Brussels Scene

Brussels is one of the cities a lot of Europeans have to cross and do the train station shuffle.  We stayed here a night on our way to London and had a fun time going to some of the smaller bars and seeing some drag then over to a place I really loved called Boy’s Boudoir.  Boys Boudoir had two hotty toddy bartenders and a tight dancefloor near the bar with very high tech atmosphere.  The whole place seemed clean and had a great sound system playing some great music.  Myst of the people were standing outside but we were having fun sitting down enjoying drinks checking out the bartender and the people dancing.  Across the street from the Boy’s Boudoir is Homo Erectus which is a friendly little bar that has a small drag stage and the boys love to hang outside this place as well in the streets.

We then walked down the street past a straight bar where they had a pee station that was sure flowing everywhere (if your into WaterSports) haha.  Made it over to Rijkeklarenstaart where the BOX club looked like it was closed but it was really open.  You just have to ring the BOX’s door bell and they let you inside where they have a two-story club and nice sized dancefloor with a DJ that will keep you dancing into the afterhours.  It was kind of dead on a Thursday night but I am sure on the weekends it will be packed.  We walked up to the bathrooms and were stalked by some lady who asked us for 50 cents to use the bathroom.  Be prepared to bring some Euros to use their facilities.

Sites such as only had one club listed for Brussels and that was the BOX.  Brussels has no shortage of circuit events though.  La Demence is their famous circuit party that has boys from everywhere in Europe attending with two big dance areas and a darkroom.  It seems to be once a month.

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