Las Vegas Nightclub Gipsy Gets Taffered on Bar Rescue

sblvgipsyvegasTonight on Spike TV’s Bar REscue they proved they do not always solve the many problems with bars and nightclubs especially the gay niche. Jon Taffer may be an amazing person to look up to when it comes to bar rescues and getting people motivated to do better for their business but this episode was ridiculous. It either showed the Bar Rescue show is an entire fake or they have no sense of fashion or design or did not put enough time/effort/creativity in this rescue.

The rescue is one that was the original gay danceclub called Gipsy that opened up in Las Vegas on the Fruit Loop in the 70’s. It was a busy danceclub for many years and several years back they opened up Piranah and 8 1/2 next door. Same owners which this Bar Rescue did not mention.
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Share Nightclub’s Wet and Wild Night

We knew this would be a fun event especially if it had the God of the Circuit Party and LA nightlife’s name on it. Not only was Jeffrey Sanker present for the wild event with dunk tanks and slides but DJ Chi Chi LaRue spun us all into a dirty mix upstairs. My favorite part was the moon bouncy walk whatever you call those things the go-go dancers would go inside and bounce around with you and the whole thing would tip over. It was quite a show and something truly different to do on a Saturday night in Las Vegas. It was definitely a place to party like rock stars and drink Red Bull which is hard to find at other Las Vegas clubs that “sell out” to Monster. We won’t mention any names :). We also loved the hot Stripper Circus go-go dancers who were not only friendly but would get wet from the inflatable slide many times for the crowd. Continue reading Share Nightclub’s Wet and Wild Night

Las Vegas Sunday Funday

Here are some more photos from Las Vegas pride events that went on this past weekend. We are loving this photo of this extra hot DJ and did we say sexxxy man who played some amazing beats all night long Sunday night at Revolution Sundays at the Beatles themed club. Not sure the DJs name yet but we are TRYING our best to find out. Look how hot he is though for reals! And do you notice David Guetta to the left? haha. Continue reading Las Vegas Sunday Funday

Gay Days and Gay Pride Vegas 2012

Las Vegas is giving every other city a run for their money this year with some of the largest gay events. We are not sure this one can be topped. Gay Days, our favorite party of the year which is held in Orlando during the first week of June is doing it big in Las Vegas this year. They will feature pool parties at the Tropicana host hotel and lots of eye candy from LA, Vegas, and all over the world. They come together during gay pride weekend which is the weekend after Labor Day weekend.

The weekend after Labor Day weekend is a big weekend all over and you would not expect it to be. Normally in any city you see lines outside the club on the 18 and up nights because they go back to school and every knows that summer is over! Gay Days is bringing their name to Las Vegas and remember that what happens there (and you could say the same about Orlando) um well stays there.

Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho, and all the gay go-go dancers will be in town.  What else do you need?  There will be so many events and pool parties you will not be able to keep up.  We may be riding all over town trying to make them all because there is SO much going on. We plan on lots of red bulls for sure.
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Share Nightclub Glow Night

Share Nightclub is not sorry for party rocking this past week when they had a glow night. As you can see by the photos from this Las Vegas nightclub they had a blast with gogo dancers getting into the action. We made Share nightclub one of our top club picks of 2011 and 2012. We look forward to hitting up this nightclub again for Las Vegas Pride and Gay Days 2012. Las Vegas Pride is September 7th and 8th. Gay Days Las Vegas is September 4 – 10. September will be a huge month for Las Vegas following a big Labor Day weekend!
See more photos from the event at Share nightclub in Vegas-
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Krave Nightclub to go Massive and move off the strip to downtown Vegas

A few years back many newspapers and online publications were predicting an end to gay nightclubs and bars. Even Forbes Magazine and (owned by the New York Times) assumed that gay clubs would be folded into the straight clubs and it would all be unified. Well the gays don’t really enjoy seeing bridal showers in their clubs (which they see all to often) when they are NOT allowed to marry in this day and age. Nor do the gays always like to play by the rules at straight clubs such as the harsh dress codes and just hanging out with friends and not getting laid. We all have strong urges for the nightlife scene and that is why you are seeing new clubs crop up across America in 2012. XL Nightclub in New York City opened this year as one of the top clubs in the World and now we have an announcement of yet another club in Las Vegas. Los Angeles needs to catch up since their club scene still lags way behind the world with only bar offerings!

Krave Nightclub’s owners announced today that it will leave its current mega-club off the Las Vegas strip and move downtown. Currently Krave sits on the property of Planet Hollywood and is easily accessible from the mall connecting the casino, the Cosmopolitan, and the new Las Vegas City Center.

Krave Entertainment will take over the former Galaxy 11 movie theater on the Neonopolis’ third floor which is located in downtown Las Vegas. This location will be closer to their Drink and Drag bowling alley and drag queen-themed bar on the complex’s second floor. They plan on transforming the 80,000-square-foot space with 14 theaters into the world’s largest gay nightclub according to the owner Kelly Murphy.

The goal is to take down NYC as the Number One spot for gays and lesbians in the United States. They may accomplish this with Krave Massive because it will have five themed dance rooms including hip-hop, country, and Latin. In addition, count on three bars, a VIP lounge, comedy club, performance art space and LGBT movie theater.
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Las Vegas Upcoming Events

Our friends over at the Blue Moon have pointed out that May in Las Vegas is jam packed full of big gay events.
A sleeper birthday party held each year poolside has turned into an annual event at Blue Moon Hotel. And the local lovers of muscle bears have taken notice. What started out as 25-30 guys has grown to an expected 150 guys this year. And these are no ordinary gays – (having attended) there’s some seriously hot men in this group! I’m not sure who this Dave Cooper guy is, but he’s popular and has quite the entourage. The party takes place poolside on May 5th coinciding with the annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta event. Full BBQ will be served to all that attend.

MAY 6 – 10
Come enjoy exciting Las Vegas, Prime Timer style May 6 – 10. Meet new friends, greet old friends, and maybe find your soul-mate in the city that never sleeps and where the sun always shines. Remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Should you choose to stay at Blue Moon Hotel for Men, just follow this link to book.

BIG HORN RODEO – MAY 11-14, 2012
Memorial Day Weekend, Las Vegas will play host to yet another gay sports Volleyball competition. The Tropicana Hotel will host 1200 players from all over the country for this three day competition. Registration will occur on Thursday with games all day Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned for locations, times and prices. For more information go to their website


Be prepared, Las Vegas, for another Spanish Armada! The Ibiza-based party that has transformed the New York nightlife scene is ready once again to put the “sin” back in Sin City. You think you’ve seen it all and done it all? Oh no you haven’t. This total experience combines the most driving beats from Latin-inspired DJs with the hottest male and female go-go dancers in eye-popping fantasy outfits at seven — count ‘em, seven! — parties spread over Memorial Day Weekend. This is one party experience where you can bring your favorite Real Girl and her boyfriend because Matinée is a “straight-friendly” gay party. (Although we recommend Pensacola, Florida as the Memorial Day hotspot.)

The rave party of all raves comes to Las Vegas.


September 4 – 10 The Gay Days franchise takes over sin city and the Tropicana resort. Expect pool parties and lots of men.

Madonna World Tour – Live in Concert

Krave Las Vegas Gogo Dancers

Gogo dancers are really a dollar a dozen these days as part of gay Vegas nightlife. You can find several boys dancing on stage at Krave in Las Vegas on Friday and Saturday nights. Are they they boys you would tip or take home? You be the judge. Some of them have a few good spins and tricks in those briefs. Continue reading Krave Las Vegas Gogo Dancers