Avoid a New Year’s Hangover

If you are planning on attending a New Year’s celebration and drinking (no telling what else), you may want to take a few precautions to lessen your chances of starting the New Year with an alcohol-related hangover. Those of you who are not professional alcoholics like me the best way to keep a clear head is not to drink at all and to be the designated driver for your crazy drink friends. But that takes the fun out of New Year’s Eve. Keep in mind that alcohol is a strong toxin to both the liver and the nervous system, and it irritates the upper digestive tract and urinary system as well. Blah Blah Blah… If you do drink, Dr. Weil wants you to remember:

1. Moderation is the best way to avoid hangovers – make sure to pace yourself.
2. Eat food if you have more than a drink or two.
3. Avoid dehydration (and cut down on alcohol intake) by drinking as much water as possible while you’re drinking alcohol.
4. Take a B-complex vitamin supplement plus extra thiamine (100 mg) to counter the B-vitamin depletion caused by alcohol.
5. Choose beverages that are “cleaner.” Some distilled beverages are rich in types of alcohol called congeners – toxic impurities that can greatly add to your woes. Bourbon, rum and cognac are particularly dirty, while vodka, which is just pure alcohol and water, is the cleanest.

Basically get over to Whole Foods now and prepare for your fun night out. NYE is on a Friday this year so stock up because you may need those B Vitamins Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Funday.

Since we are the Official Gay New Year’s Eve Blog make sure you read our other NYE posts or we will punch you in the face and give you a hangover! Happy New Years 2011!

New Year’s Eve Last Minute Travel

The big big club night of the year is just a few days away. If you have not booked a hotel or a flight yet you might can still do so. Make sure you book it close to the bars and clubs you plan on ending up at so there is no drinking and driving involved. My favorite hotels are the ones next to the bars/clubs if its possible. Use our search tool to find the best rates.

-Headed to NYC or Palm Springs?
Guide to Partying on NYE
-Big Gay NYE Destinations to bring in 2011

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Gay New Years 2011 in the Desert or the City?

A New Years celebration in the desert or one in the big city?
The Palm Springs Desert party includes two parties with two incredible DJ’s all taking place in one beautiful location at legendary 24-acre Palm Springs Riviera Hotel & Resort. The Riviera Palm Springs is located just 5 minutes from downtown Palm Springs.


SATURDAY, January 1st – DJ MANNY LEHMAN (9PM – 4AM) Riviera Grand Ballroom

Planning for New Years in NYC to bring in 2011?
Club 57 Presents The Second Annual Black & White Ball – FornabaioVoss and Josh Wood join forces again for NYC’s most elaborate New Years Eve. The Perry Twins and performers to be announced for The State-of-the-art three level bash in a beautiful gothic-revival synagogue built in 1849.
Spend NY’s Eve in 3-D near Times Square- Pacha, a club in New York is about to “boldly go where no party has gone before”: Beyond the flat planes of the everyday and into 3D! The 30,000-square-foot megaclub is hosting the World’s First 3D New Year’s Party this December 31, just blocks from Times Square – aka the center of the global New Year’s universe. The “Tron” inspired event will feature 3D light shows and custom visuals broadcast on state of the art LED video walls and Pacha’s network of high-definition flat screens. Music will be provided by the city’s top DJs, Boris and Chriss Vargas.

Here are our most recommended events to bring in 2011

Gay New Years Eve Parties 2011

The biggest and last night of the year comes and you have to make sure it is planned out way in advance to save money on hotels, air, and advance purchase of your event tickets.  If you are going to a club you should always get those tickets at least the night before so you can avoid big lines before the countdown at midnight.  It is always a stressful night for me because its hard to get out before 12 sometimes and on this night you have to be out around 10 or so to enjoy the countdown and it not be stressful.

Who will be playing and performing for the 2011 New Years Eve Events?

There are only a few confirmed DJ’s we know of so far and we will list them here when we get them in.  If you have a party, performer, or DJ performing at your club or venue let us know so we can put it on this sticky thread.

Dallas, TX – Seth Cooper spinning at Club One (Excuses)

Los Angeles – New Year’s Masterbeat XI – The schedule consists of Thursday, December 30 with DJ Tracy Young at Circus Disco to get you all warmed up for the big weekend. Rosabel headlines the New Year’s Eve at the Mayan Theater where you will see a memorable countdown party begins at 9pm and goes on until 6am then moves into First Dance Afterhours at the Music Box Theater with DJ Brett Hendrichsen from 4am until Noon. Maybe you need some Rehab or some Sleep or just some Recovery after this with Paulo and DJ Alyson Calagna at the Factory for the Saturday Jan 1st party 9pm to 8am. VIP Weekend passes are $150 right now for all events.

New Orleans – Bourbon Pub Parade – Lydia Prim?

Orlando, FL – Parliament House – one of my favorite spots for New Years since it will be warm and their amazing firework show and performances outside by the pool.  No mention of DJs or performers yet.

Spend New Years sipping champagne with Lady Gaga? I do not see her booked this year like she was in Miami to kick this year in good luck but that may because she may host some private event in Vegas or something you never know what will come up so keep checking back to this thread/post.

If you recall that last year that New Years eve came on a Thursday night which was good to have extend the weekend one night but yet people had to take off work one extra day.  This year it will fall on a Friday which means you can book Friday through Sunday night of parties and go a little cheaper than the added Thursday last year.

ATTENTION DJs PERFORMERS, CLUB OWNERS, PROMOTERS add us at gaysitedude@gmail.com or feel free to write on our wall of our Facebook Fanpage.

Abagail brings in New Years 2010

Abagail PhouseOrlando put on a star-powered new years weekend this year.  Starting out we had Abagail performing her all new song ‘Forever Young’ which was a great performance by the Parliament House poolside stage.  The footlight players also did some shows at the Phouse and then the DJ kicked up the notch to spin the year’s hottest music with some mixes that were new to the NYE revelers.

The weather was just perfect from Orlando during New Years night because it was warm to be able to walk around on the patio and pool area.  This was the day before the cold front came in.  Admission was $20 which is not too bad for a New Years with performances plus the club was 18 to enter all weekend long so all could join.

The phouse did a firework show and countdown at midnight and kicked the year off right.  Not too sure what went on after that because they served alcohol until 3am instead of the normal bar closing of 2am then dancing went on until 4am.  If you can remember anything after 3am with the strong drinks inside that place then you can handle your alcohol better than me!

It was great to see Abagail on stage again for the first time in years.  We wish her luck with her new single coming out and hope to see more shows from her.  She looked hot up there rocking it on stage.

fireworks-phouse-nye2010Revolution, Pulse, and Savoy all had busy New Years Eve parties as well.  Pulse followed New Years with a Lady Gaga Look-a-Like contest and it was the busiest I have seen that place in sometime.  There were many Lady Gaga’s walking around and I think the real one could have been there.

Spend your New Year’s With Lady Gaga or Mariah?

lady gaga plays piano wearing bubblesTime is ticking faster than lightning now that it is just hours and minutes to the countdown of New Years 2010. It sounds like a made up year that is out of reach but its just minutes away! Some Florida clubs are offering a chance to win free Lady gaga tickets but anything can be bought right?

First you have the chance to get a ticket on Thursday, (12/31/2009) at 7:30 PM for the James L. Knight Center in Miami, FL from $168 – $1412 on Stubhub and other online outlets. Then there is the after party at the Fontainebleau Miami to ring in 2010. Either way you will be able to say you rang in the new Decade with the hottest artist of the year and that is a hell of a lot better than eating black beans for good luck.

General admission to the Fontainebleau party starts at $425 for a general admission but you could see her full performance live just hours before this. If you have $25k to drop you can get a pool cabana with the view of Lady Gaga doing her smaller club performance. They have already sold over a million worth of tickets to this event but I am sure they will be breaking records when they are done.

I would rather see her perform live at the concert then go over to Twist or Score and find a hottie to make out with for after the Midnight rings. Her concert will be amazing and not to be missed and it will also be changed in 2010 so just another reason to see her again live.

First you have to decide whether you want a celebrity host at your new years party, then what kind of music you can tolerate (hip hop, house, jazz, your tastes here), if the event is under $100 or so, do they have a cash or open bar, does it have VIP, is the event upscale? etc…

If you happen to be in NYC then Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are doing a show at M2 which is headed towards a sell out performance . In Las Vegas, Christina Aguilera will be performing at Tao. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria’s plans to appear at Eve, and the Black Eye Peas’ will be entertaining at LAX.

These are all straight clubs where these performances will be but if you want to find the ones at the gay clubs then check out this post:

New Updates–
You can also check out DJ Lydia Prim in New Orleans spinning and see a miniature Lady gaga performing at Krave in Las Vegas on this grand finale to the decade.

Gay New Year’s Countdown 2010

Where did that decade go? It feels like it was only yesterday that we were all celebrating the end of the millennium and the birth of the new one, and now here we are thinking about what to do to bring in 2010 already. So what will you be doing this New year’s? Where to go? What’s going to be hot and wild? If you live in a big town or city there’s bound to be loads going on at your favorite gay venue, but what about taking a more global view, what if you are thinking of traveling for a New Year’s party this coming holiday?

Well, after some diligent web searching to see what the world was planning, I found a few places that were already making suggestions. The Gay Party Blog had our top list of five. Having discounted New York and San Francisco, Times Square and Las Vegas (done that, been there, got the T shirt), it came up with London as its number one spot. I can tell you that I’ve celebrated in London on many occasions, having lived there for 12 years, and Trafalgar Square is not what it traditionally was. It was always busy and crowded, but it also became too busy, too crowded, too policed, no alcohol and you weren’t even allowed to dance in the fountains any more. But just up the road is G.A.Y., one of the biggest gay, London clubs started by Jeremy Joseph… more years ago that I care to remember. This New Year the boy band A1 are reuniting for the occasion – so that’s going to be wild; but you’re going to have to buy tickets early.

Meanwhile (accounting for a few hours’ time difference) there’s going to be a lively night in Orlando, Florida over in the USA. Abigail is going on stage before midnight, followed by Inaya Day just after – at the Parliament House. (And Lady Gaga will be in town on the 3rd if you’re staying around.) On the West Coast you can find the 10th anniversary of Masterbeat at the Mayan Theatre. That’s bound to be large, huge, big and packed with perfect people partying into the small house of the next year. (Check the site at newyearsla.com).

But back in Europe you’ve got a whole stack of events lined up depending on what country you are going to be in or travel too. Amsterdam is famous for its gay scene (and other fabby things) and there’s going to be music, dancing and celebrations at Rapido from eight in the evening until five in the morning. Back in London G.A.Y. will have a run for its money with Kinky Trade going full swing in across the river Vauxhall, Popstarz holding it’s well known masked ball, and even smaller venues like the Village in Soho (a popular bar at the end of ‘gay street’) being packed shoulder to shoulder with horny and hot guys ready to get wild.

Other cities, like Rome, Munich and Cologne already have parties listed for the night, in fact anywhere you find a gay bar or club you’re going o find a gay party. Expect to pay of course, I didn’t find any events listed on the web that were for free – though some may well be, they are more likely to be the bars rather than the dance clubs. And expect to stay out late. You might want to get New Year’s Day survival kits in for the morning after: vitamin C, headache tablets, ‘the morning after pill’ and dark glasses. And another tip: if you; are going out for a wild NYE party, make sure you can get home safely. Check if there are night busses and where they go from, book a cab, or have a designated driver in your group who doesn’t drink, or else, if you’re up for some personal NYE fun, expect to start the new year with a stranger and take your condoms. But whatever you do and wherever you go – have fun and be safe; you’ll want to be around to see in the next decade.

Breaking News for NYE-
Update on Tigerheat nightclub in LA we could out that they will not be at Avalon this year because of a New Year’s Eve event held there for that Thursday. TigerHeat is hosting it’s “Best Of 2009 music video countdown” on Thursday, December 31st at Henry Fonda Music Box (6126 Hollywood Blvd.) from 9:30pm to 3am. Special location for this one week only due to New Year’s Eve.