards is 21 and up and only features the premium liquors so be prepared to shell out some money for a drink. My bar tab was over $100 in the few hours I was there.

Every city needs a Swinging Richards so we can look at nude boys dancing too but maybe if they are wearing a thong. Looking at limp dicks for too long doesn’t do too much for me. It just gets you in the mood to move on to the club and find some real dick or log on to Manhunt for that matter. Atlanta also features a sex club as well called Eros if you are in to that sort of thing. I did not check it out but Eros is behind the leather bar and the Jungle club.

Swinging Richards is 21+ – Gay and straight male dancers who strip down to their birthday suits

Eros Sex Club – (cluberosatlanta.com) open thurs, fri, sat, sun 10pm to 6am
Jungle had dj Tony Moran there and was packed with lots of hot young guys
Afterhours clubs – Spice (may have closed down) and Verve (located at an invisible location)

Best Atlanta Gay Scene Websites for Atlanta’s Midtown area:

  • AtlantaClubland.com
  • AtlantaBoy.com
  • DailyEducation.Wordpress.com great blog about the happenings in the Atlanta nightlife – I found this website in Google but did not know it was a gay site at first because of the education in the name.

Traveling to Atlanta to enjoy a weekend on the town? Here are some things to do on Friday and Saturday. Remember that Sundays the bars and clubs close at 12 Midnight with an exception of the Triple Play drag show in the Underground.

Eagle (atlantaeagle.com) Code Friday with DJ Coqui (must wear leather or be shirtless)
Heretic (hereticatlanta.com) DJ Rick Walsh
Amsterdam (amsterdam-atlanta.com) DJ Vancronkhite (cover $5)
Chaparral- (atlanta.citysearch.com/profile/33615591) Noche Latino
Mary’s Atlanta (marysatlanta.com) Boy’s Room
Tower II (wassupnatl.com) Manhunt Fridays (lots of brothers)
Blake’s (blakesontheparkatlanta.com) Kitty LeClaw’s Meox Mix drag show
Burkhart’s (burkharts.com) Drag show hosted by Mary Edith Pitts
WETbar(wetbaratlanta.com) Charlie Brown’s Cabaret – used to be club Blue remodeled and has a very sexy dancefloor, stages, and patio to socialize. These are currently closed.

Eagle- DJ Coqui
Heretic – DJ Brian Beck
Amsterdam – DJ unknown (cover $5)
Club 708 (ozonentertainment.com) The Knockout
Red Chair (redchairatlanta.com) Ladies Night (more of a lesbian crowd)
Burkharts – Drag show hosted by Mary Edith Pitts
Jungle (jungleclub.net) DJ Tony Moran Verve Afterhours club (Pine & Peachtree)
WETbar – DJ Bryan Pfeifer

Sunday (most bars close at 12 Midnight)
Blake’s – The Big Time Drag Show
Burkhart’s Amorette’s Drag Show
Amsterdam – drag show
Triple Play (tripleplayatl.com) Sunday night drag show at Underground. Doors open at 11pm. Show starts at 1am.
Chaparral – Hip Hop Night

Oklahoma City Scene big on Tues and Weds Nights

The nightlife in Oklahoma City is biggest on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights.  Tuesday nights are a $5 beer bust at the Copa located inside the Habanna Hotel.  The gay hotel called the Habanna also features a vending machine selling lube, poppers (video head cleaner), Jungle Reds, and The Finish Line in the lobby).  Talk about everything all in one place!

Tuesday nights are a mixed crowd at the Copa nightclub but it is mostly gay and features a underwear dance contest where the contestants dance to an entire song with a drag queen commenting on each mostly naked boy.  The boys in the contest are normally hot but some you may just enjoy their entertainment (not being looks in some).  There have been known to be OCU and professional dancers enter the contest and it gets hot when some straight toned boys get in the action on stage at the Copa.

Wednesday nights in Oklahoma city are at the Boom.  The Boom which also offers a contest similar to the one on Tuesdays at the Copa offers more laughs and entertainment during and before the contest.  Around 10:30pm the show begins at the Boom located off of 2701 NW 36th street (inbetween Penn and May Avenue).  If you are a local to Oklahoma City nightclubs then you may recognize the building as the old leather bar called Levi’s which was remodeled and turned into the Boom with a much younger following (at least on Wednesdays).

The show on Wednesdays includes the Kitty Bob comedy show with other special guest drag queens from Oklahoma City.

If you wish to party in Oklahoma City on a Saturday you will be forced to hear the beats of hip hop at the Copa nightclub.  I hear they play the same CD every Saturday night including “Shake your car keys”.  You may want to run over to the Wreck Room to enjoy some good music with DJ Desire.  Although, don’t expect a crowd, the Wreck Room has been rather dead lately thanks to the local news stations doing undercover stories.

The 80’s are back in Los Angeles

Normally LA sets the trend in American style but the club scene trends could come from Miami or NYC. Last week the people that bring you Tigerheat unleashed a new night in LA that is 21 and up and all about the 80’s. The new night is called Physical and the weekly event is located at 696 Robinson Blvd in West Hollywood. Physical features music from 80’s groups like Depeche Mode.


Vegas Gay Scene

If you want location in Vegas for the gay scene then the best hotel is the Aladdin Casino – soon to be Planet Hollywood Resort. The Aladdin (a Starwood Guest hotel) is currently in the mess of construction but it is next door to Krave nightclub which is the only gay club on the strip. You will also find the gay clubs 8 1/2 (yes, eight and a half), Gypsy and then farther down the street you will find Goodtimes which is popular on Monday nights. The hottest club in Vegas was Krave until 8 1/2 opened up but it seems to be taking some of the boys. 8 1/2 has two rooms of different dj’s and a good dancefloor once the dancers in buckets get off the boxes. The second end of 8 1/2 is called Piranha.

Krave is by far one of my favorite clubs in the world that I have been to. The shows at Krave are amazing featuring the cast of ‘O’. Doors open at 11pm at Krave and it starts getting busy around Midnight. Th drag queen, dancers, and acrobats are amazing. I wished all big gay clubs had these kind of shows. The only other club that used to do this almost as good was Coliseum in Ft. Lauderdale. I will nominate Krave as the 2nd best Gay club in the world (because of the great entertainment) and the 1st best Gay club in Vegas second to 8 1/2. KraveLasVegas.com has information on the current events.


Pure Nightclub Vegas

I am currently in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps and even ambiens do not make you sleep.  The malls stay open til midnight and you have to do some last minute shopping if you plan on going to the hottest club in the country.  The Mega-million dollar Pure nightclub opened up just a few years ago with Mariah Carey singing a few songs to bring in the new year.  I was at that event with a huge Mariah fan.  Pure nightclub is a fabulous club but its not the best club in the world as CNBC and magazines report.  For a straight club I will say its in the top five clubs but not for the best of gay friendly clubs.  This is a great club to be seen at and be in the glamour scene of Vegas.  Make sure you are prepared to wait in a long line and may not even get in if they do not like the way you are dressed or what shoes you are wearing.  Girls have a lot better chance of getting in than guys.

Pure Nightclub on the inside has many cool rooms and a fun small to medium sized dance floor.   This is definitely a club you must check out when you come to Vegas but only until its time to walk across Las Vegas Boulevard and goto Krave nightclub.

Halloween Street Parties

Oaklawn Halloween ParadeThe most festive time of the year for some is Halloween where you have street parties in the major cities gayborhoods. Dallas, TX features one of the hottest and largest street parades which is gay and straight. This is a street party with a costume contest held at the local club called Station 4. Winners will receive prizes including a trip on American Airlines roundtrip.

There will also be huge parties in West Hollywood and the Castro district in California. The Bourbon Pub in New Orleans hosts a Halloween party and another hotspot is Orlando where they have Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios and you can end that off with a cocktail at the Parliament House.

The best and scariest place to be is Dallas for Halloween. The Texas Circuit boys will be in Dallas for a huge weekend event featuring superstar DJ’s Roland Belmares, Alexander William Umana, and Justin Ryan. The Texas Circuit boys even rented out Club One and the Texas State Fair Rose Gardens for the event.

Ft Lauderdale Gay Scene

The Copa Ft Lauderdale Divine, Madonna performed
The Copa Ft Lauderdale Divine, Madonna performed

The Ft. Lauderdale and Miami scenes have changed a lot in the last year just like most clubs in America have shifted to a new phase of music and atmosphere. Ft. Lauderdale ranked as one of the world’s best clubs with Coliseum nightclub until hurricane Wilma ripped the roof, sound system, nitrogen system, and even the sign is missing. The drag shows from Daisy Deadpetals and T.P. Lords are not as frequent and the crowd is thinning out to surprisingly worse clubs. We noticed on our last trip to Ft. Lauderdale that people are going hysterical over a club in the Riverwalk/Los Olas downtown district called China White. China White is nothing to get excited about. It reminds me of the cheesy clubs you find in the West End of Dallas, TX. China White started out capturing the Wednesday night crowd taking that away from the recently closed down Cathode Ray. China White then went on to capture the Friday night hottie crowd from Coliseum. The gay scene has been begging for a new club in ft Lauderdale for some time but I think a club in the Wilton Manors area or something to have replaced the hurricane battered Copa nightclub would have been better. This club is located in the area that is in the center of the straight hangouts and clubs leaving some gays to feel uncomfortable walking around. I think China White should have made Saturdays the gay night because there is no where to go on Saturdays if you are under the age of 35 or so and want to meet someone around your age. China White was two levels with good music and hot bartenders revealing little clothing. I recommend Coliseum on Fridays since its more of a real nightclub and features the 2am drag show from Daisy Deadpetals or T.P. Lords. If you go out on Wednesday then make China White your hangout that night. The crowd is hot that night.

Saturdays in Ft Lauderdale for gay kids features no clubs that are 18 and up. Coliseum recently started some 18+ Saturdays but those are very rare. There needs to be a way for the 18-21 crowd to know what nights they can go out. If you are under 21 your best is to drive 45 minutes or so to West Palm Beach and go to Kashmir nightclub located on Forest Lane.

If you are 21 and enjoy the circuit crowd then check out Steel nightclub located on 19th and Powerline. Steel is located in a shopping center and features a video bar, dance club with boxes, good music, and an outside patio. The other Saturday night option is Coliseum where they book circuit dj’s every other weekend at least including Manny Lehman, Peter Rauhaufer, and more. You also get performances from T.P. Lords on Saturdays. China White is straight on Saturdays for now at least.

Saturdays in Miami are not at all what they used to be. I remember back when Salvation was open and Tuna Caserole paraded around the club. The straight clubbers always get the best clubs in SouthBeach and the gays are almost forced to do the straight club scene. Twist and score are the two gay clubs/bars in the Sobe strip. Twist is located on Washington where you have a circuity/jungle room, hip hop/r&b room, outside sports bar, and multi leveled places to shop for boys. All clubs in Miami and South Beach are 21 and up.

We took a cab ride from Twist to Ozone and that was a big mistake. We did not realize that Ozone was so far from the Sobe area. It was a $40 cab ride – do not make that mistake. It was not worth it either. The music was ok but was strange because they would play house music and never finishes a song then go to some retro and then reggaeton Latino music. The guys were mostly buff circuity crowd guys and it felt very strange when they busted out with retro music without any techno beat at all. Maybe this dj does not know how to remix or they were celebrating a retro night with the buff men. I did notice the lines to the bathroom got longer when the retro music came on.

Ozone was certainly far from everything in Miami and South Beach and I would not consider driving so far to party. Unless of course Madonna was expected to show up and I doubt she would stumble into this small of a venue. It was not nearly as large as I had expected and the drinks were outrageously priced.

Updated: http://www.gaypartyblog.com/south-florida-college-night-moved/

Longtime Cathode Ray Nightclub Says Goodbye

An establishment that has catered to the gay clientele for many years has been sold for an unlisted price.  We have learned the owner of Cathode Ray put the club up for sale without an intention to sell it but to see if he would get any offers on the club.  He got an offer he couldn’t refuse and it has officially closed its doors.  Cathode Ray was home to the Wednesday night pick-a-trick contest where you wore a number around and got to check the board for messages to see if anyone was interested in you.  They were located on Los Olas not far from the beach and shopping area.  We are sad to hear that this club/bar closed its doors but do hear reports the past owner may re-open another gay establishment next year sometime.  I will still wear my cool sleeveless shirt I got from Cathode Ray!