Mass shooting at gay bar in Mexico leaving “15+ dead”

mexican gay club massacreWe are getting conflicting reports of a mass shooting in Mexico where there was either 4 dead, 15 dead, or more. It seems the corrupt government may be covering something up or inaccurate reporting from various websites out of Mexico.

The Latin American Herald Tribune claims that Gunmen arrived at the Madame club, located on Avenida Lazaro Cardenas, and killed two men inside the nightspot and two others outside. While another claims that May 22, the three gunmen entered Madame gay bar in Xalapa – a city in the state of Veracruz and carried out a mass shooting, killing what is believed to be more than 15 people and injuring many others.

More information is below from the latter site. Make sure to read through our post here about how we need more security in gay nightclubs across the world. Also, read about the threats to gay bars following the Orlando tragedy.

The state prosecutor released a statement saying that there were 5 people killed in the shooting and 14 injured, of which 12 have been discharged from hospital, however Mexico has a long history of manipulating the media and of journalists being killed. A local reporter notes “there were many more than what the government says, obviously”.

Her comments are backed by various witnesses, including a local doctor who tended to the injured and knowing that the authorities would try to cover up the facts, told reporters at El Noreste there were more than 15 people dead. The doctor, who works at Ignacio García Tellez hospital in Xalapa, said that among the wounded there was a 14 year old pregnant minor who suffered a severe wound in the leg and another one in the arm.

News outlet Regeneración reports that a witness who was entering the bar at the time of the shooting says he took refuge in a cupboard as soon as he heard the shootings. He says he saw three subjects with weapons enter the bar, and that he had believed it was the police, who regularly monitor the bar.

Soon after they entered, the witness says they started shooting behind the bar and massacring people. He could hear the screams from the cupboard. When the shooting stopped, about 10 to 20 seconds later, absolute silence followed. He could see two dead people on the floor and the bar was empty.

Adding to this, a young man sent photos to both Regeneración and El Noreste media outlets that showed at least seven dead people.

A 24-year-old employee at the gay bar, also told reporters that he witnessed an armed group enter the bar and shoot into a crowd of more than 400 people. He said that there were more than 15 dead and multiple wounded, who were taken to various hospitals.

The mass shooting went mostly unreported in English language media and with the current situation in Mexico, was barely reported locally. It appears authorities have tried to downplay the shooting but evidence shows otherwise.

The government dismisses it as a drug dispute, however Mexican LGBTI organisations have condemned this massacre as a homophobic attack.

Fake Dicks and Piss to Pass Drug Tests

drugtest dongs fake pissPeople across the world are getting smarter when it comes to drug testing for employers by using fake penises and synthetic urine. This trend comes as more are moving away from saliva testing in favor of urine because it is more reliable.

Individuals need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug free urine sample. That is unless you have a fake dick and piss then you can do whatever you want (we hope).

These prosthetic penises contain a reservoir that can hold at least 60 ml of synthetic urine. The reservoir is a squeeze bottle with a syringe at the end of it, all of which is covered by a prosthetic dick. This is then strapped onto a man’s back and heat pads are used to keep the urine at body temperature.
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Fireball contains anti-freeze?

fireball-fridayMost of us think of Fireball as a shot or a Pitbull song about a shot or what happened on the NASA launch pad earlier. The cinnamon-flavored shot has been recalled in Europe over a chemical found in antifreeze. Although it’s mild antifreeze if that makes you feel better. In a statement issued by Finland’s state alcohol monopoly said that the Fireball brand liqueur had been prepared according to North American food regulations and does not meet the requirements of the European Union’s tighter regulations concerning recommended levels of propylene glycol.

The substance isn’t necessarily detrimental to individuals’ health, although it is used in a wide range of cases from de-icing compounds in the aviation industry to the preparation of snack foods. It’s also used in alcoholic beverages as a flavor carrier.
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Gays being entrapped using Grindr in Egypt

grideregyptAnd you wonder why we want to use alternative or stage names on Facebook? Right now Grindr is sending out warning messages when you sign in to alert Egyptian users that entrapment is going on and that police officers are posing as hookups. This comes not long after the social hookup app was under criticism over their exact location pinpointing if you break into the code of their online data knowing what room you are in.

Six men have been sentenced by an Egyptian court to two years in prison with hard labor for allegedly advertising their apartment on Facebook for men to have sex with each other for a fee of $200 per night, reports the state-owned Egyptian news site Ahram Online based on information from “a judicial source.”
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Britney Spears is against gay marriage?!?

britneyagainstgaymarriageThe National Enquirer is claiming that our diva Britney Spears is against gay marriage in a recent story. The tabloid that reports on alien abductions and celebrity weight gain claims the “Work Bitch” singer loves her gay fans but isn’t down for marriage equality because it makes Jesus cry. Wow this sounds more like Jessica Simpson or someone would say not our Brit Brit. Isn’t Britney the person we refer to when we have an example of how a marriage should not be? She shouldn’t be giving any advice.

“Britney has worked with and danced with a LOT of gays over the years,” a close source told The Enquirer. “She’s never been homophobic but she doesn’t support gay marriage because the Bible is against it.” What?? The part about adultery, fornication and not bashing a car windshield with an umbrella she doesn’t follow?
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Justin Bieber Filmed By Brazilian Prostitute Sleeping!

biebershirtlessJustin Bieber’s had a wild time while he was in Brazil that supposedly included a visit to a brothel and a night with some possible prostitutes. It seems a Brazilian prostitute apparently spent the night with the Biebs or was just filming him while he was asleep. It’s too bad she didn’t film him with less covers on so we could see his hot little smooth Bieber butt once again.
See the full video below!

Teen to lose virginity in front of an audience in name of ‘art’

gayartA gay student has announced plans to lose his virginity in front of an audience for ‘performance art’. Clayton Pettet will have gay sex for the first time in front of 100 people, as part of a project called Art School Stole My Virginity. After the 19-year-old has had safe sex with a friend, he will ask the audience what they thought of his performance to see if it changed anything between them.

The teenager, who has been planning the event since he was 16, said: ‘I’ve held on to my virginity for 19 years and I’m not throwing it away lightly. ‘I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate.’ The soon to not-be-a-virgin studies at the Central Saint Martins art school. Its alumni include Jarvis Cocker and M.I.A. Continue reading Teen to lose virginity in front of an audience in name of ‘art’