Hot Celebration Video from Venus D Lite

This is a teaser for a new video coming out from Venus D Lite. I have still not had the chance to see her live but she performs at Ripps and Tigerheat in LA. Has her own show in Riverside CA at VIP Nightclub on Saturdays. Just saw this on her Myspace bulletin thought I would share it. I just saw some amazing Madonna look-a-likes last night in Austin about to post those as well.

Krystal Summers Makes the Boys Sweat

You know by now that when they say things are bigger in Texas they are talking about the hair on some drag queens and the boobs.  With Krystal Summers you get a glamour, fashion, and beauty all in one.  She has the sex appeal that brings the gay boys, straight boys, bi-boys, lesbians, straight girls, and everyone else to the Rose Room in Dallas inside the Station 4 nightclubs (S4).  You will also find Krystal Summers performing at JR’s Bar and Grill just down the block on Thursdays.

Krystal can walk into a straight bar anywhere and no one could ever guess she was a man unless you knew her from the shows.  Here are some pictures that were sent to us of her shows in Dallas.

Disco & Diva’s hosted by Shirley Q. Liquor

It has been sometime since we have had a good retro party.  Angles in Oklahoma City is known for its annual Studio 54 Party but this year it may have quite the twist… Shirley Q. Liquor will be in OKC at Angles Saturday, April 4th and at Majestic in Tulsa on Friday the 3rd.  The funny diva will show off 4 other divas with lots of that 70’s Disco music.  Break out your big wigs and bell bottoms this event should be fun and only ten bucks to get in if it does not sell out too soon.  Majestic is 18 and up while Angles is 21 and up.

Here’s my favorite part:  Jager dudes will be handing out goodies.  Hmm Jager dudes.  That sounds kind of hot,  There will be a cash prize for the best dressed.  Now I just have to figure out what I can dust off out of my closet.

Voodoo Lounge Sundays

Here are some pics from Ft. Lauderdale’s famous Voodoo Lounge Nightclub (111 S.W. 2nd) where you will find a killer drag show on Sundays hosted by Daisy Deadpetals.

 TP lords voodoo drag show  vip bar  Daisy Deadpetals  drag performance voodoo lounge

If you have not been to the show on Sunday nights you can first check out the Gary Santis Babylon T-Dance going on earlier in the day then they close off the main dance floor around 11pm to make room for the big show.  The staff brings in VIP couches with bottle service which we enjoyed (my credit card did not enjoy it as much).  Voodoo Lounge also has a room that is open playing hip hop called Rodman’s Rehab while the show is going on in the main room.  Make sure you check out the Life’s a Drag show on Sunday nights where it is a mixed crowd of gays and straights enjoying Daisy Deadpetals and T.P. Lords and the many other talented divas.

Best Drag Performances of 2006

Daisy Deadpetals performing Madonna Hung Up

I want to give it up to Daisy DeadPetals or Daisy D of Ft. Lauderdale. She is just amazing to watch at Coliseum and the Voodoo Lounge on Sunday Nights. Her best performance I was lucky enough to see was on New Years Eve at

Daisy Deadpetals performing at Voodoo Lounge

Coliseum nightclub singing to Madonna’s Hung Up. I love performances that have backup dancers it makes it seem like you are really at Madonna’s concert. Daisy D wore an outfit that looked just like the one featured in Hung Up and really got the crowd energized.

I also thought Whitney Paige had a great performance in Dallas this year to a Whitney Houston song. She feel to the ground and threw off her heels and just went wild and the crowd went wild too. The performance from Whitney Paige on a few Saturday nights at Station 4 definitely made the crowds hair stand up.