Drama Erupts As Major Circuit DJ Blasts GHB

Our lives are filled up and down with bad decisions but also living by the information that the media tells us to live by. We trust the media to tell us what drugs are good because the FDA doesn’t exactly weigh in on our club drugs and there is no way to find out truths to what we are taking. There are organizations such as DanceSafe.org that protects the rave community or the EDM festivals from unsafe drugs. It was Dance Safe that opened up our minds to the truths of GHB.

Recently a Dj known as DJ Paulo¬†mostly in the LA and NYC area mostly went full “you do GHB at my event you get banned”. Wow. No mention of all the other drugs? And are we talking B or G or GBL? No mention of Tina? We do love DJ Paulo and find it odd he would post this but we do share the same fact that people need to respect their venues and respect their own lives and enjoy the music more without overdoing it with an overdose or strong cocktail of drugs.¬† Continue reading Drama Erupts As Major Circuit DJ Blasts GHB