Gay Circuit Beach Party To Debut on the Jersey Shore

The Ascension Party is returning back to the states for a hot summer beach event this August 4 – 6. The last time it was in the U.S. the event was held on Fire Island Pines in Long Island and more recently in Mykonos, Greece. The party is coming to the Asbury Park beach in New Jersey this time around!

Ascension has made an international name for itself in the circuit community with attendees coming from around the world. This year in Asbury Park the party organizers say there will be 14 Dj’s spinning at 11 different locations between August 4-6, 2017.

The party begins Friday night with the VIP cocktail at 7pm hosted by the one and only DJ Lina, followed by the Ascension Underwear Party with world renowned DJ Eddie Martinez. It continues Saturday with the weekend’s main event, the Ascension Beach Party from 1pm to 8pm with International DJ Dani Toro and DJ Hansel, proceeded by the Saturday Night Celebration starring superstar DJ Paulo.  Continue reading Gay Circuit Beach Party To Debut on the Jersey Shore

Gay Memorial Day Weekend 2017

It looks like things are shaping up to be an exciting summer this year starting out with epic beach and circuit parties. Memorial Day weekend has grown over the past several years to be one of the biggest gay outings for beach and dance. There are two events that really compete each year for the Gay Memorial Day Weekend and that would be the events in Pensacola and Matinee Las Vegas.

The decision is easy for most of us because we would prefer the beach to the concrete faux Las Vegas skyline. This year they have upped the offer for the Matinee party as they are throwing most of the parties in the clubs inside Hard Rock and those are great places to party even though they are not traditionally gay clubs they have supported past gay events such as Hustlaball Vegas. See our comparison here.

May 25-29 on the beautiful sugar white sands of Pensacola Beach they are throwing 7 Fabulous parties.The newest events are the Glow party and the Foam parties. Keep in mind they have skipped the past few years of throwing beach parties and moved them to Emerald City. This year will be better with the parties on the beach.
Friday, May 26 • 9PM-3AM GLOW Paint Party with DJ Joe Gauthreaux
Saturday, May 27 • 9PM-3AM The return of WAVE Beach Party with DJ Dani Toro
Sunday, May 28 • 9PM-3AM BATHHOUSE Foam Party with DJ GRIND
Additional weekend DJs include: DJ Joe Ross, DJ Blacklow, DJ Drew G and DJ Hector Fonseca. DJ Dani Toro puts on an amazing production and is one not to be missed! There will also be parties across the beach at the Portofino resort which is basically the “host hotel” for the weekend. Continue reading Gay Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Planning a Wild Spring Break?

When you think of Spring break you normally think of places such as Cancun. We have compiled a few Spring Break lists for you to do the most sightseeing and that means seeing the boys running around half naked. Half naked college boys on the beach that sounds like a vacation to me. The hard decision is whether you want to be able to drink being under 21 you would have to run for the border of Canada or Mexico or find a Europe destination. If you are just looking for some trashy beaches to people watch then you might pick somewhere like Key West where they have an optional Garden of Eden bar.

The MTV Spring Break for 2012 will be held in Las Vegas during the entire Month of March at the Palms Casino Resort. Most college students will be searching for the strip clubs, liquor stores, tattoo parlors and Hooters franchises (one off the Vegas strip), among other options similar to what you see in the Girls Gone Wild Videos

In Vegas you will have the Gambling and strip clubs you can send your straight friends a call girl while you hit the gay club Share and find your own mate. Key West is known as the Gay Spring Break destination. Though the resort city is known for its nudity, gays, lesbians, godo food, beautiful beaches it may some of the worst traffic trying to get to that area. They do not enforce their open container laws.
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Gay Memorial Day Weekend Pensacola Beach and Emerald City Pics

Here are some pics from the big weekend in Pensacola on the beautiful beaches! Memorial Day Weekend was a blast where we mostly hung out at the beach going from tent to tent doing shots and enjoying the salt water.  There was a lot going on this year in the water but you have to come there to know what WAS going on it was too much fun to post on here but let’s just say it’s a beach party you must not miss.  Emerald City was a blast as well with drag performances from Bianca del rio and a Lady Gaga impersonator. Lots of hotties on the beach mostly Southern boys from Mobile, Kentucky, Nashville, New Orleans, and Pensacola.  How about the daisy dukes boy below?

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Memorial Day Pensacola Hotel and DJ Lineup

Emerald City and Oz New Orleans (I assume Johnny Chisholm can’t put his name on the event anymore?) present one of the hottest weekends on US beaches. Memorial Day weekend 2011 just lined up their DJ’s consisting of Friday, May 27 with Roland Belmares. Saturday, May 28 DJ Eddie Baez and Sunday May 29th DJ Joe Gauthreaux with Lighting by Bryan Holcombe. Sometimes lights make all the difference at these parties!

All of the parties look to be held at Emerald City unless they throw up the Saturday night party on the beach again. The beach will be a few miles of gays and lesbians camping out and will be as popular as ever.

The BP and TransOcean Oil Spill last year did contaminate the beaches in Pensacola but most of that has since been cleaned up. This happened just a week after last years Memorial Day weekend so it did not interfere at all last year but the rain storms did. We hope the rain storms stay away this year and we can enjoy the hot, sunny beaches and get our tans on for Gay Days Orlando the following week.

If you are not sure where to stay in Pensacola there are many options.
1. Stay near the club- The Crowne Plaza is the best place to stay near the club and really not too
expensive at around $160 a night. Here is the link for Crowne Plaza next door to Emerald City so walking to the main parties and to the afterparties.

2. Stay on the Beach near the surfers and restaurants. The options here may be a bit more expensive than the Pensacola Grand but you have your chain hotels such as the Hampton Inn on the Beach at 2 via de Luna, the Hilton next door which offers 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suites, and the Days Inn Pensacola Beachfront which has the least expensive gulf side rooms. Spring Hill Suites by Marriott at 24 Via De Luna is one more option but not quite on the best beach side. Keep in mind all of these have 2 night minimum stays.

3. If you are not worried about staying a 4 night minimum then you could stay really close to the GLBT beach action where all the gays and lesbians are camped out. The Portofino is walking distance to the gay beach area for Memorial Day weekend. Portofino island resort is located at 10 Portofino Road at the end of Via de Luna. Contact Portofino at 850-916-5000.

4. Hotwire and Priceline but the Crowne Pensacola Grand Plaza did not come up on this and some of these other featured hotels on Hotwire. Priceline is my favorite because you can select your own hotel and then give them your price which is always worth a try.

5. Camp Out. You could bring an RV or pitch a tent on the beach.

Airfare to Pensacola we found is pretty reasonable using American Airlines. Make sure you sign up for one of the American Airlines card offers to earn the most miles with all your travel.

Once you have all of your travel booked then start shopping for the most scandalous swimwear you can find!

Key West gay resorts

Planning a holiday next year, or even sooner? How about Key West in Florida, USA?

The city of Key West encompasses various islands and ‘Keys’ and is the county seat of Monroe County. It is also known as the Southernmost City in the Continental United States being 129 miles southwest of Miami. It is a seaport destination for many passenger cruise ships. The Key West International Airport provides airline service. Hotels and guest houses are available for lodging. But what about the gay scene? Ok, so it’s a great place to go on vacation but what are the gay companies planning for queer visitors?

There are plenty of gay and gay friendly resorts to choose from, that’s for sure. A quick search brought up hundreds so you really are spoiled for choice. I guess many businesses will declare themselves as ‘gay friendly’ these days, it makes sense to attract as many customers as you can and no one is going to say they are ‘gay unfriendly’. But watch out for the real gay resorts, gay run and gay owned, these are the ones that are going to be right on your wavelength.

How about Island House, voted “the best gay men’s resort in the world” by readers of OUT Traveler magazine – as well as receiving many other accolades from the queer press. This place certainly sells itself as gay men’s heaven; ‘a place where everyone is gay…where it’s easy to make friends… where you can really be yourself…where you can enjoy yourself 24 hours a day… in a secure locked compound, safe from the outside world…’ [] I’m not too sure about being ‘locked in a compound’ but I think I know what they mean. Check through their website to read the details of what’s on offer but don’t expect to find the men in the pictures when you visit. Holiday companies always do this; show you hunky guys to attract you, yes there may be some when you visit but the chances are the majority of guests will be ordinary guys like you and me.

So Island House comes out top in searches and has won awards but there are plenty of other places to choose. Ecuador (not the country but the name of the resort) gets good reviews from customers and its website outlines prices through the seasons, starting at $120 a night for a basic room and reaching $237 for a suite. Hobart Resorts have three places for gay men, Coconut Grove, Coral Tree Inn and Oasis. Each has its own charms, pools, bars and facilities and prices here range from $149 to $259 a night depending on the room size.

And for the girls? Pearl’s Rainbow is a resort for women in Key West. It’s close to Southernmost Point in a beautiful part of the town. It’s a full-service resort with two pools, two hot-tubs, a poolside bar called “Pearl’s Patio”, which is Key West’s only bar for women only. There are plenty of shady and sunny places to relax and lounge about, and it’s clothing optional. So the girls are guaranteed some fun too.

But what to do while you are there? Apart from search out the hot guys and gals of course. The local area offers loads of varied attractions, beaches, boats to rent, fishing, watersports (of either variety I expect) and cruises. There is no shortage of nightlife and places to eat out, bars and general entertainment. Search around a little more and you can make wedding plans, or turn up at the right time and take part in the Fantasy Festival; in 2009 it is being held between October 23rd and November 1st – that should give you plenty of time to get packing.

Those are just a few notes and ideas about the gay places to stay in Key West, as I said, there are many other places to check out and choose from but wherever you end up it looks like everyone has a great time down there in the Florida sun.