Best Gay Halloween Costume Ideas

gaybatmanrobinWe have looked all over to find some of the best costume ideas for gay guys from leather daddies to super heroes to twink warriors. There are so many things you can do even if you are on a tight college budget. One of the best costumes was the Mickey Mouse (sexy version) not much to that outfit pictured below. Also most of the gay block party outfits consists of the following things: underwear and glitter, jockstrap and football pads, nothing but underwear. You see where that is headed even in the cold rainy weather it may be on Halloween you will see the boys out and about in their skivvies. Let us know what your favorite ideas are for 2014. We have heard Joan Rivers, Ebola Virus, ISIS (not politically correct?), Ebola mask and full body suit, Lady Gaga costume in her new afro-gig for Jazz, Robin Williams, Solange Knowles, Beyonce, and anything else from this year that pops into your mind.
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Halloween Cash $4,000

Always amazed at how much money the Parliament House in Orlando is giving away for Halloween every year. If you need some costume ideas you may want to study several sites in advance of this big holiday and not just underwear sites. The P house plans on giving away $1,000 on Saturday, October 27th then on Halloween night which *witch* falls on a Wednesday this year they plan on giving the winner $3,000. You might just have your rent paid a few months after winning this but I am sure the competition will be fierce and blood hungry. What will you be dressing up as? Continue reading Halloween Cash $4,000

Scary and Sexy Halloween Costume Events

If you have not bought your costume for the block parties and October events then you better get on it.  Halloween is just weeks away and there is so much to do this month!

Dallas A-Listers: One of the best parties of the year in Big D. The Oaklawn Block Party takes place on Saturday, Oct 29 then the little monsters come back for a showing with the costume contests in all four Caven owned clubs including JR’s, Sue Ellen’s, TMC, and Station 4 (S4).

NYC Boys: Saturday, Oct. 29th! FV Events and Club 57 present their 3rd annual Halloween Extravaganza “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with Amanda Lepore pictured on the flyer. Music by Lee Dagger among a Bridal Suite and Laboratory.

Sunday, October 30 – Ric Sena presents ALEGRIA HALLOWEEN 8 with dj’s Abel and Alyson Calagna at the Best Buy Theatre (1515 Broadway, NYC) 11PM – 12noon. Advance tickets are $70 until 10/10, $80 after. $90 at the door. There is VIP available for this Halloween circuit event.

Hollywood Boys:
West Hollywood has their big block party going on for Halloween Weekend then there are more treats around the city. Jeffrey Sanker the king of the circuit is planning “A Halloween Weekend of MONSTER events” bringing you world class DJs, live performances, massive costume contests, freak shows & debauchery. Starting Thurs Oct. 27th – The Lounge at SUR, Fri. Oct. 28th – Fresh Kill, Sat Oct. 29th – Grimm Fairytale at Eden SD, and Mon. Oct. 31st – Village of the Vampires.

Who has the best Contest for Halloween this year?
At Allegria you can come up with a creative costume and enter our contest to win free Alegria in 2012. Prizes for first, second and third places. The contest will take place on stage around 4am at the NYC circuit event. You might get in free to some expensive events but how about $4,000 they are offering at Parliament House in Orlando?

Orlando always gets the special trick and treats!
Saturday, October 29, 2011, 8pm $1,000.00 CASH where the winner takes all at the Parliament House Orlando hosted by Darcel Stevens. Then on Monday… October 31, 2011, 8pm The HALLOWEEN CONTEST $3,000.00 with the winner taking all the cash. The Phouse Facebook page says to “Please note this is 100% cash, Not Cash & Prizes, ALL CASH”.

Here can you find some good Halloween Costume Ideas?

Halloween Pics 2010 Oaklawn Block Party

The Oaklawn Block party in 2010 was so big it broke records with a whopping 12,000 people there.  Up from 8,000 attendees back in 2009.  There were straights, gays, lesbians, transgenders, drag queens, monsters, kids, and lot’s of Lady Gaga’s but really not as many Gaga as we expected.  The weather was perfect and their were under 5 arrests which is not bad since the Dallas Police Department had paddy wagons out the last few years and plastic handcuffs arresting people like it was a war zone.  This year turned out better in that sense but also seem less organized with the main reason for the block party… the contest.  Who knew that you could ask around to every bartender, manager, drag queen and never know who to talk to about the sign-up for the contest to win thousands that were listed on the Caven site and on the Roundup ads.  We first tried during the block party then asked and asked around and no one seemed to know.  When we got out to JR’s, Sue Ellen’s, and TMC they said the contest was over at Station 4 and they said it was over.   I assume the contest was on Sunday night and the judging took place around 10:30 in the Rose Room and then went down to the main floor at 12 or so?  At roundup you had to sign up for two separate contests (which is also confusing) and the signup was outside on the patio.  Channel hosted that contest and it had a few Lady Gaga’s as you will see posted here.

I was impressed with the Red Bull party going on in the back Caven lot.  They had a DJ and Edna Jean as the MC during the Block Party.  The main street on Cedar Springs was missing its Red Carpet but we pretended to walk the asphault which was roped in to strut down the walkway which is always my favorite part of the block party.

There was a lot of crime again with people getting their wallets stolen out on the Oaklawn block.  You really have to watch your money when you are at these events because the thugs always seem to find their way in your pocket in big crowds.  The thugs of course never seem to get arrested which makes no sense to me.  My favorite costumes were of course Lady Gaga, the BP Oil Spill, and Snooki.  There was also a kid who was really scary who was riding up on his dad’s shoulders.

Antoine Dodson, Hide your kids, Hide Your Wife Dog costume.  Right:  Usher and Christina Aguilera or are they just two hotties who were pulling off some sexy Halloween costumes.

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Halloweenie Hollywood Cemetery Party

We have seen some crazy Halloween parties but this one tops the list. A Halloween party in a cemetery and not just any cemetery this is the Hollywood Forever cemetery located behind Paramont studios which for the first time is opening its gates for this event. Saturday, October 23, Fred and Jason’s Halloweenie will be held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery from 9pm to 2am. This cemetery hosts many Hollywood stars and is located not far from the strip on 6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Jeffrey sanker & white party palm springs sponsor and support this event that will benefit The l.a. gay & lesbian center’s young professionals council. This is a Costume Only Party with a hosted bar with advance tickets of $75 to $100 for VIP. Music by Tracy Young while you dance around in your costumes this is one costume ball I wished I could attend especially since costumes are mandatory. Other DJ’s include DJ Saratonin (love that name) and DJ Beau Dasher.

The YPC or Center’s Young Professionals Council is a group of dedicated volunteers under the age of 40 who work to raise money and awareness for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. Their annual events include Halloweenie, the YPC Beach Volleyball Tournament and Poolwatch. They have raised over $100,000 to support center services. Money raised from the Halloweenie event will help fund the Center’s many services.

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

If you are a guy and looking for the sexiest Halloween costume there are many fun things. If you have a toned body then a simple Andrew Christian police outfit will work you can wear their Police boxer briefs, aviator sunglasses or now most cops seem to wear Oakley’s, pick up a badge at a costume shop, and handcuffs, and baton. With all of the block parties and Halloween fun coming up the next few weeks if you are having a hard time on deciding a sexy costume for a guy then this is one of my favorites and it consists of underwear and a few other items and hey this is an excuse to be slutty the one day we can walk around in underwear on the streets.

Other sexy Halloween costumes for guys include soccer players and sailors but this one is sure to catch some eyes walking around. Another good costume idea is to dress up in high raise soccer shorts from the 70’s as Shane from Studio 54 You just have to wonder how many guys will be dressed up like the Situation this year. You might also the Party Monster look it is always fun to dress up like the club kids of the 80s and 90s.

Halloween 2010 Block Parties and Contests

If you have the most creative costume or outrageous outfit that you can strut down the red carpet in Dallas, Orlando, or even Los Angeles you could win up to $5,000 in Dallas Give-a-ways and $4,000 in Orlando once the winner is picked.

The Oaklawn Halloween Block Party is held on Saturday Octoberr 30 the day before Halloween which takes up an entire street that is closed down for the night from 7pm until 2am. The theme this year is “Scary Things On Cedar Springs” and you have a chance to win cash and prizes from sponsors valued at more than $5,000. The finale of the contest will be judged the day after the block party on Sunday at Station 4 nightclub. This is a huge event and it is hetro-friendly and everyone is welcome to come but to enter the club you must be 21 on Saturday the 30th the day of the block party then the club is 18 to enter for Halloween night.

The West Hollywood, CA Halloween Carnival takes place from 6PM to Midnight on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 between La Cienega Boulevard and La Peer Drive on Santa Monica Boulevard. The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is the Los Angeles area’s second largest event with half a million people attending. Warning if you try to get in a bar later and think you are on an A-list you will find a line for that and good luck getting into the Abbey that place was a madhouse last year for this.

The Parliament House in Orlando Florida is offering $4,000 giveaways in CASH. Saturday, October 30th you can take home $1,000 cash for the winner of best costume and on Halloween night on the 31st the Winner of that contest takes home $3,000 in cash. Cant Pay rent this month? Headed into Bankruptcy?  Halloween may be your only friend this year.  Get creative with your costume and win $3,000 at the Parliament House in Orlando.