Another Fail for Las Vegas Gay Nightlife as “Freedom” Party ends at Marquee

MARQUEEIf you must call it “Freedom”. It was more like a jail cell during gay pride in Las Vegas this year when it was so packed into one confined dance level of the club. Maybe that is why the Freedom night has ended for one of the top money making clubs in the world. It was the only gay night but to open up a club of this size and not show us all of the goods? We are gay and size queens we do not wan to attend the hottest club in America and NOT see all that it has to offer. How dare they close off all the good rooms of the club. Not sad to see it go but it was something different to do on a Sunday night in Las Vegas. There is still Revolution Sundays which was just as good and the bartenders are just as bitchy with high priced drinks.

The closing of the Freedom party comes just after Krave Nightclub and Drink & Drag were denied their liquor licenses. Is Las Vegas nightlife for the gays disappearing or will their be another revolution? We need another Krave that was on the strip. Let’s hope someone buys that and does something amazing with it! Maybe Gypsy will re-open as a hot danceclub? Las Vegas used to be the worst gay city until Krave came along and change things but now that Murphy has screwed over the city of Las Vegas there will never be another Krave. Britney Spears may be doing a new show starting in December but Las Vegas (gay) nightlife is at an all time low.

Former Gipsy Nightclub Employees say Bar Rescue was a Sham!

gayoletimegipsyvegasBrandon Johnson the bartender who was fired and appeared bitchy on the Bar Rescue show on Gipsy nightclub’s redo in Las Vegas commented on Facebook that the show was a sham as you will see in the post image.

We have also found out that the Gay Ol Time signage was edited out of the final show of Bar Rescue. This was considered a slap in the face to the gay community with the unusually bright lighting behind the bar. It might be the same as posting “Black Ole Time” in a predominately african american nightclub.
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Castro’s Warehouse Austin

castro-austintxWe first knew of it as the Boyz Cellar and it was our favorite joint in Austin. It would host the wild college strip offs and some of the hottest boys in the city. Hence the name Boyz Cellar. It then went on to a vacant spot for awhile and sat there empty during a Labor Day weekend leaving everyone disappointed. Now it has re-opened after another change of owners this time it looks like it may stay for some time to come. The new danceclub is called Castro’s Warehouse and is located between Rain on 4th and Oil Can Harry’s.

Castro’s is open Wednesday thru Sundays with Friday and Saturday afterhours until 4am! Austin needed this badly as the town was getting a bit boring the last few times we have been there with no Kiss and Fly and no real gay afterhours. The dancefloor lights up similar to the Rain on 4th dancefloor.. we are not sure why they love that theme so much but it is what it is… I prefer the dancefloor at Castro’s much more than Rain though (same owners). It has more room.
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Sunday Funday Drink

310096_227776404013847_1893819088_nSometimes we have to get our bodies happy again after a weekend binge of drinking or whatever else you have been doing and the best cures may already be in our kitchen. This drink is purely hydrating and will help alleviate your headache symptoms. Taking a Tylenol is normally bad for your liver after partying all weekend long. The main cause for headaches is dehydration. It will also aid in flushing away toxins from your body while alkalizing it. Try to use use fresh and organic ingredients. Acidic foods such as lemons are acidic in their basic state, BUT once metabolized by the body have an alkalizing effect. The lemon will cleanse and detoxify the liver.
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Dallas Purple Party Weekend Starts Now!

Ippppt is finally Friday and we are ready to party this weekend. We are so excited for the Dallas circuit event of the year.  The Dallas Purple Party which raises money for AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD). This is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to raise funds to improve the lives of people in the Dallas area who are living with or are affected by HIV/AIDS.

purpleangelboyThe weekend starts off with Chad Michaels who won the ALL STAR show on Ru Paul’s Drag Race is set to perform at Station 4. This is the opening night and the club will be transformed into an escape from the normal club scene into the Purple Party’s event! An exciting time for many who get tired of the regular club scene and want a night out with new people in town and more challenging music than your normal top 40.

There will also be a pool party on Saturday with DJ Justin Ryan at the Sisu Uptown Resort. We have seen photos of this resort and it looks fabulous. The main event will feature Internationally known DJ Ana Paula from sexy Brazil, Dj Danny Verde from Italy, and our local favorite DJ Ronnie Bruno. We are also huge fans of DJ Brandon Moses who is not only a hottie but knows how to work over our bodies dancing. Hey we could just party with Bruno and Moses but they are really going to make us sweat with Ana Paula. So get ready to work those muscles. This will be at the Southside Music Hall.

Sunday is Revival day you get to spend with shirtless guys instead of at church looking at a preacher. The T Dance begins at 1pm and ends at 7pm with DJ Phil B. Then the weekend has its grand finale with GLOW at Plush. We are uber excited to see our one of our favorite bartenders Jordan at Plush. If you remember last year DJ Paulo from Los Angeles killed it on closing night. This party goes on from 7pm to 3am. DJ Paulo is known for his hot sets at the afterhours spot in Weho.

Don’t plan on getting any sleep this weekend Dallas boys!

Tampa St. Pete Gay Scene

It has been quite some time since we had the chance to party in Tampa and St. Pete but we always have a blast when we do. They have one of the best club scenes for a place you don’t really expect it. We ventured to St. Pete for pride weekend this year and not only had some of the most amazing Thai-Mexican food (yes, we found out there is such a thing) just off the pride festival strip but got to see Deborah Cox perform live. We were worried at first that all of the flooding in Florida earlier that week may have dampened all of the fun but everyone still came out and it was sunny and hot when the weekend began.

St. Pete has the Flamingo which is sort of their version of the Parliament House of Orlando. Minus the energy and larger dance space. The Flamingo is thrown together more like you would find at more of a resort town where they focused more on the pool than on dancing or drag shows. The outside bars and pool area is where the action is and the Sunday gathering was quite popular.

Georges Alibi can be found in St. Pete and Ft. Lauderdale but the one here has so much more energy and an actual dance floor. It seemed more like a club especially after the pride parade where you could dance up on the stage. Alibi featured Ru Paul’s drag queen winner Sharon Needles as one of their guests during the big weekend. We recommend you check out Alibi if you want to dance while in the area and they also have food.

Tampa or as some call it Trampa has the gays all in one area called Ybor city. This is more of a historical Colombian district of Tampa which has lots of restaurants and clubs. The bathhouse is even located in this area just a few blocks down the street from a Hamburger Mary’s. You can pretty much do anything you want in this district once the sun goes down as long as you are not driving. There are cops everywhere.
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LA Pride kickoff and opening of 18+ Nightclub Tonight

Tonight! Grand Opening of HEDON at Arena Nightclub at The Newly Remodeled Arena! 2 Floors, 2 DJs, 18+ $1000 Cash rains onto the Dancefloor at midnight! 18+.

Steve Machuca presents the Grand Opening of HEDON [ Heed – n ] Pursue Pleasure, Desire, Love!
Get ready to be blown away by the most anticipated and exciting new dance party we’ve all been waiting for. Arena Nightclub has gone through major renovations just for this party! Endless Entertainment and a Special Live Performance to be announced! $1,000 in CASH will rain onto the dance floor at Midnight plus we have a huge surprise in store! Red Carpet – Step & Repeat at 9pm. Continue reading LA Pride kickoff and opening of 18+ Nightclub Tonight

Kiss N Fly Nightclub Closed by the Feds

It could be a mega modern day version of the Studio 54 story with the gay club in Austin, TX.  Well this is not just one club that was shut down in Austin but a network of clubs owned by the same Yassine Enterprises.  This also included another gay bar that recently opened known for its more stand and model type scene called Hyde.  Federal agents say the bars are being investigated for money laundering and drugs.

We received confirmation that the raid by federal and state agents, TABC has suspended the liquor licenses for all of Yassine Entertainment’s clubs, including Kiss & Fly Nightclub and Hyde Upscale Gay Lounge. FBI agents raided the offices of Yassine Enterprises, which operates several downtown nightclubs, collecting documents as part of an investigation. Agents were spotted hauling boxes into the Yassine offices at 213 W. Fourth St. In addition to the money laundering charge, Mohammed Yassine is accused of distributing 500 grams or more of cocaine and transferring a firearm knowing it was going to be used in a drug-trafficking crime. The remaining defendants are accused of distributing cocaine. One case involved as much as 5 kilograms, which is about 11 pounds of the blow. This makes ten people who were arrested who owned a total of 10 bars in Austin.

Posts from Facebook regarding the closing of the club include:
“This breaks my heart! So sad”
“if no kiss & fly…where to go now? Tonite specifically …omg!”

The Feds waited until after SXSW but not a minute after those parties closed down did they come in taking computers and seizing most everything they could get their hands on.  Perez Hilton was posing in photos just a few nights before during the SXSW and Bravo’s Andy Cohen posed with two strippers at Kiss and Fly Gay Club in Austin that same night. Those arrested will remain in federal custody, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office said, until a hearing set for 10 a.m. Tuesday. They face maximum prison sentences of 20 years to life if convicted.

Bobby Cervantes, who spent a year and a half as manager of Kiss & Fly, told the American-Statesman that he suspected something was amiss at Yassine Enterprises, prompting him to quit in September 2010.

The VIP room even has the sounds of Studio 54 at Kiss N Fly according to the Austinist.  “At Kiss N Fly, the secret room down below was basically a freebie room for [the Yassines’] friends to get messed up on booze, blow (it didn’t matter), have their own personal bartender. I’m pretty sure the only room without a camera, “ stated a former bartender. When asked for a description of the keypad-entry room, a former patron said, “It’s like a ‘70s swingers’ den with a horseshoe couch and a table in the middle. It’s the real VIP room for naughty, debaucherous activities.” While this room also served as a backstage area for the occasional musical guests, it was described as “a drug-induced sex den” for VIP’s on a regular basis.

Some of the bartenders have not been paid who have worked for Yassine Enterprises.  They are also under investigation from a class-action lawsuit from 200 former employees.
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