Britney’s Hold It Against Me Video Premiere

If I say I want your body now would you hold it against me? No, you are hot in the video and so are your dancers. This was one of the hottest videos with the hotties at the beginning but we were expecting Britney to dance. Why was Britney not dancing? Her choreographer has been talking as this smack on MTV News and hes charming and all but really? We saw silly fighting that did not amount to anything but violence and aren’t we trying to step away from violence a bit? Paradise and sexual vacations having nothing to do with the boxing and kicking heels we saw it looked like two drag queens fighting it out for the Ru Paul’s Drag Race lip sync for your life finale. Honestly we love Britney and this song but we wanted a big more dancing to this hot dancefloor song or at least a video that had something to do with attraction and the actual lyrics.

You have to understand though us gays are hard to please. We get to see hot and entertaining drag shows all the time and it takes a lot to impress us. Our drag queens can do back flips, cartwheels, and lipsync for their lives. It was not a bad video at all. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it. Very sexy and futuristic and loved the Britney shots of her in her younger teen Disney years in the background plasmas. Just expected more from the choreography of HER and the storyline.

Here are some of the comments from Facebook:
“Brit can fight but can she still dance?”
“I love that these divas are so concerned about the welfare of animals. First Gaga shows up in an egg, and now Britney does her illusion of a ink-squirting octopus”
“I have seen better drag in the Rose Room in Dallas”
“and they call lady gaga a drag queen”

There were lots of good posts as well saying she beat out Gaga but I do not see this as some kind of diva competition. If we put it to that we could say Madonna has more moves than any of them. Madonna has the best choreographers than any of them. Gaga can sing, Brit can entertain, and Madonna can dance it up and re-invent herself along the way.

One thing to note that I just saw Perez Hilton tweet out is that she had knee surgery after the Onyx tour. So maybe we should go back on our words on the choreography was bad. He may have done a good job for what Brian Friedman had to work with. I just thought she was not trying and looked medicated or something since I saw her live at the HOB a few years ago before Blackout.

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