Lady Gaga films Lyric Video at Micky’s Nightclub in Weho

ladygagamickyswehoLady Gaga made it out tonight to film a lyric video and the fans have gone wild. Just last night she was seen strolling through the Abbey in Weho and two nights ago at the closing of Splash Bar NYC. Here are some photos of the Lady Gaga Applause lyric video filming. We are excited she is coming back to her gay club roots! Continue reading Lady Gaga films Lyric Video at Micky’s Nightclub in Weho

Should We Ban Russian Stoli Vodka?

russianpolicebeatgaysYou may not have seen this in the mainstream news but it has been all over Facebook lately of how Russia’s president, Vladimir V.Putin, has declared war on homo-sexuals. Earlier this month Putin signed a law banning the adoption of Russian-born children not only to gay couples but also to any couple or single parent living in any country where marriage equality exists in any form. Mr. Putin also signed a law allowing police officers to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” and detain them for up to 14 days. Contrary to what the
International Olympic Committee says, the law could mean that any Olympic athlete, trainer, reporter,
family member or fan who is gay —or suspected of being gay, or just accused of being gay — can go to jail.

This all started last year not long before the MDNA Tour stopped by St. Petersburg where Madonna was sued for being pro-gay in front of children. We were pretty scared at the time that something could happen to Madonna while risking her life to be there with violent threats and threats from leaders. She not only protested for the gays and lesbians but stood up for the Pussy Riot who have been held.

Judging from the graphic photos we have seen coming out of Russia where they started out with what they hoped to be a peaceful pride from last year and this year both erupting in bullying and violence against our gay brothers and sisters we are sickened that this is going on. We cannot stand here and do nothing. Russia’s number one export is oil so there is not too much we can do with that but maybe we can do something to hurt their vodka sales and send them a clear message although will it be the right message if it’s a vodka brand that supports the gays?
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French Shirtless, Gagged Straight Boys Protest Gay Marriage… Homoerotic Right?

frenchgayprotest-homophobesshirtlessWe are thrilled that Gay Marriage passed in France this week but we just have to poke fun at this protest some. If this is a protest against gay marriage you sure have me fooled. It looks more like a protest against straight marriage. I mean you line up a group of young college age boys in France and gag them, blind fold them, and have them stand there shirtless with bulges in their tight jeans and expect us to not be turned on. Is this a tease or something? This is how they do anti-gay marriage demonstrations in France? Makes me want to go there just to watch and hopefully not get beat up when I hook up with them on Grindr an hour after their hate filled protest.
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Pavilion Nightclub Set to Re-Open Memorial Day Weekend in Fire Island Pines

fireislandpines-rebuiltAs you may have heard, legendary Fire Island Pines nightclub, the Pavilion, is reopening this summer!. The Pavilion burnt does two years ago, and the re-opening this summer reinvigorates the heart and the social engine of this iconic community that was built on freedom of expression.  So many of us felt deep sadness when the Pavilion burned to the ground in 2011, mostly because of the amazing memories we had created there.

“We designed the new Pavilion around the Fire Island community,” says Matthias Hollwich, co-founder of HWKN. “The building forms intimate spaces out of a single

“We’re looking to recapture the unique sound the island used to have,” explains Fornabaio. “Musically, the island has moved away from what it used to be. It’s become reliant on pop music. While there is nothing wrong with pop, it is our intention to bring back that memorable, soulful vibe that Fire Island is known for.” In sync with this sensibility, the opening weekend line-up will include legendary DJ icons as well as current heavy-hitters, including Robbie Leslie, Phil B, Michael Fierman, John Ceglia, Tony Moran, Eddie Elias, Escape, and Sin Morera. A state-of-the art lighting and sound system promises club-goers an unparalleled audio/visual experience.
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jeffreysankercomdownThe big topic at this years white party was actually WHO is on stage performing and the times of the performances. Not everyone knows who is on stage and may not recognize the song that is playing. Most of us White Party regulars like to go to the official website and are so busy partying we do not have time to sit around and research it all. AT&T barely worked with data so there was no way to Shazam in Palm Springs. Continue reading / White Party website down?

Madonna Beats out Trailer Swift for Reader’s Best of Billboard 2012

Madonna has kicked butt and taken names once again. It was just a year ago that she proclaimed this year she would make a fierce comeback forecasting her Superbowl performance, a #1 MDNA album, and another record on the dance/club play charts. Madonna appeared on Anderson Live, an amazing appearance on Ellen with her son Roco, and even listened to a few of our other fan suggestions.

Madonna’s achievements included earning the most votes for favorite Billboard 200 No. 1 album with her chart-topping “MDNA”; winning the Best Tour crown for her MDNA trek, which grossed more money than any other run this year, according to Billboard Boxscore; nabbing favorite TV performance for her Super Bowl halftime show extravaganza last February; and even winning most memorable feud for her war of words with Lady Gaga. For that incredible year, Madonna was handed the MVP crown from last year’s winner, Britney Spears; in doing so, she topped Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, who came in second, third and fourth in voting, respectively.
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Katy Perry Forward Ballot Dress

Katy Perry is looking uber sexy in this Forward dress. This is not your silly red dress that Taylor Swift keeps wearing around this is a dress that means rights for all of us. Thank you Katy Perry for supporting our community and forward thinking when it comes to healthcare, science, and global warming. We hope everyone votes. The republicans have made it harder to vote to suppress people but be a true hero for your community and get out there and make your voice be heard. Do you like Katy Perry in the ballot dress or the Forward dress more? Continue reading Katy Perry Forward Ballot Dress