Rainbow Lounge Ft. Worth

Even though the place was raided and was hit with some shady tactics from the TABC and Ft. Worth police the Rainbow Lounge is really a hot spot.  I had the chance to go there last night on a Wednesday and me making it over to Ft. Worth (I live in far north Dallas) is like the chances of taking a spaceship to a club on Mars.  I just never really thought about going out in Ft. Worth before this raid took place.  I guess it put it on the map as a place to go.

I walked inside the Rainbow Lounge on 651 S. Jennings and was quite impressed.  They played some kick ass music and had hot drag queens, and lots of dancers.  Probably too many pole dancers and not enough fun dancers on the dance floor but it was a great dance floor.

I noticed some of the same bartenders and staff as the Tin Room in Dallas.  The Rainbow Lounge had a VIP looking lounge area and big dancefloor.  Much bigger dance area with boxes and cages than I had expected.  The place kind of reminded me of the Majestic in Tulsa .  Although the Majestic has a bigger stage and is two levels.

Some of the performers at Rainbow Lounge include Whitney Paige and Ivana Tramp.  I meet a few other hot looking drag queens but do not remember their names but wished I did.  I will have to find out more next time.

Great place to visit and judging from my hangover today the drinks were good and strong.  I had to have someone drive me home last nite lol.  I did notice that Rainbow Lounge is 21 and up so I guess that is why people still drive over to Station 4 if they are 18 and up.  Unless Rainbow Lounge has 18 and up nights?  They certainly put on a great club for it being in Cow Town near the Stockyards.  I have to say I am very Proud!

Say you get stuck at the DFW airport sometime on a layover then spend the night and head over to the Rainbow Lounge you will certainly find something that will make the layover better.  They had fire dancers, pole dancers, girl gogo’s, a confused London boy, and huge martini glasses.

We should also note that recently this club has had a few episodes in the parking lot.   Be careful and make sure someone is walking with you out to the car because we just read that there is not enough security on certain nights outside and there has been a black male in a ski mask that pistol whipped a few of the patrons and robbed them walking to their cars.  This is something that seems to happen where most clubs are located though so its always best to be on alert and not talk to bums.  Best option is to call for help and run immediately.

Sunday Nights Vegas

Sunday nights used to be a night out at the Gypsy to watch some drag which is always fun but it just does not seem as popular as it used to be.  Sunday night to my surprise ended up being one of my funnest nights out in Vegas because we discovered a new place to hang out that is normally straight and the door guy even warned us that that place was a more gay mixed crowd (I take that as a compliment… I think haha..)  The CatHouse is located in the the Luxor just next to that fabulous Mandalay Bay Casino.  CatHouse is mostly gay on Sundays and is busy with some kind of vodka redbull special but yet it still ended up costing $9 a drink.

As you can see the bartender is a hottie and the music was lots of fun.  They have boxes that you can dance on which is nice because most gay clubs in Vegas you have to watch the dancers dance and you do not get to be on the stage or box yourself.  You get tired of gogo dancers after awhile and want the damn box to yourself lol.  We will definately be back to this fun club on Sundays.. I heard they normally have a dress code but they did not seem to enforce it on Sunday night which is sweet.

There was also a decent crowd over at Krave on Sunday but they have the main floor closed off of course since its not a main club night.   The lounge is fun to hang out and DJ playing some old school music mixed in with the current club hits.

Hot Mess Boston

This is a hot mess too.  Just when you think its Courtney Love its a Drag queen that is impersonating Madonna one night at Empire Thursdays and the Madonna afterparty but she gets the mess award of the year and I looooove it!  This diva was fabulous and put on a great show of being the messiest of the bunch.  Even messier than we were and that gets you some points!

Boston Sundays are much funner than some cities and there were some hotties there too.  Good music and a fun dance on sofa kinda place.  Well it was dance on sofa and on top of the sofa “boxes”.  If that makes any sense.

The Hot Mess music is 80’s and 90’s and anything they say but Boy George.  Aww, why not Boy George?  I think one of his fan club sites links here =)

The address is 279 Tremont Street in the Underground bar located next door to the famous Roxy.  Chris Harris knows how to throw a party!!  See the rest of our Boston club adventure.

Two-Step the night away

Sordid Lives has me wanting to do some two-steppin’. Yee Haaaa!

While we often see the stereotype of gay clubs featuring techno dance music, there are other options out there and more and more people are seeking out something new for their nights out. If you would rather wear your jeans and boots for a night on the town, gay country dancing clubs might be a good fit for you. While deciding to take the new man in  your life two stepping at the local country bar is possibly a bad idea, you can find gay country clubs and groups to let you do everything from line dancing to two stepping in a comfortable and inclusive environment. Many will even teach you, or perhaps someone cute will take pity on you and take you for your first twirl on the dance floor.

If you are looking for a gay country club, check your local clubs. In many big cities, you will find clubs exclusively devoted to two stepping and line dancing. Maybe they offer a country night. Have you asked for one? Many club owners will offer this fun option if they know their patrons want it. If you are looking for listings for some of the best gay country western clubs, Gay.com offers their list of the ten best at gay.com. There are gay country clubs in many southern and southwestern cities, allowing opportunities to socialize, dance and hang out with friends.

You might also try iaglcwdc.org, the International Association of Gay/Lesbian Western Dance Clubs to find a club near you that offers line dancing, square dancing or other country dances. You can even find gay country dance competitions through this organization and iagsdc.org, the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. If you are looking for country dance lessons, you may find that you have to call around to multiple dance studios to find one that is inclusive and welcoming. If you have a local club, they may even offer classes. Taking a few lessons is a great way to improve your dance skills. Country dance is a great way to keep fit and make new friends or even perhaps meet someone special.

If you’re more country than city, you might also be looking for friends with shared interests. countrygayweb.com is one possibility for social connections on the gay country scene.

What to wear? Well, fortunately the uniform at a two stepping gay bar is easy. Jeans, preferably tight, cowboy boots, and a hat if you dare. Keep in mind that if you’re dancing a lot, you may get warm and might prefer something a bit more comfortable rather than quite so snug.

Top Four Gay Country Hot Spots to Consider

  1. Round-Up Saloon Dallas, TX – Music turns to top 40 around midnight on Saturdays
  2. Charlie’s Chicago, IL – The coolest afterhours in Chicago after you take those boots off!
  3. The Finish Line inside the Habanna Inn Oklahoma City, OK – There are some friendly folk in this joint!
  4. Rainbow Cattle Co. Austin, TX

Castro Bars

Badlands #1 San Francisco Gay Club

This is where the party seems to be every night in San Francisco.  I was in San Francisco over the holidays and it was packed with people every single night.  Badlands had great music and a cute little dance floor.  The bar/club is way congested but it is a place to be if you want to socialize in San Francisco.  Badlands is definitely the best place to go for dancing in the Castro since there is nothing better in terms of size of a dancefloor or music that I noticed in the area.

The Boy Bar Night @ The Bar:

This is a night where they have younger dancers on stage at the bar off of Market and Castro next door to Subway.  The boy bar night is held on Thursdays.

The Café – is the really red looking club you see on the Castro.  I wouldn’t call this small place a club it is more of a room with a small hallway like dancefloor and a patio for smokers.  The Café is very trendy and seems to be mixed with some straight people as well as gays.

Friday Nights (after 11pm or so) and Sunday Mornings –

EndUp (401 Sixth Street @ Harrison) – the EndUp looked scary from the outside and kind of scary on the inside and had a jacked up dancefloor which seems like you are dancing inside someone’s attic.  The EndUp had a really cool outside patio and a few rooms to venture into.  I would not take any party favors to the EndUp they have someone at the front door asking what every little thing in your pockets are like you are going through a TSA line.  That alone makes that club suck.

Saturday nights:

If you are going out in the Castro area on Saturday I recommend Mezzanine for the  circuit crowd and Badlands for the drinking and dancing crowd.  Then there is the EndUp for early in the morning.

Tuesday night – Tranny night at Stud Bar.  This was quite a night that gave San Francisco a different taste than any other city.  It was so much fun because there were so many short shows put on by different drag queens that were very creative and fun.  Be prepared to be stuffed into this small bar where you cannot get a drink or move to goto the bathroom.  The people were rather jerks if you wanted to come back from the bar or from the bathroom from the spot that you previously had.  I guess there is no movement allowed during the Tranny show at the Stud Bar.

Other Castro Bars:

Metro City Bar & Grill (3600 16th Street @ Market) – fun bar with a view and a nice revolving crowd.

Longtime Cathode Ray Nightclub Says Goodbye

An establishment that has catered to the gay clientele for many years has been sold for an unlisted price.  We have learned the owner of Cathode Ray put the club up for sale without an intention to sell it but to see if he would get any offers on the club.  He got an offer he couldn’t refuse and it has officially closed its doors.  Cathode Ray was home to the Wednesday night pick-a-trick contest where you wore a number around and got to check the board for messages to see if anyone was interested in you.  They were located on Los Olas not far from the beach and shopping area.  We are sad to hear that this club/bar closed its doors but do hear reports the past owner may re-open another gay establishment next year sometime.  I will still wear my cool sleeveless shirt I got from Cathode Ray!