G-A-Y PORN IDOL Thursdays

G-A-Y PORN IDOL Finals were just a few weeks ago and this week they started a new round of the fun game show.  On stage, you will see a cute dog, host of the show with three judges.  Very fun and unique of anywhere to try something like this without it being a real TV show.  I really felt like I was on the Graham Norton show or American Idol with naked studs dancing around a pole instead of singing.

The Heaven nightclub transformed into this game show on thursday nights for the G-A-Y event.  I just so happen to be in town one night that a hottie was stripping on the poll for the amateur porn star of the night.  The place was a lot busier than I had expected and we had a blast dancing after the show.  Future star? You decide.

CeCe Sings 1-Yr Anniversary of GAY leaving the Astoria

I could not get to the G-A-Y UK site today for some reason it is not online.  There seems to be so many changes in the past year in the London club scene that it is hard to know what is going on unless you are cabbing around town peeping into all the buildings.  One year ago, the G-A-Y party left the Astoria This Saturday (25th July) in order to make room for a new train line and the building to be demolished.  This was a historic event that led to the closing of the club but yet an opening of G-A-Y at its current Heaven location at the Arches by Charing Cross.

OMO was a party held at the Astoria for awhile but it closed down as well for the same reason.  I am glad I had the chance to visit Astoria while it was open because it was where legends of pop played such as Madonna and Mariah Carey.  But we have moved on to the new building where another legend will play this weekend CeCe Peniston.

CeCe Peniston will perform her hit song “Finally” (it has happened to me…). This will take place in the main floor of Heaven nightclub where you will hear commercial pop as they call it in Great Britian.  Also, Performing her hits including the anthem “Finally”, “We Got A Love Thang” & “Somebody Else’s Guy”.

The Star Bar will have commercial RnB, Pop Room – 80s & 90s, Dakota Bar – Cinema Room, Tonight showing Priscilla & Murial’s Wedding. £1 ENTRY wrist bands exclusively available from G-A-Y Bar.

Did I mention that Heaven was my favorite club in the World? Yes, it is but I go on tour starting August 2009 to be proven wrong so Czech boys, Paris boys, and London gents show me who has the best club.  This American boy wants to dance it up!

I cannot figure out why g-a-y.co.uk is not up but maybe they are just regrouping the site.  Their facebook page is up so please comment if something has went wrong with this promoter.

Heaven is a place on Earth

heaven nightclub london laser lightsYou would not believe that Benjamin Franklin was a club kid. His house is on the same block just down the alley and around the corner as the world famous nightclub called Heaven. I have heard for years that Heaven is a club that is not to be missed if you goto London. I envisioned a nightclub that was tall and you could look down at people dancing all silver and sort of like that Queer as Folk club. I arrived in London on a Saturday night and being on club time I arrived at Heaven not long after.

I rushed to get ready then finally got in the cab and got there around 1130pm when there was a line outside. I told the taxi driver to take me to the arches not knowing what they were yet. I could say well take me to Heaven but that would sound kind of strange if he did not know what my definition of Heaven was at the moment haha. My first day in town I had no idea that I would be in the same area looking at Ben Franklins home just around the corner or eating dinner at HaHa next door.

hot sexy boys crowd heaven londonLooking at people in the line it was so neat because you could tell it was people from all countries not just Londoners. One guy was walking around in a shirt with a Swedish flag and others in the line were from Northern Ireland. I knew the night was gonna be different that was for sure.

I am not sure if they ID much unless you look under 18. They are tough on security though because they had a airport type security bridge to walk through and even asked me to throw out my box of gum. I guess they thought they were tabs of ecstasy. If they bit into those gum pieces later they would be disappointed at a no-roll experience.

Walking into the club you have the choice to go into three sets of doors and I had no idea what was behind each door. I picked the middle door. This middle door made me appear in a lounge type room which had the entrance into the main dance floor and the entrance to the VIP room. I drank a few vodka redbulls in this lounge not even feeling the slightest buzz because of the low alcohol content. They only give you half of an American shot in these “shot” glasses from what I could tell.

sexy london euro boyI did not need drugs or alcohol though. The music was so good I just wanted to go dance. I walked into the main dance room and was just taken away it totally exceeded my expectations of what Heaven should be. The hottest boys dancing shirtless, hot boys dancing with shirts on that could really dance, sexy dancers, and did i say…. OK you get the point. The music was amazing with the hottest remixes and the lighting was heavenly with lasers coming out of the logo of the club which of course read HEAVEN.

heaven nightclub londonI am dancing so hard at this point that I had no idea there were other rooms in the club and really didn’t care. I felt like I was rolling and was not on anything. It was just amazing and I loved this place more than any club in the world that I have been to. This was on a Saturday night so it was no warming up for me when I went there without warming up to a Friday night first.

Around 1am or 2am the drag queen show appeared on the stage. This club is setup kind of like how Coliseum in Ft. Lauderdale used to be setup with the big stage and huge dancefloor and boxes in the middle to dance on. THIS IS HOW ALL CLUBS SHOULD BE SETUP. The drag queen came out with 4 hot male dancers that 2 of them were breathtaking and did a great show for a few songs. Just like how Daisy D and TP Lords used to rock the stage in South Florida.

At least there is a city or country that recognizes good club music and a great drag show on the main dance floor instead of all confined to some closet in a small bar like the ones in Chicago. I say release the drag queens and let the bitches perform.

So then I danced with so many hotties from so many countries. Then walked around upstairs to one room which was packed and playing rap/hip-hop music. Danced in there for a few songs then went to the other side of the building upstairs where they were playing indie music mixed in with some pop (not really sure how to describe some of the music) and liked hearing this because it was quite different. Danced in there and had a few drinks then went back downstairs to the main dance room.

kick ass light show strobesI loved the fact you could dance on a box with so many people. Meet so many cool guys from London and want to go back soon. This club was good Friday, Saturday, Wednesday, and Monday. Monday night was a more straight night and had more rave sounding music that really brings about some sexy underground beats. I still heard songs such as American Boy and I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. Wednesday seemed more of a club kid night where you would see Party Monsters prancing around and the VIP room was open to all with some funny drag shows off and on.

The bathrooms were like a community inside the club where the big black bouncer man (one upstairs and another downstairs) inside the bathroom watches every move you make. I saw many kissing up to him but I would not trust him because I saw him narc on two guys going into the bathroom together. They did not cause any problems but he said they were out of there and made them leave. I am surprised that a club as good as Heaven has power hungry cologne and gum concession workers in the bathroom kicking people out of the club or are they undercover narcs. Don’t tip these jerks. That was my only bad feeling about the club to see two cute guys being kicked out for going in the stall together. This club is really paranoid about drug use or sex who knows… maybe they had big problems with police there in the past. I wasn’t doing anything bad anyway but I just hate to see people getting kicked out that caused no hurt to anyone.

Heaven is the best club I have ever been to in my life. It is at a strange location where it is not real close to the Astoria or the Soho clubs but it probably prides itself on being different. Yeah, definately better and bigger than any club I have been to in New York (after Roxy closed), Miami (after Coliseum closed/Salvation closed), Los Angeles (except for Avalon – Tigerheat but its sooo cheesy compared to this club), and ANY club in the US. If you want a young and gay crowd in London at least 3 nights of the week then this is your club.

Heaven nightclub entrance daytimeBest Club in the Gay World = Heaven Nightclub, London

  • Heaven Nightclub is located online at www.heaven-london.com and in London UK under the arches (don’t let the entrance fool you)- at 9 The Arches
    Villiers St, London, WC2N 6NG, United Kingdom
    +44 20 79302020

London Nightlife 7 Nights a Week

boy dancing raving shirtless omoEvery night of the week is happening in London nightlife. There are no breaks in the excitement of drinking and dancing. This is what I loved most about London is being able to find a party going on almost any time of the day or night. If you start your week with Monday then Heaven is the place to be. It is my favorite club in the World and has lots of bi and straight guys dancing to hard house on Monday. The crowd is mixed and very hot.

Tuesday seems to be happening at The Ghetto in Soho and cruising at other bars in Vauxhall.

WednesdayTrannyshack at Soho Revue Bar and Work at Heaven 11pm to 5am (£5). I heard lots of old school club hits in the main room. Early in the night lots of bars in the Vauxhall area feature an underwear night where they strictly enforce you to wear underwear to drink which is a fun idea. That might be something fun to do before going to Heaven. We hit up bars in the Soho area and were not impressed. They actually had sales boys out persuading you to go into their clubs or bars so they could get commissions on luring you in and drinking. Those bars were normally not worth the entry and did not even have their dancefloors open in most cases. We walked in and out of so many bars in the Soho area that I have no idea what the names of half of them were but it was a fun experience. No one would tell us where Soho Revue Bar was located and we never did find it but maybe next time!

boy with saggin underwear dancing sexyThursday – You have underwear night on Wednesday nights well its naked boys on Thursday with “Strict no clothes dress code (except footwear), free coat check and free drink.” Hey, girl, Hey! If you did not get enough nude boys then you can see them clothed at afterhours Gravity at Fire, Mirror Arch (rear entrance) South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, SW8. 1am(Friday morning)-10am. Also, I saw another interesting earlier night party at Industri at Barcode Vauxhall where one website says the go-go’s have their clothes on (does that still make them go-go’s?)

Friday’s are so much fun there is not a place to begin. You almost have to flip a coin and decide from there what you will do on a London Friday night. The Cock at Ghetto has house/electro music and gogos.

Fridays are also great at Omo Generations at The Astoria. This venue is where the historic G-A-Y used to be which featured performance from Madonna, Mariah, and others. This club had a main floor as big as Heaven and a dance room upstairs with more of the Pop and Hip Hop beats. The main floor of The Omo at Astoria was full of hot boys probably more “camps” than you would see at Heaven but yet lots of hottie college aged guys and guys of all ages dancing to good music. Mostly pop-ish house music. I loved the huge OMO sign that was glowing from the stage and they had dancers and drag queens up there doing break dancing to watch all throughout the night.

hot sexy shirtless boys dance londonPopstarz at Sin, Charing Cross Road, WC2. 10pm-4am. Popstarz has some damn hot gay indie kids and queer club rockers with a pop lounge, rave room, indie room, and outside smoking area. This club is across from the Astoria where the OMO night is going on so you just walk across the street to party at both on Fridays. Make sure you do not leave after 2am and want to come back though because at 2am they will not let you back in the door (even if you meet a hot boy you want to talk to again).

A:M at fire South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall – was also a party I stopped by for a bit. A cab ride over here to this neighborhood in Vauxhall and it did not seem as safe as the Soho area. I immediately had some straight couple trying to sell me coke or ecstasy on the street just after stepping out of the cab. Its almost like they were waiting for my cab to sell it to me… very scary. Fire was an OK club but much smaller than what I expected. I liked the fact that they had two dance rooms with different dj’s but it was not as delightful as Heaven or the Astoria and could not even compare.

I hear its dangerous in Vauxhall area if you do not watch your back. I heard of people being killed after clubbing and that lots of straight guys stalking gay guys and attacking them after they leave the clubs in that area.

Summary of Friday night

G-A-Y at Astoria now OMO gogo dancersG-A-Y at Astoria just closed down its doors now called OMO. You can find out more at omoevents.co.uk (update: unfortunately, OMO Generations is now closed down and no longer has the event running). Popstarz (fireclub.co.uk) is my second most favorite place Fridays, there ages 18-30mostly, 3 floors, indie, pop, r-n-b floors. The Soho Revue is very freaky, more electro indie according to a local. He also says to wear something freaky, more indie, and funny and emo for Popstarz. He also said to not go to Astoria tonight is 80’s 70’s music but it was actually really good with lots of pop late in the night because the retro was earlier.

Saturday Night goes to Heaven Nightclub. Hands down and hands up you need to check out Heaven on Saturday and find out why its the best club in Worldwide for gays. You may also keep OMO Saturdays in mind because they are still having celebrity appearances. For instance, here is an ad for a Saturday in August “Tonight: OMO presents it’s first PA from a truly international star as Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland takes to the stage, performing all her biggest solo hits.”

Two great sources I found for the daily updated club scene were at boyz.co.uk/diary/ and http://www.qxmagazine.com (click on “What’s on this week” tab) for the club listings by each day starting with current days date. Too bad every city does not have these type of online guides such as the QX Magazine but most cities have no club scene to compare to that of London. Everyone should be in envy of what London has to offer because they have the best club scene I have been part of or dream of.

I may be an American Boy but I love the London Club Scene.

historic Astoria buildingyoung lads london shirtless dancing

Here is a picture of the historic building called the Astoria which will soon be torn down in a few years due to the tube station which it will make room for. For the meantime enjoy it as Omo! Horrible picture and kind of blurry but you can kind of see it =)

Gay Travel in London

view of london from the thamesWe flew out of the States a few months back to tour Paris and London which are two places I have always wanted to see as a tourist, art admirer, and clubber. I really hate calling myself a tourist but when you are walking around with 2,000 or so others doing the same thing that is mostly what it is. Even at the Tate Modern museum of art and waiting in line for the London Eye you are mobbed in with many others there for the first time which is a neat experience.

taft modern art museum london from wobbly bridgeWe thought we needed to book our flight months in advance but because tourism was down this year the flight was not as full as we had expected. We could have just saved the interest we would have earned and booked the flight closer to August 5th when we left town. It took so long just to figure out where we were going to stay and if that hotel was close enough to the things we wanted to see.

Turns out the hotel I stayed at at Sheridan Belgravia was not really close to the clubs or things I wanted to see. It was close to some real expensive boutique shopping at places that did not do much for me. I enjoyed the quiet area though after walking around in Soho and other places it was relaxing to come back to the Sloane Square area.

If you wish to stay near Trafalgar Square which is close to most anything then I recommend staying at the Citadines studio apartments hotel which seems fairly inexpensive or the Hotel Adelphi Hotel just walking distance to Heaven Nightclub.

As you know the US Dollar just sucks compared to the EURO and is literally nothing compared to the British Pound Sterling. The British Pound really ripped my credit card statements a new one when it was finally tabbed up. I was better off using a Capital One card that reimburses the foreign transaction fees or an American Express card that only charges 2% instead of the Visa/MasterCard’s that I used. I found that going to an ATM helped out because most of the clubs took cash anyway unless you charged up a minimum of 20 Pounds or so.

So when you get online to try and find someone over in London to hang out with it is not very easy. You have to figure out the neighborhoods and kind of map things out to know where people are and if they are close to you. I mostly got online to find some people to go clubbing with or if someone knew what clubs were happening on what nights.

A few things you need to know are words like Lad and Camp. Two words that I am not used to using. I thought a camp was somewhere you walked around with a flashlight and slept in a tent.

What is Camp?  When you try and find someone to hangout with online using Manhunt.net or Adam 4 Adam you might run across “lads” that are saying they do not want boys that are camp.  I had to ask because I had no idea what it meant.  Camp means flamers or queens and they are requesting that they want someone who is more straight acting or masculine.  I prefer someone in the middle myself – someone too straight is boring and someone too gay is just too much fun.

hot boy on horseback guardWays to find guys to hang out with in London is using Gay.com chat, Adam 4 Adam, and Manhunt.net. You can also use DudesNudes.com and sites such as GayRomeo.com. I found Craig’s list to not be used as much in the UK. You will have more luck just going out and meeting people at the bars and clubs than online because online everyone seems so far away from each other and never close enough to your tube station.

Here is a previous article we wrote on gay youth in london. The best shows to see are Billy Elliott and Wicked.  Billy Elliott features music from Elton John and is a story about a boy growing up dancing… very entertaining.

A must when you are visiting London for the first time is to download this free guide which is the Official Gay and Lesbian Guide.  This was the best resource imaginable and told places to dine, drink, dance, and things you need for planning your trip to the UK.  I carried this guide with me everywhere or certain pages of what I intended on doing that day and it helped me navigate the city better than anything else.

Paris, FR Gay Nightlife

gomorra movie guys in speedos frenchWe started our trip in Paris where it was quite a dilemma trying to even eat dinner.  The restaurants in the area we stayed in were mostly tourist traps or complete rip offs.  I am not big on French food in the first place but these touristy places were like one scam after another.  They actually had salespeople getting you to go into certain restaurants to eat dinner and in some of the clubs had commissioned people to find a sucker to buy drinks and pay cover for a dead club.

I went out two nights in Paris.  The first night was Thursday where I had the taxi drop me off on any street that sounded close to the gay area called Marais.  I had to write down the address and show it to the taxi drivers in most cases because we had such a language barrier.

Thursday Night
Le Cud (12 Rue des Haudriettes / cud-bar.com) This hangout had a video bar when you walk in with a stairs that led down to a cave like area.  Going down the stairs I noticed urinals where you could see people peeing just before the coat check at the bottom of the stairs.   I thought that was odd but had some sort of erotic effect I suppose for some.  The  they played Britney Pieces of Me, Madonna Give it to Me.  Strange drinks in tall glasses with lots of ice. Try getting a non-alcoholic beverage with ice like water you wont.. only when it has alcohol in it to make you think your getting a better drink. Gotta love the name of Le Cud — Cud sounds like something kinky to me.

Friday Night
My stay Friday night in Paris all pointed to one place that I found online.  S’PLASH at Les Bains Douches (7 Rue du Bourg-l’Abbé / lesbainsdouches.net) on Friday looked the hottest crowd from what I could see online.  Funny that it sounds like Lesbians Douches which is how I remembered the name to tell the taxi driver. They even had some flyer advertised when you signed into Manhunt.net.  I got there to Les Bains Douches and no one had any clue what Splash was about at the door but it was a emo crowd around 18-25 listing to Indie music mixed in with some pop.  The dance floor was very basic with no real club lighting and light up like a lounge.  The crowd seem mixed but I am not sure I had a slight communication problem with everyone (me speaks no French).

Raidd (23, Rue du Temple / raiddbar.com) ended up being more fun with a more gay crowd and saw a few other tourists in this club such as myself.  Raidd had some good electro music and pop music with a buff dancer showering right before everyone on the dancefloor.  This was a very trendy club and even had a downstairs bar and several areas to makeout and fondle someone you just meet at the bar.  Raidd seemed to be 18 to enter but I never saw them id anyone.

I ended up again at Le Cud because I had so much fun there Thursday night I went back.  Wished I could have found that hot boy that did not speak English at all but there was not even a way to get his number.

Le Depot (23, Rue aux Ours / ledepot.com) was a place I ended up around 3 or 4am.  This is what some would call a bathhouse or some might call a club but it was both.  Le Depot had two dancefloors and rooms you could rent to have some fun or just pass the ass out.  Every city should have one of these because its nice to be able to get drunk and then hit the hot tub then pass out and not have to worry about driving home drunk.  There were mazes you could walk through if you were in the mood for all that to be fondled and feel up on others as you walked through because it was rather dark.  It was kind of a club like scene in the dance area because most people seemed to be in their cliques sort of like a nightclub you see in the states as if they did not acknowledge the dark cave-like rooms all around them.  The great thing about Le Depot is that you can drink all night long and entrance is only €10 with one drink included.

I did not get to check out Club 18 at 18 Rue du Beaujolais (club18.fr) just because I did not notice it after I had a few drinks.  I would have sure like to have at least gotten to check it out.  Club 18 is supposed to be a small club for the “young, wild” crowd.

Queen Club (102 Avenue des Champs-Élysées) – It also looks like I missed out on the best club of them all judging from what I see online now that I am back in the States.  I want to go back just to see what this club is about.  Queen.fr shows a hot club on the Champs-Élysées strip where they throw some gay parties and it seems the boys in the pics are hot.   If anyone checks this club out then let me know how it is below in the comments!!!

The Marais is the gay area where they have Open Café which is fun at happy hour, and Quetzal is more of a late night place.  You will find most of the gay hangouts and shops in the Marais area.

I noticed hardly anyone gets on craigslist in Paris or UK.  I found Gay Romeo to be more of a site for those looking to date but some are looking for a quickie but you can normally tell in the green lettering on their search.  Then there are faceparty.com and a few other personals sites.

Make sure you watch out for thieves who can steal your wallet and keep your wallet in your front pocket or do not bring it out at all.  I just put my cash and license in my front pocket.  I didn’t bring my passport out because no one really I’d me or I’d anyone from what I could tell.  Read more about traveling and foreign exchange fees here.

eiffel tower view paris frMy next journey to Paris I plan on doing less tourist things and more gay oriented things.I will be checking out what hotels are closest to the Marais area. The Best Western Marais Bastille and Citadines Paris Bastille Marais seem likely candidates since I can earn points for Best Western. My goal is to spend less on cabs and more on drinks. You can do this by searching hotels in Kayak and using the pull down menu for neighborhoods such as Marais/Bastille.

I also plan to learn more French just to speak a few basic things. Thank God we all say Vodka but saying cranberry may be a different story. I find it strange so many do not speak English well but most of their music was Britney, Madonna, Katy Perry, and other English singing artists.

The pic of the boys (above) shooting off an automatic machine guns wearing speedos is hot. This Gomorra movie advertisement is all over the subways and display ads across Paris. This must be something like our rack-em-in-the-nuts movie we did in the U.S. called Jackass or it could be a serious film… either way its sexy.

Please comment below about your Paris experience I would love to hear about your trip. Read more about Gay France.


Gay In Greece Part II – We have put together a more exotic destination for your Spring Break or Summer vacation this year with nothing less than the best gay party spots.

Mykonos is a Greek island that is near the centre of the Cyclades group of islands. In Greek kyklathes (Cyclades) means circle, or circular and the group of islands is named this way because… well they form a circular pattern in the Aegean sea. They are probably the result of some ancient volcanic activity and, when you hit the right night spots on Mykonos, you could find yourself in for some pretty explosive action too!

At least that’s what most people think. Mykonos has long been called the gay centre of the Greek islands but it is not like other party islands – I’m thinking of Corfu and Rhodes here, islands catering for the 18 – 30 straight and wild crowd. In the past Mykonos was a place where the young and trendy, gay and glamorous set would go to party during the summer months. So much so that it built up a reputation for being outlandish and expensive. But in recent years it has mellowed and what is left behind is a beautiful Greek island that is a great place to chill out while, at the same time, it still provides some very nice gay night life.

The thing about this island is that it is very small and just about everywhere you go you will find a gay friendly bar or restaurant. As with Athens it doesn’t pay to be too overtly gay, I mean don’t proposition any guy you happen to meet as Greek men tend to be macho and “bisexual” rather than openly gay: they wouldn’t want to be ‘outed’ in front of their friends and family. So take it easy, be polite but be prepared to let your hair down when you find one of the gay bars. And there are plenty to choose from. None of them cater for any one particular kind of crowd, anything goes in most of them: young or old, tranny or butch… whatever you’re into you’ll find everyone goes to their favorite bar because of its atmosphere or location rather than because it attracts other young or old guys, trannies or leather queens.

For a night out in Mykonos Town, the main port and town of the island, you’re spoiled for choice. You could try 4 Roses for a varied mix of clientele, music and late night dancing. Icaros does attract a younger crowd but mainly in the peak summer months. You’ll find it above the Manto bar where it has a quiet mood, a great terrace and some late night cabaret from time to time. For a mainly English speaking crowd there is the Ikon bar and for more sophistication there is Kastro’s bar with a great sunset view and cocktails. Montparnasse is am piano bar with ‘American style’ music and regular cabaret performances and for the big party or that late night rave you should head over to the ‘gay square’ at ‘Matoyianni’, the main street. Here you will find Pierro’s where the crowd spills out onto the street. There is a disco and a café here so you get the best of all worlds.

Those are just some of the night spots you’ll find and they all tend to be close to one another so maybe spend your first night in Mykonos wandering the main town (it’s not very big) until you have found a place you like. A good idea is to establish a base, a bar or café that you like, and start your evenings off from there. You’ll find in Greece that once you start using a bar regularly the guys who work there will be inclined to look after you. You’ll find freed drinks poured for you and some really friendly locals who will point you to what they consider the best place for a gay night out.

Play it cool, respect the islanders and above all – have fun!

More Information:

Gay Accommodations – A good page of info and pics

Mykonos.net – More general information and gay news on beaches and cruising areas, restaurants etc.

Tripadvisor.com Greece:Gay.Mykonos-A good travel page with links to maps and even more information

Gay in Greece

The first thing you should know about going gay in Greece is that there are no laws against it, yippee! The age of consent in Greece (between two guys) is 15 or 17 in some places and that confusion is kind of typical of Greek bureaucracy. But as long as the cute guy you find is over 17 and consenting you should be o.k. Having said that if there is a huge difference in your ages, for example if he is 15 and you’re 40, then you could run in to trouble, so beware.

But you will also tend to find in Greece that being gay isn’t talked about much. It’s a kind of culture where what you do behind closed doors is up to you but they’d rather you didn’t flaunt it in public. It’s still a fairly macho society and, although it goes on, most guys you meet will tell you they are bi-sexual rather than risk being ‘outed’ to their straight friends and family.

But in Athens you’ll find plenty of places to go where young gay guys meet up and you’ll feel at home and safe. Here is a run down of some of the bars, clubs and places that are geared towards a younger, 18 – 30 crowd.

Almodovar is a bar that’s open from 11.30 to 3.30 every night and caters for a mainly young crowd. If those hours sound kind of late to you then you have to remember that, in Greece, folk like to go out late. A standard day consists of working in the morning, early, taking a long siesta in the afternoon (usually between 2 and 5 when everything more or less closes) and then eating late, at around nine in the evening. After that it’s party time for the young set and things don’t really get going until midnight. This is due to the heat, particularly in the summer. By the way, try and avoid Athens in August, it’s horrible!

Sodade describes itself as the most famous night club in Greece and is well worth a look on your trip. It’s a nightclub that caters for boys and girls and opens its doors at 11.30 at night, not closing them again until seven in the morning. It has a cool website (in several languages) at www.sodade.gr where you can view some images and see what’s on.

There are around 10 gay café-bars and clubs in Athens and most of them cater for a mixed aged crowd; to find younger guys you’ll need to go to the two I mentioned above or take pot luck at the others. Having said that, most guys who are openly out on the Greek gay scene tend to be younger and more enlightened or ‘Westernised’, the older man will probably stay at home or go to a cruising ground.

If you’re not into late night clubs then Interni might suit you. This is a café/restaurant that opens from three to nine in the afternoons and is a great place to chill out. If you want something more steamy then try the Athens Relax Sauna, a gay sauna with private rooms and a bar that’s open from noon until seven p.m. It has private rooms as well as all the usual sauna facilities. The Intercontinental Hotel is also a well known sauna but this one caters for a mixed crowd, so proceed with caution.

And for the really sexed up guys among you who enjoy a spot of outside cruising and sex you could try the National Gardens Park (open from six a.m. to six p.m.), Omonia Square in the afternoon and evening in front of the Neon Café, or the beaches in the Vouliagmeni area 20 km to the west of the city centre. In all these places take extra care who you go with and where. One thing’s for certain in Greece, you don’t want to be arrested for having outdoor sex.


60 Konstantinoupoleos Street (Gazi area)


Triptolemou Street (Gazi area)


152 Ermou Street (Gazi area)

Athens Relax Sauna

8 Xouthou Street (Omonia Square)

Hotel Intercontinental

89 – 93 Syggoru Avenue

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