Gay Sex Clubs

gay-spa-bathhouseWhen I lived in London I knew of a place, over in the west of the city, where guys could go and spend the entire evening naked. If you wanted a bit of relief with another drinking buddy you could go into one of the rest rooms available. That, to me, sounded like a sex club. So when I came to write this and did some online research, my eyes were opened by the variety of places around these days that go under the title sex club. It sounds like the kind of thing you join and go to every Wednesday night, like an amateur dramatics group, but these days things are much more sophisticated.

For example you have your J/O clubs, that’s Jack Off where guys (and sometimes girls and bi-folk on special nights) go for a good old fashioned circle jerk. Turn up, strip off, chat and then when the time is right get down to the J/O part of the evening. Alternatively you can opt for something far more traditional and old fashioned and visit a bathhouse, or sauna as they are also called. Not every sauna on the planet is a gay orientated one so it’s best to check out the details before you go but searching online or asking in your local gay bars will often result in the information you need. You may not think of a sauna as being a club but there are those that have regular customers who know what they want and know where to go to find it. Turn up, pay up, get your towel and start to explore. In the more wild ones you’ll find uninhibited sex happening just about everywhere though most will have those restrooms if you want some privacy. A good sauna should also have free condoms and lube on offer and remember to always play safe. Promiscuous folk as well as first timers go to sex clubs and you should always be aware of the risk of infections, so cover it up before you put it in, or allow it in! parties where loads of sexy bois turn up, have a drink and then shag everything that moves or does not move. Great stuff to watch but how do you actually go about throwing one of these events?

I have to admit that I never have, but I did speak to some people I know who have organized such an event and I have managed to put together some background on how these guys do it. I also get tons of emails requesting pics for these type of parties so I admit it does spark some interest.

First of all you need to know what you are doing; you need to know the law both national and local as it pertains to where you are. This is particularly important if you are going to film the event and put it on a website. Secondly you need money as this is going to cost you a fair amount: the venue (and you need a gay-orgy friendly one) with charge, the bar will cost you, if you are filming then you have the crew and the cast to consider and then there is the publicity.

Publicity: how do you find 200 gay guys who are willing to have an orgy and be filmed? Well, advertising in local colleges works surprisingly well and you’d be amazed at how many straight guys turn up too. The local press woks the same plus you have the internet and maybe your own website too.

So, you have the film crew, the venue and the whole thing is set up what next? Well sadly these things don’t happen spontaneously though they may appear to on the websites that feature them. If you are making a porn video in the USA (and this rule should apply to any country really – to protect yourself) you need to get the actors to do two things: One, they must prove their age and you must make copies of it in case anyone questions the legality of your models, (they must be over 18). Secondly you must get them to sign the legal disclaimer stating their age and your right to use them and their filmed/photographed material publicly since they will be nude.

So, all that preparation done and you are ready to roll. Now you just have to hope that your guys turn up, lose their inhibitions and have a wild time. There is some more backstage work still to be done. Some guys need persuading, others simply need to be introduced to each other, you should keep an eye out for illegal drugs as you don’t want that kind of thing filmed on your website and you should make a general introduction to the guys before the party starts: put them at their ease. After that, I am told, things usually take care of themselves and the kind of guys willing to do a wild gay college party won’t have any trouble in getting naked and wild when the time comes.

If you want any inspiration on how these things turn out here are a few sites to view:

Guysgocrazy is my favorite and features all male orgies in high quality filming from three cameras per party.

Many bars and music clubs have themed nights. You may not think of these as being clubs as such but in a way they are. If you have a thing for a particular fetish you will probably find a disco or nightclub that has a fetish themed night. Here you’ll meet up with guys into the same kinds of things as yourself and, if the themed night is a regular occurrence, with a little social networking you’ll soon find a new circle of friends sharing a similar interest. And that’s exactly what a club is, isn’t it?

So, you may be asking, if sex clubs are places for guys to have sex in public what’s the difference between that and a cruising area or even a brothel? Well for a start at a sex club you don’t pay your partner for the sex. Everyone is there for the same thing and you shouldn’t hand over any cash apart from perhaps a door entry and a bar bill. Cruising areas are outside places where guys go for anonymous sex but these can often present dangers; being caught or being ripped off for example, sex clubs are safer in his respect. It’s worth noting too that some well run and organized sex clubs exist and operate purely as a club for sex (as opposed to being a bar, bathhouse or night club). These may have membership fees, newsletter and will be the kind of club that is set up purely for the fun of the sex, rather than as a commercial venture.

But wherever you go to find your sex, always remember to play rough! Below are some useful links, or simply run and on-line search with the phrase ‘gay sex clubs’ and away you go.

Boys in Foam

What exactly is a foam party? It really depends what club or event you are attending. It can be boys in underwear going in circles around in the foam like at the P-house during Gay Days or could be like the Insomnia afterhours in Dallas where you have guys and girls dancing their asses off to incredible dj’s submerged in foam. Either way you need to loose your shirt or you will never see it again and bring a Ziploc bag for your cell phone and other things that could get wet. The foam will make you wet inside and out.

I was scared to get into the foam the first time I did at an afterhours club. People told me it was a cess pool of diseases and that’s really far from the truth. Some people are really scared of their own shadows. Yeah if you walk into a public place such as Hurricane Harbor or the bath house and have an open sore you are kind of risking catching a bacterial infection but its overly exaggerated. I have been in quite a few foam parties and never caught anything and have been in some in my times!

The hottest foam parties I have been to have been at the Parliament House in Orlando where they have one out back of the resort near the beach area of the parking lot. I think if it was not such a worry to the sound and equipment you would see more foam parties. I am sure they have their way of keeping it from ruining things though besides your clothing which it mostly washes out of if you can find your clothes when you are done!

Upcoming Foam Parties:
Krave Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV – for gay pride they are having a foam party this Sunday, May 3rd with DJ Morningstar. Bring your swimsuit!

Parliament House Orlando, FL – All during gay days celebration there will be foam parties each night in the rear of the hotel. You might find some hot touchy feely going on and some male models in the big foam bubbles swimming with you. You might even move the foam around and see someone you know from your hometown (that’s what happened to me). It’s like a soap opera if you know what I mean.

The Outdoors in your Birthday Suit

Get your clothes off and board the bus. Come on, don’t be shy. We’re going for a trip around the USA to find the best of the gay male nudist resorts; or at least the top ranking sites that talk about them. Let’s see what we can find.

First stop is at at the top of the list after searching for ‘gay nudists USA’. These guys sound like they know what they are talking about. Or maybe not – their top two resorts’ links didn’t lead anywhere. But I did find there, which listed all kinds of interesting pages including one for events and gatherings. So, next stop…

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania for the annual Gay Naturists International (GNI) gathering. On offer here are education, entertainment, relaxation, a lake, pools, workout rooms, sports and woodland walks. Sounds idyllic. But hurry- the event takes place between August 20th and 29th . If you’re too late book for next year, or try GNI’s Naked Getaway at Key West. (Back on the bus and off we go.) This is a quick getaway weekend and will run between December 5th to 7th . Last year it was perfect weather and over 100 guys showed up, sounds like fun. They use the Hobart and Equator resorts for this event and promise you pools, gardens, outdoor Jacuzzis and sundecks and, presumably lots of freely naked guys of various ages and types with not a care in the world. In 2007 this getaway coincided with the ‘Bone Island bare it all weekend’ at Key West. There are no details of a 2008 Bone Island (suspicious name) weekend as yet but keep an eye on for upcoming news.

And while we are on their site let’s see what other events and places are listed: Fort Lauderdale Eagle for… oh, too late, just missed that event. The Haulover Sun Club offers SCUBA diving trips, ( events page) though presumably you will have to wear something to do that; and it looks like a mixed event. There is naked Yoga to be had in Miami, a Leather weekend at Camp Mars, two hours drive northwest of Fort Lauderdale, in October, (presumably it’s possible to be naked and wearing leather at the same time) and a gathering, also in October, at Lake Como.

But what about resorts? So far it looks like you head south and attend a gathering or event. Very far south in some cases as there are nudist cruises and holidays to Mexico and Costa Rica available and I fear we are straying from the gay only path. Back to for some free advice…

And a list of nudist beaches in the USA arranged alphabetically with 56 in the A to M list, 33 in the N to W’s and a separate list for New England for some reason, which has five. Well, the good news is that it seems that as long as a state has a coastline you can strip off on it. 22 states are listed at this handy page and, though they may not be permanent resorts as such, you are allowed to go clothes-free anywhere from Hawaii with eight beaches listed, to New York with six. Unsurprisingly there are no beaches listed for Alaska. Check out the pages as they were the best information source that I found, start with: then pick your favorite state and you will find some links take you to just beaches while others also list resorts.

Also, Join us for Hippie Hollow where you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Travis in Austin for the Splash weekend coming up Labor Day Weekend.

Steamworks Chicago

steamworks chicago bath house If you want to go afterhours of the afterhours there are a few steam or spa destinations you can check out. We tried to check out Steamworks but my friend was kicked out before he even got inside because they said he was too drunk. I mean how can you be too drunk for a bathhouse? I always thought the reason for the place was for a Detox. Maybe they would rather you be on Meth inside Steamworks. Either way they may have just had a bad employee because if it was not for the bad attitude of the employee working that night then there would not have been any problem letting my friend inside. My friend was only half as drunk as he normally is. I could probably say that the employee himself was methed out so he was a little on the paranoid side.

The guy at the door was so rude that he almost made other customers mad who he was not even waiting on.  I mean why is it that we have to hire these meth heads to work at the bathhouses and give them a worse image than they already have.  I am not some far right anti-drug hypocrite but I know how horrible meth is and how paranoid it makes people and this guy at Steamworks really seemed like one of these types.  It is time to get more drinking friendly people working at these establishments to get a better crowd and to possibly prevent more DWI’s.  I think bathhouses can be a great place to go after a club to sometimes even pass out and can be a great alternative to a hotel in some states such as Ohio.  As for Steamworks I would not give them a penny of my money until I know they get better, friendlier staff.

Attached to this post is a picture of a Steamworks loation in Chicago taken by our staff.  You notice it is windy out and the gay pride sign is showing up well.  The building that is touched up with a nice silver metallic modern look is highly discreet on the outside to just display Steamworks in a vertical fashion on the glass frames sticking out.

Return of the Bathhouse

I first read about this in OUT magazine (October 2006 Edition).  I was amazed that there was even a bathhouse in Cleveland but maybe we should check this one out.

It seems that bathhouses are coming back to the gay community once again but this time more luxurious.  A new bathhouse just opened up in Cleveland, Ohio that is supposed to be the biggest in the country.  This Cleveland Bathhouse will have piano bars, suites, and Sunday Church.