Atlanta Pride 2012

It was our first year to cover Atlanta Pride and did we have a blast! If you think hot backwoods boys when you travel over to Georgia well some are but it is mostly the city boys we encountered. Whether you are into buff or twink you will find some handsome and beautiful boys in this town. The weather was perfect around 70 degrees and a little humid in the daytime then chilly at night. Just perfect for a pride party weekend. Continue reading Atlanta Pride 2012

Atlanta Southern Scene

We certainly love our gay Southern boys who we normally meet at places like Pensacola Beach Memorial Day Weekend or sometimes we see these boys from the South crop up at Gay Days.  What is even better is when we see the Atlanta scene ourselves now and then and get to eat some of the food and kick back some beers at places like Blake’s.

The Atlanta club scene has majorly changed since it once had the Charlie Brown drag show and Backstreet nightclub.  The liquor laws and the dance laws and all kind of tea laws may have even passed since then.  Now there are so many small and bed-filled places in Atlanta we are not sure which is a club or a bed and breakfast. At least those places behind Jungle seem to be maybe a bathhouse but one is an afterhours and we still are not sure what all the King Sized beds and the dancefloor represent.  It was a cool afterparty for the event we attended but no one knew what that was about.

The highly ranked Atlanta bars consist of Sip’s, The Eagle, Blakes, Friends neighborhood bar,  and Burkhurts pub and many more lined up and down the Midtown area or spread around some.  The Atlanta gay stripper bars where they get down to their bare bussoms and show off their wild snakes that appear out of their pants come at a few places.  One pleace that everyone seems to know about is Swinging Richards where you find half straight dancers or a majority staight dancers with lots of straight women tipping them,  You also have some gays dancing there and all the dancers are willing to go back to a $20 table dance in the back or a $10 dance at your indoor table.  The other club is a bit more twinkish it is called BJ’s Rooster which must been they have more twinkier boys compared to the meaty men you find over at Swinging Richards.  The SR guys are mostly the ones you wuold expect in Chippendales and the BJ’s may be more thugish or Zac Efron like twink and pretty boys you would like to get frisky with for the night.

The Main Club now is Jungle and they have big name DJ’s such as Tony Moran, Peter Rauhaufer, and Tracy Young all in the months of June, July, and August,  You will see 18 and up boys ranging from Helix models to 24 yr old bankers out ready to get the party on.  They do a small drag appearance during the night to a song such as Adele then beat the music hardcore the rest until 3am close.

Heretic has been in Atlanta for years and is known for its diverse crowd.  One night you may find bears galore inside there and find yourself in a relationship you did not even know existed.  Heretic some night can be bears and cubs but others can be mixed with some twinks and oldschool music such as Deborah Cox and more of a circuit vibe,

One great thing about the weekend we attended was the Joining Hearts charity was befitting from most of the parties being thrown and they had a sold out pool party that went on all day until 11pm with DJ Seth Cooper playing his heart out underneath the fireworks.

When you stay on Sunday in Atlanta beware you cannot drink after 12 or so.  This puts a big damper on any fun pool or T-Dance events going on during this timeframe.  Although Thursday nights are college nights at Jungle and it seems to be the best night to pick up on that hot southern boy you have been after on that special night.

The Midtown area has the W hotel, Renaissance hotel, Marriott Suites, and even a hidden gem of the Residencce Inn that all seemed to have good deals when staying here.

Gay Pride in Atlanta changes up every year but their 41st event will be in Piedmont Park in October 8 – 9.

What more should we expect from Atlanta in the next year or so as more gays and lesbians grow into this area?  I would like to see the clubs more focused in one area where they are not so spread out which would save on traffic stops and parking problems.  The clubs do mainly close at 3am which is nice to drink after 2am but at the same time they take the Sunday drinking away.  Atlanta is a great city and they have really stepped up downtown with the shopping, restaurants, and nice hotels for us gays to want to keep coming back for more.

Joining Hearts Atlanta

One thing about us Gays is that we always find a way to give back at events such as the Purple Party Dallas and the Task Force’s Winter Party. The Southern Boys in Atlanta have their own weekend that Is shaping up to be one non-stop party with Friday DJ Joe Gauthreaux, Saturday DJ Tony Moran, and ending Sunday late morning with DJ Paulo. The venues include Heretic, Jungle Club, and Xion with the main event scheduled Saturday from 4pm to 11pm at Piedmont Park Pool in Atlanta, Georgia. DJ Seth Cooper will be playing for the crowd July 23rd.
Joining Hearts is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing support to people living with HIV and AIDS in Atlanta. The event gives 100% of every dollar raised through ticket sales and tips.

Down South in Gay Atlanta

According to the Advocate, Atlanta is America’s gayest city. The Advocate based its ratings on the number of same sex households per capita, gay and lesbian Netflix favorites, gay profiles on on-line dating sites, gay bars and cruising sites per capita, as well as political factors. While Atlanta failed the test for gay elected officials and same sex marriage laws, it passed with flying colors for everything else. Whether you live in Atlanta, or you’re just visiting, you’re sure to experience classic Southern hospitality and charm in a modern gay-friendly community.

Bars and nightclubs range from trendy dance spots like Blake’s on the Park to comfortable and relaxed after-work hangouts like Amsterdam. If you’re on the outskirts of the city, check out Le Buzz, known for its excellent drag shows. Atlanta is home to one of the nation’s biggest African-American GLBTQ bars, Bulldog’s. Find the down home country spirit of the south at the Three Legged Cowboy, whether you’re gay or lesbian. If you don’t know how to two-step, they’ll happily teach you. Women will find one of the top lesbian bars in the country, Bellisima, in Atlanta.

If you’re not so into the bar scene, check out one of the country’s best gay and lesbian bookstores at the Outwrite Bookstore and Coffee Shop. Named Atlanta’s best bookstore by Southern Voice, you can find coffee, sandwiches, snacks and an array of books, CDs and DVDs of interest to the gay community. You will also find poetry nights, book signings and readings at Outwrite. The arts, music and theater scenes in Atlanta are vivacious and thriving, so you’ll find plenty to see and do if that is pyoure preference. Atlanta is home to not only gay friendly gyms, but also a number of gay sports leagues.

Sight-seeing opportunities in Atlanta include historic homes, the botanical gardens, the natural history museum, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Site and the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Six Flags over Georgia is located just outside Atlanta.

Whether you’re looking to move somewhere with a bit more of a gay community or simply planning to visit, it’s no wonder Atlanta is the gayest city in the country, with bars, nightclubs, and an award winning bookstore. Put on your charm and explore all this Southern mecca has to offer.

The Advocate ranks Atlanta as America’s Gayest City, Really?

The February 2010 edition of the Advocate contains an article written by Mike Albo that has uses an interesting way to calculate their findings that Atlanta could be the nations gayest city.  The online edition of the magazine shows us different variables they used such as online hook up sites, dating sites, gay bars, number of open elected officials, among some other data.  My favorite part was the fact they actually considered gay movies tagged on Netflix as a point for that city.

We do clubs so lets first talk about that factor.  Atlanta is was one of the best cities when it comes to the club scene um you know about 5 years ago or more.  That time is way over and they have since shriveled up to smaller bars without a full time Jungle and Backstreet.  Their liquor laws are some of the strangest in the country but those may be changing.  The only thing Atlanta has now in their scene are some of the countries hottest guys, spread out bars with no centralized direction, and a naked baccalaureate party nude bar.

They claim there are 26 bars in Atlanta but fail to mention the true number for cities like Austin, TX?  Austin has more bars than 4 my friends!  What exactly is this bar count number based on?  I mean if you want to base it on popular bars then Atlanta may well go down to the number 4 itself leaving it almost in a tie against Austin at 4.  More people go out in Austin on the weekdays and they both have big circuit parties.

I respect the journalism behind most anything the Advocate… well that is until they got pushed into Out magazine and became a insert for the Out.  It has mostly became an online site just like everything else we were used to seeing show up in our mailboxes.  The article itself makes me want to examine a few things that could matter such as number of clubs vs. online profiles.  I see some cities such as Albuquerque, NM ranks high in online profiles (lesbians?) and low in bars.  Then you see San Diego ranking high in bars and low in online profiles.  They getting on Craigs’ List for this too? Just Sayin’

It stereotypes Seattle as the birthplace of Grunge and having numerous cute boys but I have to say Seattle was just not exactly that definition.  Hmm maybe some cute boys here and there (hotter online than at the club).   I thought I might get impressed with this city but it just never happened.  Maybe I needed to smoke something? lol.

Oh wait maybe we should go back to this Netflix ranking system.  You also notice the Netflix towns are places where they are most likely having boyfriends and sitting at home watching movies.  Now that sounds more like Atlanta, Seattle,

What I got most out of this report from the Advocate magazine is that Asheville, N.C. is now on notice!  I want to visit this city and put it on notice because it has lots of places to drink and lots of guys online but wait let’s take a look at who is on a4a hook up site now from 18 to 30 years old:

Asheville, N.C.  has 178 Adam 4 Adam profiles with photos from 18-30 years but at 3am EST time there are only 23 online.  Well ok you guys may not stay out late but is anyone home?   The city of  Dallas, Jacksonville, and Ft. Lauderdale looked all about the same until you looked at who had logged in the last few days or most recent.  Dallas  (377);    Oklahoma City  (401 profiles)  (68 now);   Albuquerque  (398 profiles) (89 now);    Jacksonville, FL a hot college town!  (500+ profiles)  (97 now);   Broward C. Fort Lauderdale  (134 online now)  Austin  (237 now).  Seems the college jerkers are up late tonight!  This also compares to Arkansas  (112)  Huntington Beach  (43)  Greater Hollywood  (289) all online right now hooking it up on Adam 4 Adam.  Arkansas, yes that is only 112 people online right this minute.  Then again maybe everyone is looking at Xtube this time of night.

My findings examining this closer is that if you want to find out where the older gay population lives that is more relationship oriented you should judge by Netflix movies because they scored low in college towns and higher in cities where there was more couple type stuff going on.  If you want to dance your glitter off at some gay dance hole then you better pick a city that has some big enough for those who are all online otherwise most of those people will probably not go out.  If there is not anything for them to do they may stay in or goto a straight club or get a lap dance at Swingin’ Richards.

Atlanta is a beautiful city full of those Southern boys you want to take home.  The gay bars almost need a shuttle to one another they are so spread out though.  Midtown is just not what it used to be anymore.  The Pride and Halloween (if not combined are always a big event) then you have HotLanta and the circuit events that come to town that shake the boys out of their homes to play!

I think one of the most liberal, gayest cities I went to in terms of young happy couples was Boston, MA – even though they just lost out to that Brown posing Cosmo guy (how gay is that?).  The best gayest city for the NUMBER of clubs is London (if you want to mention out of the U.S.), West Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Columbus, and maybe even Las Vegas.  But let’s not forget the absolute gayest city in terms of number of CLUBS right now is Orlando, FL.  They have more clubs than any US city I have been to including Pulse, Revolution, P-House, and Salvation… and Rain.  Not counting the few several other bars.  Orlando should have topped this list they definitely have online profiles but I am sure they could care less about Netflix because they are probably on a different flix site in that city!

Atlanta You Can Dance A Few Hours

The Southern Voice reported last month that Atlanta is gaining back a gay dance club of what used to be Jungle.  But sort of.  Last month Wetbar was closed down which was a big dissapointment to the clubbers.  People were beginning to wonder what happened to all the good dance clubs in Atlanta.

Party people got to see the new hybrid club on Halloween weekend when around 11pm the music turned from Country to House beats.  They plan on having this music format change take place every Saturday night making the club Country & Western from 8pm to 11pm then switching to the Dance format.

This is great news for Atlanta since it is desperate to get its nightclub scene back after loosing Wetbar but bad that there is not a Friday night venue.  Now this is only a few hours of dancing in an entire week for those who like house music or top 40 remixes.  Atlanta is once known for having one of the best gay scenes in the states but it looks like it may slowly be making its way back in a very original way.

Swinging into Atlanta’s gay scene

We took our tour to Atlanta for the first time in four years. Atlanta is the city known for the Olympics, sweet tea, Coca-Cola, CNN, and Hot-Atlanta. It is also known for strange laws like every restaurant having to serve sweet tea and businesses being forced to close at midnight on Sundays thanks to the local religious right.

Atlanta has a great gay community but it is very spread out. The Midtown area is very hard to navigate with many streets that turn into five other names before you reach your destination or intersect with Peachtree NE or Peachtree West many times. I am still confused on how to find my way around Hotlanta’s Midtown area but we had a great time partying.

Friday night we went to Swinging Richards which is a male strip club where they really get naked. I would recommend this for a Thursday or night that doesn’t take away from club time. There are lots of boys most of them being beefy, muscle guys that are there to please the straight girls but there are some twinky college boys too. I was impressed with the place in that it was only $10 bucks to go in the VIP area then you can request a private dance for some money beyond that. There were some hotties dancing but some of the straight dancers had bad attitudes that needed to be shut down.

Swinging Richards is 21 and up and only features the premium liquors so be prepared to shell out some money for a drink. My bar tab was over $100 in the few hours I was there.

Every city needs a Swinging Richards so we can look at nude boys dancing too but maybe if they are wearing a thong. Looking at limp dicks for too long doesn’t do too much for me. It just gets you in the mood to move on to the club and find some real dick or log on to Manhunt for that matter. Atlanta also features a sex club as well called Eros if you are in to that sort of thing. I did not check it out but Eros is behind the leather bar and the Jungle club.

Swinging Richards is 21+ – Gay and straight male dancers who strip down to their birthday suits

Eros Sex Club – ( open thurs, fri, sat, sun 10pm to 6am
Jungle had dj Tony Moran there and was packed with lots of hot young guys
Afterhours clubs – Spice (may have closed down) and Verve (located at an invisible location)

Best Atlanta Gay Scene Websites for Atlanta’s Midtown area:

  • great blog about the happenings in the Atlanta nightlife – I found this website in Google but did not know it was a gay site at first because of the education in the name.

Traveling to Atlanta to enjoy a weekend on the town? Here are some things to do on Friday and Saturday. Remember that Sundays the bars and clubs close at 12 Midnight with an exception of the Triple Play drag show in the Underground.

Eagle ( Code Friday with DJ Coqui (must wear leather or be shirtless)
Heretic ( DJ Rick Walsh
Amsterdam ( DJ Vancronkhite (cover $5)
Chaparral- ( Noche Latino
Mary’s Atlanta ( Boy’s Room
Tower II ( Manhunt Fridays (lots of brothers)
Blake’s ( Kitty LeClaw’s Meox Mix drag show
Burkhart’s ( Drag show hosted by Mary Edith Pitts
WETbar( Charlie Brown’s Cabaret – used to be club Blue remodeled and has a very sexy dancefloor, stages, and patio to socialize. These are currently closed.

Eagle- DJ Coqui
Heretic – DJ Brian Beck
Amsterdam – DJ unknown (cover $5)
Club 708 ( The Knockout
Red Chair ( Ladies Night (more of a lesbian crowd)
Burkharts – Drag show hosted by Mary Edith Pitts
Jungle ( DJ Tony Moran Verve Afterhours club (Pine & Peachtree)
WETbar – DJ Bryan Pfeifer

Sunday (most bars close at 12 Midnight)
Blake’s – The Big Time Drag Show
Burkhart’s Amorette’s Drag Show
Amsterdam – drag show
Triple Play ( Sunday night drag show at Underground. Doors open at 11pm. Show starts at 1am.
Chaparral – Hip Hop Night