Red Party Week

I am still hungover from New Years and it is already Red Party time.  I am kidding I am hungover from last night.  I did party pretty hard on New Year’s though.

There are lots of Red parties going on this week and weekend.  One Red Party is tonight in  NYC with the hot boys of  Campus thursdays presents this party with long island tea drink specials and DJ Mikey Rave and a fabulous Long Island Tea special.  I am always scared when I hear of a LI Tea special because we normally know that means pre-mixed syrup and hardly any liquor – maybe these clubs need to start saying on the flyers it is not pre-mixed.  I wished I could make it to this party but I will be at the Red Party Houston instead.

Houston will also be throwing a Red Party this weekend with DJ David Knapp.  Advance tickets are only $15 which is relatively cheap for a circuit DJ.  The party will be at South Beach Nightclub in Houston in the Montrose area which is 18 to enter.  If you need a hotel to stay at nearby there is a Sheraton off of Highway 59 and Kirby and many hotels near the Galleria shopping area.  Rich’s threw the hottest Red Event last year but they have no announcements on their site.

The Red Party should be an event that gives more than just a Valentines day circuit event.  It should also represent the color of giving back to the gay community for Aids related charities.

There is talk of other smaller Red Parties in other cities but none that really stand out besides these two.  I think I will be wearing black instead of red in remembrance of Anna Nicole Smith.

Gay Winter Party

There are two big parties coming to the South Florida/Miami area before the end of winter.  Both of them are hot winter parties.  One is the electronic music conference and the other is the Winter Music Party Festival which is more of a circuit event.  Both events feature the hottest DJs and will offer you a preview of what the club sounds of 2007 shall be.

The Winter Music Conference will be held this year from February 28th – March 5th, so if your gay weekends are taken up with Buffy reruns, consider this a healthy and comparably safe alternative. Entertainers include DJ Kimberly S, DJ Kate Monroe, DJ Roland Belmares, DJ Joe Gauthreaux, DJ Manny Lehman and many others.  Other entertainers include comedians such as Michele Balan, ANT, and Leslie Jordan. It looks to be an outside event on the beach maybe similar to the Typhoon Lagoon party on Gay Days week in Orlando.

You can party and feel good about giving back to the community at the same time.  This beach dance party and cultural festival benefits the Miami-Dade lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

The early bird special for the Winter Party ends on January 20th but you can purchase tickets at up until a few days to the event.  You may not want to miss the closing party which is at Club Twilo with DJ Abel. I am not a big fan of the non-vocal beats of DJ Abel but I have heard great things of Club Twilo in Miami.  There are also other nights at Club Twilo as part of this festival.

There will also be other great events besides partying on the beautiful Florida beaches and clubs. There are scheduled tennis tournaments, golf classic, swimming meets, and pool parties. It sounds like we need to hit the gym before this party takes off.

Hustlaball Vegas Party with Brent Corrigan, Josh Vaughn, Chi Chi La Rue

Hustlaball 2007 was definately a blast. We did not make it to the pool party since it was shut down by the ATF or police. I have heard several rumors on this and not sure the real cause for the pool party to be shut down. It was too cold to be out running around in skimpy outfits anyway.

brentcorrigan-joshvaughn-kissing-krave-sm2.JPGThere were many hotties at the Hustlaball event as you can imagine. Brent Corrigan, Josh Vaughn (pictured below in a pose like they are making out), Pierre Fitch, and Ralph Woods (pictured below) are some of the hot twink stars to name a few. There were also celebrities including dj and porn producer Chi Chi La Rue and comedian Bruce Vilanch. The entertainers were Raven O and some others that I was not familiar with but enjoyed watching their backup dancers.

We suffered through a cold front that took us by surprise but there were also some wonderful surprises we did not expect. Chi Chi La Rue did a fabulous job spinning at the Skin Trade party where she promoted her Channel 1 Releasing on Thursday night before the Hustlaball party. It was my first time to hear her spin and I loved it. Britney Spears even made an appearance at the closing party. It was definately the best event so far this year.

I apologize for the small pictures. I will have to fix this when I get back home. This internet connection is not cooperating with me! I will have more posted on later this week.
Pierre Fitch, Ralph Woods

Hustlaball Event

Hustlaball Vegas

The Gaypartyblog will be at Hustlaball this year.  I will be attending with my gay twink friends from Boizone and Dean Berkeley.

This will be our second year at the hella fun Hustlaball event this year.  We are excited since we will be staying in the host hotel at Alexis Park Suites ( next door to all the gay clubs in Las Vegas or the fruity gay strip as they call it.  We will also be attending the following events:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Rascal Video Exclusive Tommy Ritter, Man’s Art Exclusive Ronald Laska (Best European Gay actor 2006) Angel Benton, Freddie Spells, Brandon Baker

Thursday, January 11, 2007
VIP Pool Party at Alexis Park Resort (3pm till midnight)
With DJ Jack Chang (London) includes Buffet and Bar

Chi Chi LaRue’s Skintrade
at Piranha & 8 1/2 (10pm-2am)

Friday, January 12, 2007
Hustlaball Las Vegas 2007 at Club Krave (11pm – 5am)
With DJ Brett Henrichsen and DeMarko
More information at or at

Saturday, January 13 official after party @ Piranha & 8 1/2 (starts at 9pm)
With DJ Andrew Mendez

Other things going on in Vegas for the porn expos include the AVN, GAYVN Expo at the Sands Expo Center and the Internext Expo 2007.

If you are coming in Vegas for these events there are some shows you must see:  KA at MGM and Phantom at Venetian.

John Brady Hollywood Avalon Party Disaster

I spent New Years in the beautiful city of Los Angeles to bring in 2007 while attending the Pam Ann comedy show then visited Rage nightclub for the final new year’s countdown but there was a major disappointment. I was supposed to attend the event I had VIP passes until I found out it was downtown with DJ Ralph Rosario called Last Dance. I heard about an event a go-go dancer friend of mine told me about to be held at Avalon. I went to Avalon paid for a $100 Vip pass because I heard that Kristine W would be there. There would also be Nemisis, Ana Kokalot, and DJ Tracy Young (who Madonna adores). Tracy Young did a fabulous job along with DJ Joe Gauthreaux and so did Kristene W.

SO what went wrong with the John Brady event at Avalon in Hollywood? First of all the crowd was much lower than anticipated. They did not even have the upstairs open because they wanted the room to look filled. The VIP area was closed early even after I paid $100 for VIP. The entire event seemed very unorganized but I will say they had some hot bartenders to make up for it.

Kristine W took stage and you could not hear her vocals at all. They had some annoying drummer banging some circuit beat that was louder than her and the circuit music was overpowering her vocals as well. I just wanted to scream it sounded so horrible. I felt so sorry for Kristine W because she probably did not know it sounded so bad what they did to her voice.

The Nemisis performance was even worse. Their vocals sounded like they were in a basement screaming outwards. I am not sure what happened but I hope the other John Brady events turn out better than that. I do not plan on attending another John Brady engagement.

I was also disappointed in the RAGE countdown for new years on one song. the number one song RAGE had for 2006 was from Shakira?!?! What is up with a Shakira 2005 song being #1 in 2006? I did not get to hear Tigerheat’s countdown since I was too drunk to notice so no complaints there!

Halloween Street Parties

Oaklawn Halloween ParadeThe most festive time of the year for some is Halloween where you have street parties in the major cities gayborhoods. Dallas, TX features one of the hottest and largest street parades which is gay and straight. This is a street party with a costume contest held at the local club called Station 4. Winners will receive prizes including a trip on American Airlines roundtrip.

There will also be huge parties in West Hollywood and the Castro district in California. The Bourbon Pub in New Orleans hosts a Halloween party and another hotspot is Orlando where they have Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios and you can end that off with a cocktail at the Parliament House.

The best and scariest place to be is Dallas for Halloween. The Texas Circuit boys will be in Dallas for a huge weekend event featuring superstar DJ’s Roland Belmares, Alexander William Umana, and Justin Ryan. The Texas Circuit boys even rented out Club One and the Texas State Fair Rose Gardens for the event.