New California safety law imposes gloves on bartenders

bartenderglovesguyYou remember California making it so you could not do porn without a condom plus they are trying to make it where you have to wear more “safety” materials such as gloves. I mean seriously who buys porn unless it is bareback? Who wants to go to a bar and see shirtless bartenders wearing gloves?

At a time when LA comes forth with a ban on plastic bags the state of California gets very hypocritical in pursuing a new glove wearing law. This new law would make chefs wear gloves while cooking, in accordance with a new food safety law that goes into effect gradually over the next six months.

The new law bans bare-handed contact with many kinds of foods, but some chefs say the law is confusing, ineffective, bad for the environment and can “compromise a final dish”.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that made changes to the California Retail Food Code in an effort to curtail foodborne illnesses, and those changes include a law that says “food employees shall not contact exposed, ready-to-eat food with their bare hands.”

Chefs aren’t the only ones affected by a new food safety law that bans culinary workers from touching certain foods with their bare hands. Like chefs, bartenders have to wear gloves or use other utensils to make their drinks. No touching ice, fruit garnishes or anything else that goes directly into your glass.

Changes to the California Retail Food Code that went into effect at the beginning of 2014 require disposable gloves or utensils such as tongs, paper or scoops to be used when handling “ready-to-eat” foods, which include sushi, bread, deli meats and fresh fruit and vegetables. Basically, nothing that won’t be cooked or reheated before it goes out to diners can be touched with bare hands.

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