New California safety law imposes gloves on bartenders

bartenderglovesguyYou remember California making it so you could not do porn without a condom plus they are trying to make it where you have to wear more “safety” materials such as gloves. I mean seriously who buys porn unless it is bareback? Who wants to go to a bar and see shirtless bartenders wearing gloves?

At a time when LA comes forth with a ban on plastic bags the state of California gets very hypocritical in pursuing a new glove wearing law. This new law would make chefs wear gloves while cooking, in accordance with a new food safety law that goes into effect gradually over the next six months.
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Hollywood’s New 18 Up Sunday Night

Rage had a fun Sunday night for awhile but it kind of died down the last few times we checked it out. Now that there is a 18+ party to hit up on Tuesdays at Micky’s then the Tigerheat Avalon event every Thursday why not make a Sunday Funday night event?

Hollywood has a new 18 and Up Night starting NOVEMBER 14th. Video DJ Mike Bryant+The HollyPop! Gogo Boys. 6757 Hollywood Blvd (Off of Hollywood and Highland). DJ Mike Bryant from PopStarz with a live performance from Pop Star Taleen. Pictured is the Outdoor Smoking Lounge at Marbella Nightclub where the event will be held on Sundays. The smoking lounge looks nice but what does the dancefloor look like?

Mr. Black L.A. Launch Party

Attention Los Angeles socialites.  A popular Chelsea NYC club now has its name in the L.A. area.  Mr. Black L.A. will have their launch party Tuesday, October 15.  Supreme hosts include Lenora Claire. Gregory Alexander. Mr. Rusty Updegraff Presented by Luke Nero with DJs Riley More & Josh Peace. Mr. Black will be located Tuesdays at Bardot 1737 n Vine Hollywood with Stoli Bar from 10pm – 11pm (9pm doors open).  There will be no cover!

Micky’s West Hollywood

It is hard to believe that it was back in August of 2007 since Micky’s in West Hollywood closed down due to a fire.  It was the afterhours hangout, had some of the hottest gogo dancers, and was just blocks from the Abbey and Rage.  Word has it that it will open up soon but we keep hearing this and you know how rumors are.  We were recently in LA and got to see a preview of what it will look like once it opens up this year.  Here are some pics of Micky’s.  It looks like it will have the bar in the same area downstairs and an upstairs dancefloor.

If anyone knows when the nightspot opens let us know.

MLK Day Free?

You know we are in a recession when Masterbeat is giving away the door for free on a huge club night of the year.  The eve of MLK is always a guaranteed a fun club night in almost any big city.  Since college studs and bankers and hairstylists (always off on monday lol) will be out and about partying with no work the next day everywhere should be busy even in tight times.

If you happen to be in LA check out Avalon (1735 Vine Street – same club where they host Tigerheat Thursdays but this party is only 21 and up) for their FREE party with DJ’s Twisted Dee and Phil B, with decor by RKM and opening DJ Kidd Madonny.  I’d go pick up your ticket now so you do not have to wait in any lines.

I plan on being in Houston this weekend at Southbeach and i’m sure they will be packed Sunday night.  They normally give out free admission vouchers on Fridays and Saturdays for the next Sunday night.

Sunday is also just a few days from the big inauguration on Tuesday.  MLK Day monday then Obama gets in office Tuesday.  What an exciting week.

Afterhours in L.A.

In case you do not know by now there are a few afterhours parties that are going on in L.A. now. Reflex is one afterhours party off of 661 N. Robertson blvd known as Ultra Suede during normal club hours. Reflex features DJ Alexander and is open until 8am. This is only on Saturday nights.

If you are on the strip in West Hollywood partying at Rage or Here you also have Mickey’s afterhour party to attend on Fridays and Saturday nights. Normally there is someone handing out flyers outside of Rage with coupons for Mickey’s and someone standing outside of Here for coupons for Reflex.

These are both good afterhours parties. Mickey’s has go-go dancers of the muscle build and Reflex is more circuitry music and much more expensive at $25. It all just depends on your taste. I recommend Reflex if you have the money to fork over and pick up a coupon for $5 off on your way out of a Weho bar.