Adam Lambert’s Appearance and Concert Schedule Summer 2013

adamlambert-johnnyweirWe were so happy to see Adam Lambert get his GLAAD award last month and his amazing perforance for Miami Pride.  This summer also has glambert fans going crazy see where Adam will be live and on tv:

June 2013
June: TV, US. Adam is one of Comcast Xfinity’s On Demand Pride Month featured artists.
June 02: The Hungarian (Fonogram) Music Awards 2013. Adam is nominated for Modern Pop-Rock Album of the Year (Trespassing).
June 03: TV, US. The New F Word (The Friend Movement) featuring Adam and others will air on E! News at 7:00pm and 11:30pm.
June 05: TV, US. Fuse TV, Fuse News coverage on Adam’s involvement with The Friend Movement at 8pm ET.
June 06: TV, US. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats series repeats on Fuse Channel. Starts at 1:30pm ET.
June 10: TV, US. Fashion Police on E! at 10:30pm ET.
June 11: US, Radio. Interview with 1020 KDKA radio Pittsburgh at about 4:00pm ET.
June 15: TV, Australia. Fashion Police on Channel 121 E!Entertainment at 4:30pm. Repeats on June 16th at 4:00am and 2:30pm.
June 15: Concert Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh Pride, Pride in the Street. On the outdoor stage at Liberty Ave between 9th & 10th. Doors at 5:30pm ET. Events from 6:00pm ET. Adam’s set time about 9pm ET. There will be a support acts. Tickets on sale.
June 21: TV, US. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia Channel at 9:00am ET.
June 26: TV, Australia. The Graham Norton Show repeat on 103 UKTV or 214 UKTV HD at 11:25pm.
June 29: Concert Orlando, Florida. Universal Studios Orlando Summer Concert Series. Concert start time 8pm ET at the Universal Music Plaza. Ticket price is included in the park admission price. Concert only tickets available on May 16, allows for entrance after 7pm.
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Deborah Cox, Belinda Carlisle, and Andy Bell to Headline Gay Days Concerts

deborah-cox-phouseEvery year we can always count on one thing and that is the great shows outside near the pool at the Parliament House in Orlando during Gay Days. Gay Days is the huge event all over Orlando yearly on the first weekend in June. There are normally so many events going on it is hard to decide and it just got harder with Deborah Cox opening the weekend on Friday, May 31st.

The dance diva who recently toured with Jekyll and Hyde and is performing on Broadway will grace the stage of the Legendary Parliament House (P House). This will be going on for the downtown area of Orlando’s gay days while there is the Typhoon Lagoon event ‘Riptide’ or ‘Let’s Go Play’ going on at the same time. You have to make a hard decision on this one!

Saturday night from the Go Go’s Belinda Carlisle Performs on the Parliament House stage. Kat Deluna and Andy Bell from Erasure perform on Sunday night. Sunday night at the P House is my favorite night to go especially during Gay Days. You can miss the circuit event that night and still make it over to Arabian Nights after the fun at the P House.

Lady Gaga Vomits on Stage in Barcelona

Maybe it is because Adele has another #1 on iTunes this week and that makes us all want to throw up but there really is some kind of throw-up virus going on with a few of our favorite performers lately. First it was Justin Bieber who threw up on stage at a show and stunned the girls in the pit below him. Now we have Lady Gaga performing in Barcelona and she could not hold it in while holding back her hair to let it all out. She then continued dancing after vomiting. Although with Justin Bieber he may not be pregnant we are not for sure but Lady Gaga it is looking more and more like it.. with the gained weight and now this… What will we do if Lady Gaga gets pregnant? Well she will be true to her name Mother Monster but will have lots of sad gays who will be unhappy that she will not be finishing up the Born This Way Ball. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW:
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Pink and No Doubt perform “Just a Girl”

The iHeartradio festival is going on in Las Vegas this weekend where artists all come together on the Clear Channel Radio event stage to present some of the hottest then and now songs. One duo you would never expect would be the two blond talents Gwen Stefani and Pink. The two sexy mommas performed “Just a Girl” and rocked out in front of thousands in the crowd. Gwen’s voice seemed not as well tuned live but maybe she was a bit out of breath from performing other hits. See below for the video.
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Madonna St. Petersburg Russia show at high risk over security concerns

Many are worried about a rare security message issued from the U.S. Embassy Moscow and U.S. Consulate General St. Petersburg earlier today. The warning was issued most likely over two statements Madonna has recently made. One of them being for the group Pussy Riot in saying she feels they should be released from jail and applauded them for standing up for what the believe through their art. The other issue is that gays are not allowed to be talked about in St. Petersburg Russia and she plans on mentioning ‘Gay’.

Madonna recently opened up a fitness center in Moscow Russia but the real security threat comes from St. Petersburg which is not only Putin’s hometown but where you have even less rights for GLBT people. The MDNA World tour has been one of the most controversial tours of all time ranging from her nipple gate, deadmau5, Skrillex, Paul Van Dyk, Elton John, Lady Gaga, and swastika images in France. The tour opens up in Philadelphia on Tuesday, August 28th where it will most likely turn into a political punching ball during an election year.

During the MDNA tour last night in Moscow she performed “Like A Virgin” where she showed her backside with the words of the Russian punk rock band carved. Other artists have also commented on the issues but only after their shows in Russia. Madonna is there now and her fans, dancers, and back up singers are very worried judging from the tweets. We pray for all of the fans and everyone involved in the production staff of the show while all of this is going on.

A twitter response in thanks to the Queen of Pop:

@pussy_riot: DEAR MADONNA! We love you and you just might be changing Russia’s history right now. Thank you and a thousand prayers in return!

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Deborah Cox Tour Dates 2012

There are many divas on tour this year but one of our favorites is going to be a little tight on scheduling due to her Broadway show Jekyll & Hyde. Deborah Cox who had one of the most beautiful songs of 2011 “Beautiful U R” is scheduled to appear at Indianapolis, Denver, St. Louis, Washington DC, and St. Pete Pride. Following these pride performances you may not see her singing her big club number ones. American Idol star and Tony Award nominee Constantine Maroulis joins with Grammy nominated R&B superstar Deborah Cox to inject new life into the classic tale of good and evil, Jeckyll and Hyde.

Deborah Cox Tour Schedule 2012
June 9, 2012
Circle City in Pride

June 10, 2012
Washington, DC
Capital Pride Festival

June 15, 2012
Summer Glam

June 24, 2012
St. Louis Pride

June 30, 2012
St. Petersburg, FL
St. Pete Pride
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Jessica Sutta “Show Me” closing party

We got to see Jessica Sutta at the closing party well at least we remember some of it on video. It was a long day of drinking and debauchery so hey we tried the best we could to stay around for this final event at the White Party 2012. It was the last event of the big but short weekend (why cant we have Mondays off too?). RosaBel played the event as well as they finish it off every year. We have a video we made of Jessica Sutta and her hot gogo backup dancers. Continue reading Jessica Sutta “Show Me” closing party