Party Wear: LED Harnesses & Suspender Discount Code

Harnesses have been in fashion among the gays for some time now especially among the circuit crowd. Now that we have the fun LED Lighting why not make it fun with a glowing harness or suspenders to make yourself stand out. Better yet get a matching one for your partner.

These LED wearables are great for block parties too such as Halloween and Pride events. The first time we noticed one it was at NYC Pride and we ran up to someone to ask them where they bought theirs.

The Breedwell Glow Harness is the only LED harness on the market. It has a Patent pending design. Be one of the first to light the night and enjoy standing out in a crowd. The harnesses are sweat proof, adjustable, and USB rechargeable. Full charge takes 2 hours and last 12 hours on solid mode or 26 hours on flashing mode.

The best part is we have an exclusive discount code to save 15%. Enter promo code GLOWZ to save 15% on your order at

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Versace Bandana Biker Cowboy Look

Bversacebikerprintandana’s have always been a sex symbol type thing for some reason and why not make them underwear. You even see raver boys wearing bandanas over their mouths to look all cowboy-ish while rolling balls. Yee Haw Versace has gotten on the Bandana bandwagon and mixed in some leather too. Take a look at these buns in bandana underwear. Continue reading Versace Bandana Biker Cowboy Look