Sunscreen or Tampon Flasks used to Sneak Drinks into Events

What do you do when you want to make it out to a concert or an event especially the ones that are outside and they will not let you bring in drinks from the outside.  Maybe you are going somewhere the lines are just too long to stand in line all night long before last call.  Sometimes you need a way to store some vodka or alcoholic bevs back away so it is discreet enough the security is fooled into thinking it is tanning lotion or even a tampon as pictured here!  This will especially come in handy if you are river rafting say down the Guadalupe River near San Marcus or at the lake where you cannot have bottles and where you are not certain if it is legal.  Not saying to do something illegal just saying to be on the safe side and have your drink in a discreet way and no one gets bothered.  You can also save money doing this if you prefer a more expensive type of beverage.

tamponflaskEvents allow sunscreen but may not allow your margarita!
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Adam Lambert receives GLAAD Award

adamlambertglaadawardMel B presented American Idol runner up Adam Lambert at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 20, 2013 in San Francisco. He not only looked adorable and hot in that suit he was wearing but gave a great speech. We especially liked the part where he sung “What do you want from me” verse to point out all the push and pull surrounding gay rights and politics involved.
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Will SodaStream be a hit in Nightclubs and Bars?

This is a small Keurig type device that could make almost unlimited club soda at your fingertips. The Soda Stream, which is available at outlets like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, and Sam’s Club. Club Soda can be made fast and without all the expense of hauling heavy bottles around.

You no longer have to deal with searching around for club soda bottles or cans but the quality coming out of this machine is better since you are not losing any carbonation with half-empty bottles. No more flat sodas with this.

As people are pulling more and more away from Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and Monster energy drinks after recent deaths and new legislation this could be a great replacement. We always want something that fizzles and tasty to mix with the alcohol and this could be the key. If Bartenders make the drink in front of the club patron it will still be fizzling when they get it and it is packed with a sweet nectar, due to the sharp yet smooth taste of the carbonation and the lack of any other contaminates, such as sodium, that make this drink so much more refreshing than its competition. Bartenders would really see some tip increases from the excitement over this product. The draw of making the club soda is watching the carbon dioxide shoot into the container and popping the bottle off of the top, leaving you with a crisp, clean, refreshing drink.
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Message to Straight Men: Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

Remember we are the shoulder your girlfriend cries on when she wants to confide in someone. We could cook her a better breakfast, kiss her better since she loves to kiss us when she is drunk, and we all have abs. Seriously guys you should be worried we will marry your girlfriends if you do not approve of gay marriage. You know we will win this and don’t think we can’t do the sex part we love the three way that SHE would like to have with two guys not girls. Sounds like a great idea huh? Maybe this funny video will make some straight guys think they should be voting for gay marriage in all of the states that it failed. We did win gay victories in Maryland, Minnesota, and Maine but there are so many other states doing their best to keep gays from being married. So here is the ultimatum to the straight guys in these states… We will marry your girlfriends so watch out boys.
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Justin Bieber plays “Cry Me A River” after Selena Breakup

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up last week and he is now following Timberlake once again by singing the “Cry Me a River” song that highlighted the breakup of Britney Spears.  The Biebs is currently on tour which has to be a great time to be single with all those ladies (including gay guys) in the crowd. We are also loving his body rock song and hope to hear more of it on the dancefloors. Watch the video below. Continue reading Justin Bieber plays “Cry Me A River” after Selena Breakup

Absville Reporter Celebrates Obama Victory

Reporting live from ABsville well ok it sounded like he said that or some may call it Seattle, WA. Check out the guys grinding with the reporter here in the video while Jon Humbert from KOMO News reports.. and yes I did say KOMO not Homo. We love it. The reporter keeps saying keep rolling.. and yes we could for sure watch this forever and ever. Where were you when Obama won his re-election and the first Gay person was elected to the Senate? Oh, and Gay Marriage and Pot was legalized in a few fabulous states? See the full video below.
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Healthiest Beers in the World?

We normally do not get to nutritional or technical when looking at beers. Most people look for the specials to fill up a plastic cup and go from there. In this post we look at mostly what’s inside but also the flavor. Why not look at a beer by the ingredients such as things other than Lite. This is a way of judging beers from the nutrition label standpoint including the best-tasting) options. The survey rated The Healthiest Beer on Earth to be Sam Adams Light but let’s look at some other beers. There are so many interesting beers on this list that you might just want to try and see if you are hooked or not!

Boston Beer Co.’s “light” option is one of the few to far exceed its labeling. The rich feel in your mouth, toasty malts, and zippy hops are almost as robust in this light lager (119 calories) as they are in its big brother, Samuel Adams Boston Lager. For a bottle you can find in about any supermarket cooler, you won’t do better. 119 calories.
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