Who Wins Best Britney Spears Impersonator?

We have to say this is a good Britney Spears impersonator on the UK’s The X Factor but does seem more like an XXX Factor audition. We wished she would have lip synched like our Brit loves to do *most* of the time. She did the O-o-o way too much. We have to say she is giving Derrick Barry a run for his money or not? Derrick can probably sing better than Lorna. Either way we are excited to see Brit Thursday on the Fox US version of X-Factor.
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Tan Mom Gets Roasted By Bianca on Hot Mess Night

Tan Mom was more than roasted at XL Nightclub Wednesday night when Bianca took stabs at her and no other than Tina Fey was in the crowd in which she threw drinks at. The Tan Mom from New Jersey was roasted at the NYC Gay club and the name of the night is Hot Mess and that it was! She seemed drunk when she took the stage and fell down on the pre-show red carpet. Tan Mom can be seen in the video messing up her speech with slurs and repeats as we drunks know can happen when we get roasted. Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio’s weekly show Hot Mess Wednesdays drag show at XL Nightclub. You basically have to see this mess to believe it.
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Tom Daley and GB Swim Team are Sexy and They Know It Video

When Tom Daley and his team do the LMFAO video for “I’m Sexy and I know it” they do it way better than the original artists.
Tom Daley and some of the Team Great Britian diving squad take some time out from training to make this hot video. Do you think this tops the “Call Me Maybe” video by Team USA?
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Justin Bieber Groped on David Letterman, Bieber the DJ?

Justin Bieber is just one of those guys you love to hate but love to love as well. We noticed this David Letterman Appearance where Letterman first heckled him over his tattoo asking him if he was going to stop getting tattoos. Justin started to respond as if it were expressing himself. He quoting Madonna or Lady Gaga? Then he went on to say ey ey ey when Letterman groped him. Well Letterman was grabbing his arm with the tattoo but still it sure could have been confused for Sardusky groping to me. Letterman keep your grubby hands off my boy Bieber. It was rather funny when Justin said he was not trying to be like the 16th Chapel but he was referring to the Sistine Chapel. Letterman referred to his Canadian education which was a low blow. The Bieb’s new album Believe is expected to take over the Billboard 200 with Kenny Chesney not far behind at #2. See the video after the break below:
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See Britney Spears at the X-Factor auditions

This could be your chance to see Britney Spears up close and maybe even songwriter and actress Demi Lovato who were just added to the judge panel on X-Factor. They will join L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell as judges and will appear in Austin, Kansas City, San Francisco, Providence, and Greensboro. Then again who would want to goto North Carolina for anything right now but the other cities look promising. Austin is no doubt the capital of music and one of the more liberal cities in Texas. It would be a great place for them to get some of the best talent. Will they find the next One Direction on this tour?
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Snoop, Whitney, and Michael Jackson Portraits made of drugs

While some may consider this rude to the ones who have passed on and a bit distasteful it is still quite fascinating. The artwork includes portraits of Whitney Houston made out of pills, Michael Jackson and Any Winehouse. Snoop dogg’s portrait is marijuana laced. These are selling for a few grand but would certainly be a “hit” at a house party or a tray of party favors. If you do not have us on Pinterest yet be sure and add Gay socialite and Lance (me) for more fun stuff like this. If you need us to add you to our invite list on Pinterest add your email below. xD Continue reading Snoop, Whitney, and Michael Jackson Portraits made of drugs

Justin Bieber Boyfriend World Premiere

The Biebs has been teasing us for weeks now on his new Boyfriend video. Now Justin Bieber is all swagged out in this music video for his lead single “Boyfriend” which peaked #1 on the Canadian Hot 100 billboard charts. The song is the second-highest-ever debut digital sales week in the United States. Fans can catch a glimpse of a maturing Bieber who has moved on from the bowling party that he threw in his “Baby” video to fast cars, a seductive love interest and rooftop parties. I wonder what Justin Timberlake thinks of all of this… We will just post this under celebrity we really do not consider this dance music. Video is below…
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