10 Cities in 1 Weekend?

There must be some kind of law that says that all gays must come out from hiding the end of June. You must log out of manhunt and adam4adam and go clubbing this particular weekend or you will no longer exist. Seriously there is lots going on 🙂
June 22, 23, and 24th must be the biggest gay weekend of the year. I never though I would say this but there are too many events going on at the same time. Almost every city has an event, pride parade, or DJ playing that Saturday or Sunday. I have no idea which city to book that weekend and here is why.

Oklahoma City pride is normally so much fun that I hate to miss it. It is not your Long Beach or San Francisco pride but it offers something different. You do not have as big of a parade but there are lots of fun things to do including a festival at one of the parks and a jam-packed nightclub from around 6pm to 2am (following the parade). OKC offers an awesome club that is free to get in and free beer. The atmosphere is so much fun that day making it hard to pass up.

Houston has its pride the same night as well as a True Colors concert that day. Talk about a busy day in Houston.

Gay Canada Comes to Life 

Toronto is having a huge 4 day weekend full of some of the best DJ’s in the world. Toronto’s events will be 19 to enter. June 22-24 will be the Prism Toronto Parties featuring DJ Ed Bailey Thursday; DJ Hector Fonseca Friday at Boot Camp; Aqua Fresh Magazine party with DJ Roland Belmares/DJ Cajjmere Wray on Saturday; Arctic Babylon Tour with DJ Manny Lehman/Tony Moran with a performance from LA’s FLAVA on Saturday (Kool Haus); and Sunday brings a Revival with DJ Peter Rauhofer & Shawn Riker. There will be student passes available for $99 online.

There is also San Francisco pride and NYC pride going on this same weekend among other great cities. I was thinking we would try something different and hit up NYC this year and see what it’s all about during pride until I found this.

It sounds like Toronto wins this year if we wish to try something different but we are still undecided!

Texas Beach Party

We made it to the Main Event with DJ Tony Moran Saturday night at the Galveston Convention center. It was very convenient since it was next door to our hotel at the Hilton Galveston Beach resort. It was definitely cool to walk next door to go out but let me tell you there were so many police officers just standing around in that little area it was like we were on surveillance or something.

We walked in this huge building expecting a big dance floor and boxes to dance on. When we walked in there was a lounge kind of area and bars then went inside to the convention dance room. The dance room had a dance floor and ballroom-style round tables all around. I was surprised we did not have any boxes like you find at most circuit parties but we still had fun. Kind of reminded me of Prom which brought back lots of memories for all of us.

There was a special performance by Billboard Recording Artist Jacinta which we enjoyed. I always love it when dancers or talent show up and get the party started.

The Red Magazine pre-party was DJ Josh Gram at 3rd Coast Bar overlooking the beach at 31st and Seawall Blvd. This was a chill place that had an upstairs deck and a great sound system. If only all beaches could come equipped with a gay bar like this… I had to go back the next day and enjoy the breeze and sun on the upper deck while having a cocktail. A very nice bar to chill with a prime location and view.

The afterparty was at Undercurrent (2409 Market St) which was a zig zag around the city from the main event. This was the best part of the event. I wish the main event was in that club because it had awesome dance floor and layered stage to dance on. I will definitely have to check out Undercurrent again sometime.

It was the first year of the Beach Ball in Texas and considering the rain and flooding statewide this weekend it was a better turnout than some would expect. I hope it someday turns into a party to replace the amazing events thrown in Austin every year that Ben Parsley promoted at the Austin City Music Hall. We lucked out that Galveston was one of the only towns in Texas without all the rain and it was nice and sunny. I feel sorry for the people at hippy hollow who were rained out.

Now it’s off to Gay Days in Orlando to the Mighty Weekend events and pool parties.

Free Fleshlight Party?

As we reported a few weeks ago the nightclub scene in Oklahoma City has started to take off again. I was there for their Boys Gone Wild party and it was out of control. Next weekend May 19, Angles plans on having a blackout type party where they give out Fleshlights to everyone at the door. OK, I am only kidding about the Fleshlights, but that would be fun right? They are really handing out Flashlights (not the sex toys but the ones that light up) but it will still be fun.

Is that not a good idea for a nightclub to have a Fleshlight promotion? Or is that too naughty of an event? They could get them to sponsor it just like Red Bull sponsors events. Maybe the Hustlaball event works best for this.

Speaking of Fleshlights you can get one at Drugstore.com and get free shipping. This sale ends up being cheaper than buying it on the fleshjack or fleshlight.com sites.

Summer Circuit Calendar

Summertime is coming and there are some big events coming up. One of the biggest gay events will be in Orlando for Gay Days. The GayDays.com website recently announced that Deborah Cox will be headlining huge concert events including Amber. The circuit events can be found on the One Mighty Weekend website. Summer starts out hot with the Beach Ball party and the Phouse in Orlando.

May 2007

There are also other Circuit parties you should start booking now. Memorial Day weekend brings you two parties in Florida and Texas. Trying to decide between these two will be hard as we outlined here.

  • Hot & Dry Weekend – Montreal, Canada. This is the 2nd largest circuit event in Montreal held the weekend before Memorial Day weekend on May 17-21.
  • College gets out around mid-May for most universities and one way to bring in the freedom is to attend Long Beach Pride. This California circuit party will be held in Long Beach off the Queen Mary I during the pride event dates of May 18-20.
  • Beach Parties Galore

June Pride Parties

It seems most cities seem to have their pride the same weekend near the end of June. There will be Pride Parties in Houston, Oklahoma City, New York, San Francisco, and more.

  • Oklahoma City – Angles Nightclub – huge after parade event starting around 6pm to 2am. The club is packed continuously and free admission. No expensive circuit prices.
  • San Diego – features a Zoo party at the San Diego Zoo. DJ Susan Morabito spinning at the Harbor Cruise.
  • Capital Pride Weekend in Washington D.C. June 8 – 10th features the Cherry 2007 circuit party.
  • EuroPride – held in Madrid, Spain June 22-July 1. Details at Europride2007.com – too much flash on this site to tell anything from the events though.

July 4th Freedom Parties

  • David Flower’s Summer Camp featuring DJ’s Abel, Brett Henrichsen, David Knapp, Manny Lehman, Mike Cruz, and Tony Moran. Gay Provincetown’s reining Fourth of July celebration. More information on CircuitTicket.com for this P-town event.
  • Station 4 in Dallas – open Tuesday, July 3rd and Wednesday, July 4th. One of the biggest nights of the year for the enormous club in Dallas.

One party I did not get to cover this year was Blue Ball in Philadelphia. It is one I keep hearing about and is a huge event coming up May 4th in just a few weeks.

If you are a fan of Queer as Folk and attended the Babylon parties you will be happy that they are back (but not the show). Enterbabylon.com has the circuit events posted sponsored by Midori. DJ Tony Moran will be headlining most of the dates. A few of the dates include:

  • May 4 – Splash in NYC
  • May 25- Club Hot in Pittsburgh
  • May 26 – Tracks in Denver, CO
  • July 3 – Karma Nightclub in Minneapolis
  • July 7 – Las Vegas – Krave
  • July 13 – Station 4 Dallas, TX
  • July 14 – Club Oz in the French Quarters of New Orleans
  • July 20 – Montage in San Diego (one of the nations top circuit clubs)

Summer will also include hot pool parties with boys showing off their new sexy tight swimwear, shirtless boys, and long lines at the bar. You have to love summertime and all the fun it brings.

Madonna Party to Rock Houston Nightlife

I have been feeling under the weather lately and have missed many good parties lately. I think my allergies this year are just killing me. I missed out on the Winter Music Conference that I keep missing every year which features DJ’s such as Sasha and Digweed. There are some parties coming up this Spring that cannot be missed.

I would do away without my Sirius radio addiction for a day to attend one of the hottest parties at South Beach in Houston. I would allow myself loose control on one of the biggest dancefloors in Texas with better music than you will find in NYC, LA, or Miami that night.

Last year the Madonna party called MadonnaRama was out of control thanks to a local radio station catching on to the popular event. It was definitely a mixed but happy, beautiful crowd who all showed up for great music. Yes, great music and I do not say that very much but how can you resist… its Madonna all night. The queen of the night and the queen of pop.

I brought a group of friends with me last year to the Madonna party at Southbeach Nightclub and they were skeptical of listening to Madonna all night. I said you will not realize how different each song is and how amazing this DJ from the former Nation in D.C. knows how to mix. You will also realize Madonna has so many hot, sexy dance songs that do not get played on local radio stations (instead you always hear the jigga-bo-nation on the top 40 stations).

They found themselves dancing harder than I had seen in months to songs “Like a Prayer,” “Vogue,” and this year you can count on hearing the newly remixed “Erotica.” It will be a hot, young crowd as always and DJ Ed Bailey and as you can imagine there will be Madonna impersonators bringing high energy to the crowd.

Additional Houston Events:

Southbeach nightclub in Houston also plans a great event this Friday night called Jungle. If you are in the Houston area we advise you to stop by “Jungle 15” and party with the boys to give back to HIV/Aids services starting Friday night and Sunday at our favorite club in Houston and then Saturday night they are at Warehouse Live for the main event. This is a wonderful Easter Weekend circuit party that contributes proceeds to HIV service providers.

Gay Days Orlando

Someone asked me on Myspace earlier what the best things to do for Gay Days in Orlando would be this year since they have never been. I looked everywhere online and could not for the life of me remember what they call the circuit part of the Gay Days event. I searched up and down for Gay Days and every term I could think of which finally took me to the Circuit Noize website which is very hard to navigate but has lots of great information. I searched for events in Orlando that took me to another link on their site that reminded me of One Mighty Weekend. How does anyone remember “One Mighty Weekend”? What happened to the GayDay.com site that has not been updated?

Anyway the circuit part of the Gay Day weekend can be found at onemightyweekend.com which includes host hotel of that event at the Buena Vista Palace which includes huge pool parties and very nice rooms compared to the older rooms you would get at the Royal Plaza, the competing host hotel.

Basically there are two big promoters for this event because it is so big you have the onemightyweekend.com crowd and the gaydays.com crowd. Johnny Chisholm promotes the mighty weekend events at the Buena Vista Palace Reunion pool parties, Magic Journeys @ Arabian nights, Colosseum at the Hard Rock, and the fabulous Typhoon Lagoon beach ball.

The other events host hotel belongs to the older Royal Plaza where you will find the Gay Days Expo. You do not want to miss the expo where you normally get a free sample or two of alcohol and lots of fun booths to browse through. They also have great pool parties where most everyone is drinking and some great music. Both hotels have great pool parties.

If you are planning your trip to Gay Days this year make sure you do not miss the Parliament house events featuring concerts on Saturday and Sunday nights. Or some refer to it as the P-house. It is a gay resort you cannot miss while you are in Orlando even if you are in town for the Disney fun. The Parliament house site can be found at parliamenthouse.com.

Clubs that are not to be missed are Pulse nightclub on Wednesday and Thursdays (18+) or you can hit up Mannequin inside the Disney club area on Thursday night (21+). The Parliament house will be 18+ and have concerts (they had Deborah Cox a few years back) outside in the pool area with dancing inside and great drag performances. The P-house has not yet posted who will be in concert this year but you can bet it will be top name gay performers. There will also be booths in the back of the hotel near the lake where you will find a crazy foam party. If you dare to get involved in the foam no telling who you might meet in there… maybe a Republican congressman.

You do not want to miss Beach Ball at Typhoon Lagoon. That is the hottest gay beach event of the year. Gay Days in Orlando is held the first week of June every year. This year it will be held May 29 – June 4.

Memorial Day 2007

What is there to do on Memorial Day weekend this year for us gay peeps? I have found a party that is not normally on the list or anything you would ever expect.

Texas-sized Beach Ball

Galveston Island in Texas will be the host location to a circuit event this Memorial Day weekend starting on May 26 with Tony Moran, Angelo Kortez, Justin Ryan, Phil B., and the final party on Monday, May 28th with Alyson Calagna.

BeachBall2007.com has all the details of this party that will be held at different venues including the Galveston Convention Center and on the sand. There is also mention of a huge 15,000 square ft. multi-level nightclub where the events will take place. The host hotel is The Hilton Resort Hotel on the beach. This is the first year for this event.

Memorial Weekend Pensacola

I have had many friends go to this event and come back with great feedback. I have not tried it out myself because it is so close to Gay Days in Orlando but I may go for this event this year. Event promoter Johnny Chisholm brings the panhandle area of Florida this annually. Pensacola Memorial Day week starts May 25 and goes on until the 29th.

I have heard that the gay clubs are small in Pensacola but the event is huge with lots of partying on the beaches. I definitely want to check this out myself and see how much fun this is since I have heard so much about it. Then again the looks of the Galveston Island event looks promising as well.

Red Party Week

I am still hungover from New Years and it is already Red Party time.  I am kidding I am hungover from last night.  I did party pretty hard on New Year’s though.

There are lots of Red parties going on this week and weekend.  One Red Party is tonight in  NYC with the hot boys of BoiParty.com.  Campus thursdays presents this party with long island tea drink specials and DJ Mikey Rave and a fabulous Long Island Tea special.  I am always scared when I hear of a LI Tea special because we normally know that means pre-mixed syrup and hardly any liquor – maybe these clubs need to start saying on the flyers it is not pre-mixed.  I wished I could make it to this party but I will be at the Red Party Houston instead.

Houston will also be throwing a Red Party this weekend with DJ David Knapp.  Advance tickets are only $15 which is relatively cheap for a circuit DJ.  The party will be at South Beach Nightclub in Houston in the Montrose area which is 18 to enter.  If you need a hotel to stay at nearby there is a Sheraton off of Highway 59 and Kirby and many hotels near the Galleria shopping area.  Rich’s threw the hottest Red Event last year but they have no announcements on their site.

The Red Party should be an event that gives more than just a Valentines day circuit event.  It should also represent the color of giving back to the gay community for Aids related charities.

There is talk of other smaller Red Parties in other cities but none that really stand out besides these two.  I think I will be wearing black instead of red in remembrance of Anna Nicole Smith.