Gay New Year’s Eve Parties Worldwide 2017

12400808_1931489727076739_6743187137028397135_nWe have tried to put together one of the best lists for an epic New Year’s Eve 2017. If you are Canadian, Australian, European, or from the United States of New Trumpland we found some of the hottest parties in the world you may not want to miss. The only problem is that we want to be at all of these parties and cannot decide so maybe this list will help us.

Belgium. H.I.M New Year’s Eve
According to this promoter they are selling more and more tickets in Canada and Australia. They are “Very honored to welcome people from the other side of the world on New Year’s Eve…”
Saturday 31st December 2016. H.I.M would like to welcome you to its very first edition of H.I.M NYE with
This night will be hosted by our first lady ALEX MERCURIO.
“Spain’s hottest party”
TAITO TIKARO (Matinee All Star – Circuit Waterpark 2015)
International Circuit Gogo’s & Entertainment
A brand new night out for him, her and everyone in between. A night filled with POPular pleasure and URBAN desire.
STEWIE LAHYE (Flash/Le You Resident)
JOEY (Random – Hessenhuis)
Hosted by Beauty QueeRs, Dazzling Diva’s and YOURSELF.
Dress up cauz Anna’s watching!
This event will take place at AEC Building (better known as Industria or Mansion), a mesmerizing industrial club with several floors and rooms, located in the Antwerp port (400m from IKON).
Indiëstraat 9, Antwerpen
Our Take: Sounds like they have their shit together and are throwing an epic party in Belgium. Our thirst is real for this party!
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WE PARTY celebrates its 6th WE NYF anniversary, between the dates of December 27th to January 1st. Another edition, welcoming the New Year of 2017 in the city of Madrid, in Europe’s biggest gay Winter festival. A celebration that attracts more than 20,000 men from all corners of the planet.A different winter holiday, where you can enjoy 6 nights and 6 parties, celebrating together with the team of WE PARTY the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. With a line-up of the best DJs in the world, the best opening shows, stagings and over 20 gogos.

Every year Puerto Vallarta has something for you on New Year’s Eve. This year, with DJ Dawna Montell and tropical events with an amazing fireworks show. Hopefully Trump’s wall doesn’t go up before the big weekend is over then again why not just stay in beautiful PVR until Trump is dumped out of office.

14641930_1092065167537568_7189615154572777683_nVIENNA – LOVEBALL – CLEOPATRA & HER LOVERS
Ok, looking through all of the worldwide events this one takes home the prize. In the history of the ancient world there is one woman who eclipses all others. Her name has become a byword for beauty, luxury and excess. Her story is entwined with some of the most powerful men in history. She is the last pharaoh of Egypt – CLEOPATRA. She has been portrayed as everything from romantic to a powerful sexual predator. The secrets of her concealed passionate relationships to her ardent lovers will be disclosed by LOVEBALL.
3 INTERNATIONAL SUPER STAR DJ’S, Cleopatra & her lovers, Live Performances, Huge Led Screens, Mugshot Photowall, 3 Floors, International Gogos, Loveball opening performance, and Ancient egyptian decorations.
DJ ASAF DOLEV (Tel Aviv – FFF, Beef, Revolver Berlin)
DJ Herb (Matine Las Vegas, Rosenball, Male Cologne)
DJ Andi Mik (Cricus, Loveball, GM1)
Mart.I (Ken, Fresh!, Connection Berlin)
WUK – Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien
U6, 40, 41, 42, 40A – Station Währinger Straße/Volksoper
5, 33 – Station Spitalgasse)
…is like every year, the motto of Loveball. Take Cleopatra’s and her lovers’ example and be open minded in love with respect and tolerance towards everyone. Don’t worry about conventions and rules, live your life how you like it, at least for this special night.
So far we see over 500 people interested in their Facebook event which is higher thus far than the other events. for more information and $25 off a place to stay here.

Saturday, December 31 9 pm – 4 am
The Belasco
Masterbeat is excited to present one of our biggest New Year’s Eve productions ever as we take over the entire Belasco Theater for One Love. Experience all 3 rooms of this incredible venue, all completely transformed by Masterbeat for this exclusive event, as we bring in an all new 8 point thundering line array sound system, full color lasers, high resolution 3D video walls with special effects and performances in every room along with Masterbeat’s legendary countdown to midnight. DJ’s Grind and Micky Friedmann will take you into the new year in the main theater, with Alex Acosta spinning all night in the upstairs ballroom and Tristan Jaxx taking over the underground vault. Love makes our world go around, come and ring in 2017 with love and thousands of the hottest men from around the world.
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gay-london-new-years-eveLONDON – Heaven G-A-Y
I have seen rumours that it could be STEPS performing. If you have not heard of this group then Google search them. It will be quite a camp fan girl party we would all die for on any weekend. Steps is Reuniting For 2017
at the G-A-Y New Years Eve Party from 9pm – 5am.
“Brit Award Winning
20 Million Records Sold
The group with over Ten Top 5 singles and #1’s will be performing Midnight At G-A-Y. This is a mega-club and what we consider to be one of the best spots to be for the best club night of the year.
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There are also great parties in NYC and every major city. Check out these parties from last year and our advice on what to do when you go out clubbing for NYE.

Don’t Party and Drive
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Party promoter? Add your event in the comments!

Studio 54 Flashback

studio 54 ryan phillipeYou’re too young to remember the actual Studio 54 I’m sure, but you may have heard of it and wanted to know what was so special about it. Why does the name, no the legend, live on all these years later? What was Studio 54?

To understand it completely you have to travel back to April 16th 1977 and to put that into perspective: that was the year that first saw VISA on credit cards, rings were discovered around Uranus (I’m not joking), the first spacewalk took place and Sarah Michelle Gellar was only 12 days old. Meanwhile over on 254 W. 54th Street, New York, two friends, Steve Rubell and Ian Shrager opened their doors for the first time and thereby started the legend of Studio 54.

In simple terms it was a night club; but a glittering one. They had tried owning and running steakhouses in the city but soon decided that there was more money to be made in alcohol, hence the idea of a club. With Rubell’s drive he was always the loud and gregarious one, they bought and renovated the old TV studio, transformed it into the club, hung an illuminated man-in-the-moon over the dance floor and the rest, as they say is history.
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Cher Books more Dress to Kill Tour Dates

10628375_828795377152875_8757655974866316733_nIt is a gay mans dream come true especially in a year that has been not that exciting on the concert front. You never know when Cher will decide it really is her final Farewell of her Farewell tour so you must see this live. Her outfits in the show you must see and you will cry in at least one part of the concert.

She has added Austin, Lubbock, Corpus Christi, Bossier, and Charleston to her tour with a TBA special guest. We can only hope for Cyndi Lauper. Maybe she could talk Robyn in to opening for her which would also be amazing!

Chicago’s gay scene staple Spin Nightclub is “officially closed”

spin gogo bunnies gaySpin, a longtime staple of Chicago’s gay scene, is “officially closed.” The club, at 800 W. Belmont Ave., known for their hot shower contests said goodbye on its Facebook page Monday.

“SPIN is officially closed,” the post reads. “We would like to thank all of our customers for their support these many years and wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day! Stay tuned for what happens next …”
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New Year’s Eve Arson Attempt At Packed Gay Nightclub

neighboursclubdancersAccording to the Seattle Fire Department there is a suspect being sought in arson bar fire at Neighbours Nightclub a large gay club. On 1/1/2014, just shortly after midnight, an unknown suspect poured gasoline on a carpeted stairway leading to the second level of a bar and ignited it. The bar in the 1500 block of Broadway was occupied by over 750 patrons celebrating New Years Eve at the time. The fire was quickly discovered before it could spread beyond the stairway and was extinguished with a fire extinguisher. Someone pulled the fire alarm and caused the fire sprinkler system to activate. An orderly evacuation was accomplished and no one was injured. Arson Bomb Detectives (ABS) responded after being notified by SFD Fire Investigators. No suspect information available.
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Score Nightclub is Moving to a Bigger Miami Location

scorenightclub miamiAfter 15 Years, the Legendary SCORE moved to a new space.

On Friday, October 4, 2013 Score Bar will officially open at its new location, 1437 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. The owners of Score are transforming the two spaces, more recently known as Suite and Snatch but also known as the legendary Liquid Nightclub, into two unique and completely separate venues:

Score Bar located at 1437 Washington Ave and TRADE Nightclub and Event Space located at 1439 Washington Ave.

On Saturday, October 12th The White Party is partnering with SCORE for a White Party launch event. USB bracelets will be given out to the 1st 200 paid guests and loaded with prizes ranging from “secret deals” to White Party tickets to VIP all-access passes (Grand Prize, $400 value). It’s going to be a great night and a great event so save the date!!!

Another Fail for Las Vegas Gay Nightlife as “Freedom” Party ends at Marquee

MARQUEEIf you must call it “Freedom”. It was more like a jail cell during gay pride in Las Vegas this year when it was so packed into one confined dance level of the club. Maybe that is why the Freedom night has ended for one of the top money making clubs in the world. It was the only gay night but to open up a club of this size and not show us all of the goods? We are gay and size queens we do not wan to attend the hottest club in America and NOT see all that it has to offer. How dare they close off all the good rooms of the club. Not sad to see it go but it was something different to do on a Sunday night in Las Vegas. There is still Revolution Sundays which was just as good and the bartenders are just as bitchy with high priced drinks.

The closing of the Freedom party comes just after Krave Nightclub and Drink & Drag were denied their liquor licenses. Is Las Vegas nightlife for the gays disappearing or will their be another revolution? We need another Krave that was on the strip. Let’s hope someone buys that and does something amazing with it! Maybe Gypsy will re-open as a hot danceclub? Las Vegas used to be the worst gay city until Krave came along and change things but now that Murphy has screwed over the city of Las Vegas there will never be another Krave. Britney Spears may be doing a new show starting in December but Las Vegas (gay) nightlife is at an all time low.

Former Gipsy Nightclub Employees say Bar Rescue was a Sham!

gayoletimegipsyvegasBrandon Johnson the bartender who was fired and appeared bitchy on the Bar Rescue show on Gipsy nightclub’s redo in Las Vegas commented on Facebook that the show was a sham as you will see in the post image.

We have also found out that the Gay Ol Time signage was edited out of the final show of Bar Rescue. This was considered a slap in the face to the gay community with the unusually bright lighting behind the bar. It might be the same as posting “Black Ole Time” in a predominately african american nightclub.
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