Music For Robots

male stripper If you are craving some robotic beats instinct magazine ( recently listed some interesting picks under a top 20 list.  They entitled it "music for robots"

1. Visage – Fade to Grey
2. Felix Da Housecat & Miss Kittin – Madame Hollywood
3. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
4. Hoku – Another Dumb Blonde
5. Kylie Minogue – Speakerphone
6. Woldorf – You’re my Disco
7. Robyn – Robotboy
8. Midnight Star – Freak-a-zoid
9. Kraftwork – Computer Love
10. Pet Shop Boys – Music for Boys
11. Johan Agebjorn – Spacer Women from Mars
12. Annie – Chewing Gum
13. Opus III – Fine Day (one of the best tunes ever)
14. Britney Spears – Pieces of Me
15. Cascada – many of their songs!
16. Daft Punk – Digital Love
17. Chris Brown – Forever
18. Aqua – Barbie Girl
19. Herbie Hancock – Rock It:Talk about MTV back in the early days… I thought this was Axel F that did this mix. Wait why is Axel F not on this list? You know the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack theme I think it was called Harold Faltermeyer.
20. Ladytron – Seventeen

If we are looking at songs that have that electro feel then there are many Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, and Erasure songs that could be on the list.

Hot Summer Club Mixes

jesse mccartney leavinHere are some of the best mixes I have heard so far that I bet will be big this summer on XM’s BPM, Sirius The Beat, Circuit parties, and nightclubs. top ten list for June 2008:
1. Donna Summers Stamp Your Feet (DJ Seth Cooper)
2. Candy Shop a.k.a. Sticky and Sweet (Live from Roseland Ballroom NY) – Madonna
3. Me (Soul Seekerz Remix) – Tamia
4. Take A Bow (David Knapp) – Rihanna
5. Toca’s Miracle 2008 (Inpetto Remix) – Fragma
6. Disco Lies (Spencer & Hill Remix) – Moby
7. Love In This Club (Tracy Young) – Usher
tied Believe Again – Debbie Goodrem
8. Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix) – Madonna
9. The Boss (Love To Infinity Mix) – Kristine W.
10. Pocketful of Sunshine (Stonebridge Mix) – Natasha Bedingfield
11. Touch My Body (Seamus Haji Rmix) – Mariah Carey
12. Bleeding Love (Moto Blanco Edit) – Leona Lewis
13. Break The Ice – Britney Spears
14. Back To Zero (Robbie’s Juicy Miami Vocal Mix) – Robbie Rivera
15. Going Wrong – Armin van Buuren

16. Leavin’ (Bimbo Jones) – Jesse McCartney
17. Cyndi Lauper – Same Ol’ F**king Story (Razor & Guido Remix)
18. 4 Minutes (Peter Rauhofer Saves Paris Mix)

Wow have things changed since the beginning of the year. Love me some Johnny Budz NYC of BPM Radio and the fabulous DJ’s over at The Beat Adrenalin and DJ Riddler. No more Bob Sinclair please!!
Some new remixes out of note are Tracy Young and Ceevox – Whats Done is Done that seems to be creeping up the Billboard chart.
If you want a few good online radio stations to listen to try out, and just to name a few.

Leavin’ Jesse McCartney

This boy is just too hot. Jesse McCartney who freshly turned 21 and is now legal to drink is bringing sexy back with a new video Leavin’. I have not been fortunate enough (hint hint) to hear this in a club yet but I am sure it will be huge especially in the video bars.

Here is a remix to the new single and a video that is too hot for this blog. This is the Solar city remix.
(the video ‘remix’ version was taken down)

Diva to the Dancefloor

It has been some time since we had so many good hits out at once. People have complained for the last year that the clubs have went too much on the hardcore hip-hop side or too much on the jungle/trance side (not enough in between). Nothing gets the club crowd underneath the mirrorball faster than some good diva music. This is maybe why the music we have Madonna - 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) - Single - 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)been begging for is finally coming out.

Madonna and Mariah Carey recently broke Elvis Presley in the record book this week with their new singles. Mariah’s new song “Touch My Body” made her 18th chart-topper on Billboard. “Touch My Body” is a very hot club hit. A song we have been hearing in clubs like wildfire is Madonna’s new song with Justin Timberlake which also beat out the records of Elvis with a jump of 68 to number three. This would be Madonna’s 37th top 10 with “4 minutes (to save the world).”

Janet Jackson the dancing diva is also getting lots of club play which peaked at number two on the hot dance club play charts. It also peaked at number one on the billboard 200 album chart. Kylie Minogue is also back this month with “X”.

What about the other Divas who frequently support the Gay community such as Deborah Cox and Kristine W? Kristine W. is doing great with “The Boss” where she scored a number one and Deborah Cox recently topped XM Music 2007 BPM annual dance chart with “Everybody Dance”.

You can hear most of this good music on the Beat (ch. 36) on Sirius radio. I have also heard some good beats lately from Chris Cox (Boys Night Out – Thursdays) and DJ Johnny Budz on XM Radio.

Madonna’s new cd “Hard Candy” comes out April 29. If you are a big Madonna fan you will not want to miss the biggest Madonna-Rama of the year with DJ Ed Bailey at Southbeach in Houston April 26th. It is an event that is big in multi-media proportions and the party will probably be the biggest ever. Let’s hope the local radio stations do not hear of this event… I tried to get the Madonna event in Dallas but never heard back from anyone (I suppose they do not want to book it in other cities or just have a contract with Houston?)…

Speaking of Divas we noticed today that Taylor Dayne has topped the Hot Dance Club Play this week on Billboard magazine. You can catch Taylor Dayne who was recently announced as the headliner of One Mighty Party at Disney’s MGM Studios (event is 18+) held on Saturday, June 7, 2008.

Dance Mix in 2007

danielcampusshirtless-madonnajumpThe year of 2007 went by way too fast. I am not sure why Madonna thinks time goes by so slowly because it seems like I was writing a dance chart for 2006 was just yesterday. There have been many songs at the clubs this year that made my adrenaline get pumped up on the dancefloor.  I think one of the greatest highs came from a top 40 song released from that most gorgeous girl Rihanna’s Umbrella. Umbrella came out at a time when I was out of town and had a friend try to commit and it really helped me release things dancing to this song and though about him.  I think its a great song that has so much meaning about friendship or love. I think any song with amazing lyrics or a beat that helps you release stress or dance away frustrations is what I like to hear most in a club or in the car.

Not only did I hear lots of good dance music in the club this year but on Sirius Radios The Beat channel which played lots of great music including good Madonna mixes.  I bought a new car this year that had XM Radio and it sadly did not have this Beat channel but had a dance station called BPM which is comparable but not good enough “ it is more non-vocal and less gay divas.  I miss my divas such as Kristine W (  The BPM does have some good mixes of the new Cascade song “When It Hurts”, and the new Paul Van Dyk song.

The American Idol contestants took over the awards shows and over the mainstream billboard charts but they did not take over the dance floor this year.  No American Idol has surpassed the club play of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone,”which I think is one of the best energetic club songs of all time- everyone dances to that song!. Although, Jordin Sparks Tattoo remix and Change by Kimberley Locke were great club plays.

Some of the coolest new sounds were from Ida Corr Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Remix) and Round & Round (Electro Edit) from Mischa Daniels.  I also liked Peter Rauhofer’s version of Say It Right.

  1. Gimme More (Paul Oakenfold remix) – Britney Spears
  2. Umbrella (Rafael Lelis Club Remix 2007)- Rihanna
  3. Walk Away (Tony Moran Mix) – Kristine W
  4. U + Ur Hand (Bimbo Jones mix) – Pink
  5. Jump (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) – Madonna
  6. White Lies – Paul Van Dyk Featuring Jessica Sutta
  7. Everybody Dance (Tony Moran) – Deborah Cox
  8. Do It (HCCR Remix) – Nelly Furtado
  9. LoveStoned (Tiesto remix) – Justin Timberlake
  10. Rehab – Amy Winehouse tied In My Arms (Bimbo Jones) – Plumb

Hot Picks for 2008

  • Cascada “ What Hurts The Most
  • Britney Spears  “Toy Soldier”
  • Inez – Stronger (Jody den Broeder Remix)
  • Madonna releases a new album (Spring 2008)

If you have not done so already you may want to buy a cd from since they are closing them all out to build their future site of downloads only. I noticed the cd’s are only $10 bucks each featuring lots of good stuff you cannot find on the radio or on your local myspace player.

Please Don’t Stop The Music =)

Dance Music for MySpace

Can’t make it out to the club? You can now post a code into your MySpace or your website that plays dance hits. I stumbled across this cool device on the Undercurrent MySpace page (a bar in Galveston,TX) and love it.

To add the code all you have to do is click on the player below and plug it into your “my interests” or “music” section of your MySpace or DList. If this code does not come up them just hit up BTW, you can find our myspace page at Make sure you add us on myspace!

Dance Radio

Dance Radio

Best Gay Dance Music of 2006

madonnahungupspingifHere is the music that I thought should be the top music of 2006. The music that made us dance and feel the music more than the basic junk that comes out from some of our local clubs. There was way too much hip hop or hardcore trance played this year without anything in-between. You must have to be on 5 different drugs to enjoy some of the music played. The DJ who spins cd’s at the Copa in Oklahoma City played the song Shake Your Car Keys every night the place was open then you would go to Dallas and hear hip hop Sundays at Station 4 (don’t get me wrong I love Station 4 just not the DJ on Sunday night) play almost the same CD with no club beat at ALL. Although, The DJ at the Copa did play good music on Tuesday nights. NYC had the newest music on Sunday nights a lounge sound that I had only heard in Dallas at club M.I.N.C. before from DJ Red Eye. The best circuit DJ sounds came from the females this year. The girls mixed up some sexy beats especially Tracy Young at Madonna’s afterparty in Miami. Gay Days in Orlando had great beats at the Parliament house and at the MGM and Typhoon Lagoon parties.

I went to many concerts in 2006 including All-American rejects and Hello Goodbye. Kristine W. started out the year with an amazing performance at Coliseum nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale that could not be topped in a club performance. Her performance in Dallas was not so good though. The Florida performance included dancers and a jazzy saxophone performance which went well with New Years but something you do not want to see on a normal club night. The dancers were amazing to watch and Kristine W. was as fun as ever. I am not sure why she did not bring her backup dancers with her to Dallas.

I also attended Mariah Carey, Madonna, and a few concerts at the Parliament house for the Gay Days event. The Parliament House in Orlando included Lisa Lisa and Kim English. The P-house concerts were not as good this year – but then again nothing can top Deborah Cox who they had in 2005. Deborah Cox came on with the other Miss thangs who sings Stranger in My House – Tamia.

Madonna was by far the hottest concert I have seen in years (since the last Madonna concert). If you watched it on TV it would not be anything close to the religious experience you would feel in person. Madonna and her dancers were just amazing. Madonna also made an appearance at the Roxy in NYC earlier in the year.

Our Favorite Top Ten Dance Club Songs of 2006

  1. Madonna – Hung Up
  2. Mary J. Blige – Be Without You (put your hands up) – Theme song for the Summer!
  3. Gustavo -Santaolalla – The Wings (Theme from Brokeback Mountain)
  4. Madonna  Jump
  5. Snow Patrol  Chasing Cars
  6. Pink  Who Knew
  7. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
  8. Nelly Furtado – Maneater
  9. Sander Kleinenberg – This is not Miami (Ibiza Version)
  10. Paris Hilton Stars Are Blind
  11. Hello Goodbye In Your Arms
  12. Paris Hilton – Nothing In This World
  13. Justin Timberlake Featuring T.I. – My Love
  14. Jessica Simpson Public Affair
  15. Rihanna – SOS
  16. Fergie London Bridge
  17. Kim English – It Makes A Difference
  18. Mariah Carey – Say Something
  19. Madonna – Get Together
  20. Kristine W – I’ll Be Your Light

I would have had Kelly Clarkson on the list but she was my favorite club song for 2005 with Because Of You.