To Scandal or Masterbeat?

We spent our New Years at two places in Los Angeles as predicted. One of them was Rage nightclub which is on the strip in West Hollywood. They had a great countdown that I enjoyed last year where they put up the top ten songs of the year on their big projector screens. Of course I predicted the song of the year… “Umbrella” by Rihanna.

We did not want to spend the entire New Years Eve at Rage but traffic was so bad in Hollywood and Vine near the other party we wanted to go to called Scandal. They had a live performance by Amuka who sings “Appreciate Me.” Scandal also had DJ Isaac Escalante from Mexico City to go with their resident DJ Alexander (who is fabulous based on his myspace music) and go-go boys. We had driven over to the Scandal New Years Party at the Henry Fonda Theatre (Music Box) and we gave up because of the traffic holdups. The ( Scandal New Years was $100 and an open bar until 4am with dancing until 9 or 10am. Please someone let me know how this party turned out because we missed out and it sure looked juicy.

The New Year rang in and it was time to head over to the MasterBeat L.A. Party where we found over 2,500 shirtless guys in a building downtown called the Mayan. Fabulous music and so many people it looked like some kind of movie scene. This circuit party was $100 to enter and did not include drinks of any kind from what I could tell. It also cost us a good cab ride from Hollywood to Downtown which was around $35 or $40.

It was a fun night and I meet some cool & sexy people. I am ready to rest and work out and get ready for 2008’s events!

Gay New Years 2008

This has been another year of extreme weather conditions, falling American Dollar, Republican gay-sex scandals, and brainless journalism of Britney and Paris happenings.  2007 marked the year the Gay Halloween was canceled in San Francisco.  I can hardly believe its November and almost time to celebrate the beginning of a new, exciting year of 2008.  New Years Day falls on a Tuesday which makes this years’ celebration longer since we will have to extend an extra party day to Monday for New Years Eve (December 31st).  That makes it Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get wild.  Assuming everyone can handle that many days…

It seems the circuit party calendar has some major events lined up via MasterBeat.  There is a party scheduled in Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta with the MasterBeat promoters.  The Atlanta event seems to be the only 18+ Masterbeat Event.  The other cities are 21 and up connected with this promoter.

If you compare the events with Masterbeat I would have to decide between Atlanta and L.A.  SOHO Studios at The Wynwood Convention Center will be the location of the Miami party with DJ Abel versus the more exotic L.A. location of The Mayan.  One other hint is that Brett Henrichsen will be playing there on New Years Eve.

I love how the VIP says private bathrooms.  I wished.  It is really a private bathroom area though instead of an actual private stall you would get at say M.I.N.C. in Dallas.  Last year at Avalon L.A. the VIP area had the bathrooms you could goto.  The place was not as crowded so it did not really matter the night I was there but on New Years Eve that will be a wonderful thing to even have a select area of bathrooms.

If you are thinking of going to New York or Vegas please save that ticket for another weekend.  There are far too many hot clubs across the nation to attend on New Years Eve than to deal with the congestion in the streets of Manhattan or the Strip in Vegas.

You better get your hotels booked now because they will be so expensive the last minute if you can get a hotel room.  Hotel prices have went up so much in the last year along with rising airfare that making these reservations seem more of a task.  I always try to book a few cities ahead of time if I am not sure where I am going yet if it is refundable.

Be sure to read our rulebook for New Years Eve…

Gay New Years Events

The largest party night of the entire year deserves the largest party. Stay away from Vegas and NYC while celebrating New Years this year and get away from the overcrowded street mess watching balls drop and running into each other. The best place to be is inside your favorite nightclub celebrating with your closest friends or inside a huge New Years Eve top notch event.
Here is a list of the hottest events going on in the gay communities across the US for New Years Eve:

Pick One: Los Angeles New Years Eve – Hollywood Palladium (6215 Sunset Blvd.)

The New Years Los Angeles presented by Jeffery Sanker starts out with comedy from Pam Ann on Friday, December 29, 2006 at the Hollywood Palladium (6215 Sunset Blvd.). The show starts at 9pm.

Friday night – Last Dance with DJ Ralphi Rosaro and DJ Brett Henrichsen to be held at the Mayan Theater (1038 S. Hill Street, LA,CA). The party goes on from 9pm until 8am.

New Years Eve – December 31, 2006 – DJ Manny Lehman with a special performance from Flava. Party starts at 9pm until 4am at the Hollywood Palladium (6215 Sunset Blvd)

NYE Afterhours – January 1, 2007 – The first dance of the year will be held at the Hollywood Arena (6655 Santa Monica Blvd) immediately following the New Years Event at the Palladium. The first dance will feature DJ Phil B.

PIck Two: New England New Years – Chris Harris Presents – – Grand opening of Roxy Providence in Providence, RI. The Get Your Cha Cha Hills On singer will be there Jeanie Tracy singing “Party People”.

PIck Three: New Orleans – Bourbon Pub Parade – DJ Darren Thomas, $1,000 balloon drop and champagne toast at midnight. There will be a special Miss Gay America 2006 performance from Nicole Dubois. Bourbon Pub Parade owns the domain but their new years event line up is nothing compared to Club Oz in New Orleans. Club Oz will be featuring the bigger name DJ Alison Calgagna and Susan Palmer will be performing.

Pick Four: Atlanta, GA – Club Jungle – DJ Chris Cox

Runner Up: Coliseum Nightclub, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – this was last year’s hot spot who featured Kristine W. with a beautiful jazzy New Years Music. The Coliseum Nightclub website has yet to see any New Years announcement this year but I know it will be good as always.  Last year Daisy D did an awesome performance of Madonna Hung Up – I am sure she has something big in store for this year as well!
Then there are always your buddies at your Local Pub/Club/Bar. I sometimes hate traveling on New years because I cant see my bar family but its so much fun to be out of town for a bigger event.

Things to consider when partying on New Years Eve

Be prepared for the hottest party night of the year which is also the last night of the year.  It is a night to look back at the top club songs and a night to look forward to starting over with New Years Resolutions.  Here are the top things to consider when preparing to party on New Years Eve:

1.  Time – you must get out early to party so you do not miss the countdown

2. Parking – this will be the ultimate bitch. Take an Uber or Lyft out to the bars. Here is $20 off or a free ride.

3.VIP Passes or Tickets in Advance – buy tickets a week or a few days in advance to avoid some of the huge lines (and save money)

4.New Meat – remember all the people who never go out come on New Years so dress your best.  Oh yeah.. bring condoms and lube – no telling how drunk your going to get 🙂

5.Party Favors – make sure you plan this in advance. Everythingfaghagassaultstwink seems to be marked up for New Years Weekend even party favors (hats and glow sticks of course).

6.Alcohol – good luck – the lines to the bar will be crazy.  I cannot advise drinking and driving on your way out but I do advise ordering a double so you don’t have to go back to the bar as many times.

New Years is the start of a new day and everyone’s favorite night to be out.  It is a night to love people and hug and kiss them once the clock strikes midnight while you are in the most joyous state.  It might even be the night to meet the love of your life.