Make Your Own Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Knockoff

shirtlessdudedoingshotsSince we last reported that Fireball contains anti-freeze like ingredients you maybe have been doing alternative shot shopping and maybe switching back to jager. If you are having house parties though this natural alternative would not only impress everyone but it will be somewhat healthy with the peppers and cinnamon included. No antifreeze here. Continue reading Make Your Own Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Knockoff

Earn Miles for Drinking – CopaCabana NYC, Guilt Boston

penthauscopaNot only do we get to hit up the hottest parties across the country but sometimes get to earn miles. Talk about winning. Nothing makes me happier then when I look in my frequent flyer account and see added miles for a night out. One of these nights was at the CopaCabana in NYC not to be confused with the Copa in Oklahoma City or the Copa that closed down due to Hurricane Irene in Ft. Lauderdale. The funny thing is that you will probably spend more on drinks at the Copa in OKC than you will at the CopaCabana in NYC. Sad but true. So not only was I enjoying the NYC skyline in the VIP area at the fabulous night that Justin Luke promotes at Penthaus Fridays but also earned miles! I probably would have earned more miles if I would have not paid in cash part of the time and would have really made my AAdvantage account happy if I would have ordered bottle service. You might feel bad the next day after ordering a bottle service at a club but not after you earn miles and get a reward for the high spending that us gays have to do at bars.

How am I earning miles? To do this you will need a credit card and only frequent bars and clubs that take them. The miles come from the AAdvantage Dining program where you can sign up a credit card or several credit cards to earn airline miles or hotel points. You do not have to use American Airlines. Delta, United, Hilton, and Priority Club (now ICH) all have their own Rewards Network program also known as iDine. If you are a college student you can earn up to 8% cash back using Upromise network but you cannot use them both because your card has to be signed up and it most likely uses the same back end networks. Continue reading Earn Miles for Drinking – CopaCabana NYC, Guilt Boston

National Coming Out Day means 20% off on Underwear

It looks like a great day to not only come out of the closet on 10.11.12 but to order some underwear online and save twenty percent. It not only makes a good present for someone this Christmas but makes for a great Halloween Street party costume to wear something sexy like underwear along with a bow tie. Continue reading National Coming Out Day means 20% off on Underwear

To Wear Sexy Underwear or Freeball?

So, you are standing there in a sauna, a locker room, or other place where men gather and undress, and you spy the perfect looking man across the room from you. He has a face to die for, eyes you could swim in, a chiseled chest, flat stomach, he is your dream boat and he is just removing his trousers to show you… Shock horror! The worst pair of underpants even seen in the known world. Your hopes, dreams and dick are all deflated at once because someone so good looking should not be allowed to wear something so tragic.

What do you do? You direct him to information about what’s hot in the underwear scene at the moment. You guide him through the thousands of choices and, if you are very lucky, you even get to help him try on some samples. But what is hot at the moment? What’s going on in the underwear scene, fashion-wise that is, not fetish-wise.

Well, I checked out a site which had a list of 28 ‘kinds’ of underwear, from comfortable (would you want to wear uncomfortable?) to revealing. In their list was ‘fashion’ and that’s where I started to look first.

There were some well known brand names here as you would expect. Calvin Klein never seems to go out of fashion and you can own a pair of their wide waste band designer shorts, briefs and other models for less than $17.00, through this site at least. The sales are on folks and you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good these days. Diesel have come up with some classics in their time and none more fashionable than the cross stripped brief in various colors; they also do a ‘truck’ style too. But what interested me was the ‘ergonomically designed’ Ergowear collection as I’d not come across this range before – no pun intended. At first glance they look strange, almost like ‘willy warmers’ that people you thought were friends buy you for your birthday. They certainly hug the model’s privates and buns in the photos here, pushing the dick forward and wrapping around the nuts to give them a perfectly defined shape, down there. But what happens if you’re not as well endowed as these models? I guess buying a pair for around the $22.00 mark is the only way to find out.

To get right up to date on what’s happening in the men’s underwear fashion world at the moment I checked out a few blogs and sites that know what they are talking about. The news is that more and better known stars and sportsmen are turning model for big names, and for big bucks I guess. It may only be an advertising ploy but if CK if good enough for Twilight Saga star Kellan Lutz, then it’s good enough for me – if only they sold you the body to go with it.

But for top tips, and top totty, if you want to see something really hot and then buy the tee shirt, or the underpants, the check out the Armani range, as modeled by Portuguese super-wet-dream-hunk Christiano Ronaldo who has just replaced David Beckham as the face of Armani underwear. Well, not the face maybe but the packet and buns. But you know what I mean.

So, what’s hot and what’s not? Looks like as long as it’s got a name on it it’s in, as long as a hunky sports star or actor is modeling it, it’s in. And the only problem there is that this means it’s probably going to be out of our price range. I mean we all want to feel good, with soft cotton and good fitting underwear, but are we really going to pay over the odds for it? And after all, who sees it apart form you? Ah – that hunky man you fell in lust with at the locker room may see it, so that’s one good reason for hunting out and putting on only the best.

My favorite pics in underwear are Diesel, Aussie Bum, and Andrew Christian. Andrew Christian and Aussie Bum both have their own West Hollywood stores with large selections where you can be in underwear heaven. I think all of us gay guys have underwear fetishes deep at heart!  The biggest questions if whether you want to go out freeballin’ or to have on the sexiest pair of underwear?

Boxer briefs and swim shorts or just nothing is fine

Spring break is getting closer, the Miami party is just around the corner… it’s time to go shopping.

It’s not often that a fashion designer looks as good as the clothes he designs and I can’t think of many who would look good on a catwalk; but Andrew Christian is one of them. He’s got movie star looks and a bod to match but more than that he has talent. A talent for designing underwear in particular. It was his innovative underwear designs which rocketed him to fame back in 1997 and he’s been going strong ever since, now adding women’s underwear to his range.

So what is all the fuss about? Well, there must be a fuss because he’s creations have appeared in loads of magazines, he has been interviewed on TV featured in The Wall Street Journal and constantly turns up on blogs and the net. To really understand what the buzz is all about I guess you’d have to get your hands on a pair of Andrew Christian swim trunks or jocks and then slip in to them. Maybe you’ve already done that, maybe you haven’t but you’d like to. In that case let me take you on a quick tour of his on line store and fill in some details for you.

What’s good about is that it looks, at first, like a soft porn site. I don’t mean that to belittle what the company is doing; it’s just that there are pages and pages of hunky guys sporting Andrew’s creations. I felt like a teenager again, getting my hands on a male underwear catalog so as to ogle the guys. But this is only temporary as you’re soon drawn in to the designs and the garments; the important things that the site is about.

The site is simply laid out with a category list to the left so whether you are looking for T-Shirts, shorts or pants you can easily find them. There are 126 items in the underwear category with some great designs. Tight fitting boxers with a football design retail at $36.00, as do the low cut boxers and the police style ones. More simple designs come in at less and you are always guaranteed value for money. Briefs feature designs such as angel wings and skulls, classic looking Y Fronts and multi colored blocks. This guy really has put the fun back in your under garments and done it in a way that is stylish and not tacky. (There are none of those silly cartoon designs we suffered in the 1990’s, for example.)

Talking of innovative designs is one thing but he’s gone one stage further and sought out new and innovative materials too. Sure there is the standard lycra and cotton but how do you fancy a pair of sexy grey boxers made from bamboo fibre? This material is said to be the softest of the collection and comes from a renewable eco-friendly source so top marks for doing good for the planet while doing well in business.

When it’s time to get wet there’s a great collection of swimwear at the store too. These things are soon going to overtake the Classic ‘Speedo’ line if someone doesn’t look out. There are great colors used, short style trunks as well as the more revealing low cut Navy style ones and retro designs too. Something for you to wear and for everyone else on the beach to admire too.

But don’t just check out the good looking models in the hot looking underwear and swim shorts. Remember that there are shirts, pants and accessories to be browsed and added to your basket too. And there are links on the site to galleries, downloads and Andrew’s MySpace page so you can find out for yourself even more about this sexy, talented designer.

Spring break is coming up soon and what better time to get some hot swim wear from Andrew Christian, Aussie Bum, or even Pac Sun to get more of that straight look.  I remember the hot swim shorts last year at the Winter Festival in Miami were those bikini looking swim trunks with numbers on the back from Aussie Bum.  The number one selling swim trunks on Andrew Christian’s site are the quick drying shorter leg but I think the anchor low cuts look pretty hot too.  I’ve always loved surfer board shorts too!