Boys Lube Wrestling

You always see girls oil wrestling and all the erotic fun seems to happen at the the str8 clubs. And I am sure most of us has had a locker room or wrestling fantasy so why not have some fun with that.

The Boy Bar (Cattle Company club in Austin) sure has a good marketing team. They mentioned our site in a myspace bulletin so we gotta give em’ props for that 🙂 They also have the hottest flyers and youtube videos. Check out these hotties below in this video lube wrestling —

I have not figured out how the hell to show videos on here but I am working on that. I installed a plug-in but it just puts out some white space… but here is the link to the oil wrestling video of the only club in Texas that dares to have something this erotic…

Just as hot are the college boys in St. Louis at the Faces Nightclub wrestling around in Web lube (video preview 1 and 5 below). I recently read this club was going to re-open but they had problems with someone stealing their copper. If anyone can help this club come back and survive again and keep it gay then email them over at or on their
guys oil wrestling in underwear

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