New York City to Host WorldPride 2019

New York City has been selected to host WorldPride 2019, which is to be held in conjunction with Stonewall 50, the official commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. The theme of Stonewall 50/WorldPride 2019 is “Millions of Moments of Pride,” and it will feature an expanded two-month series of events and programs alongside NYC Pride’s historic March, Rally, PrideFest, and legendary dances for men and women. Continue reading New York City to Host WorldPride 2019

NYC’s Black Party Moves from Brooklyn to Manhattan

The Black Party in NYC is one of the wildest and kinkiest things to do in spring with over 5,000 of the city’s most daring men. The all-night and day party is a fetish fest that promises high-flying aerial sex stunts and performances with an endless supply of leather. You are probably guaranteed to smell lots of poppers in the air. The party was held in Brooklyn but now it has moved to Manhattan to Space Ibiza on West 50th. According to the Saint At Large Facebook page a huge warehouse party was shut down just this past weekend in Sunset Park so they had to make certain that all the permitting is secured which led to a wait in the official location announcement.

The tickets are over $100 for the event but you can go cheaper if you wish to go in the wee hours of the morning. Saint At Large Tickets are $50 after 9am and the closing time is now 6pm Sunday evening. There are some complaining about the new Space venue saying it will be smaller than the one in Brooklyn so it may be best to go early in the morning and pay less. People are also saying they are relieved they do not have to go over to a sketchy neighborhood in Brooklyn to attend this party but getting a room in Manhattan can be an accomplishment in itself. You can check out hotel recommendations below.
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Peppermint NYC’s Drag Queen of The Year

We stopped by Barracuda near 22nd Street and 8th Avenue on a Monday night while we were in New York City and struck gold. I normally look online to find out the clubs to check out but ask around about the drag shows.  We got lucky this time we found a small bar that had a performer named Peppermint.

Barracuda was a busy bar on a Monday with some cute guys and very nice set of bartenders.  It was Peppermint’s last night to perform at the bar because she is on tour right now internationally to promote her new album.  This includes new singles Servin’ It Up and Thought You Knew.  Servin’ It Up is a video that includes our favorite gay rapper Cazwell and even has the Gay Pimp sitting at a booth.  Get it requested on LOGO!

Peppermint was voted the drag queen of the year on the HX awards in NYC.  I think she may just be the best drag queen in the country right now. She has more creativity than anyone I have seen this year! In person we meet her.. a genuine person and loves to have fun!

Here are some photos of Peppermint Servin’ It Up for her fans out at Barracuda on a Monday night.  Check out the hot guy she picked out of the crowd and handcuffed on stage.  She even wrote all over his hot body.  She did a beautiful Mariah look, a hilarious Taylor Swift, and so many other fun songs!

This is originally a post from 2009 that we thought we would add some photos from our amazing experience at her show! Check out more photos of Rupaul’s Drag Race Peppermint from NYC:

Free Entry, VIP Table, and Champagne for your Birthday!

johnblairbirthdayfreeBirthdays are normally a time to be celebrated as another year comes by especially if you’re just turning 21 and can drink for the first time. You just have to decide if you want to really go out in a big way with a group of friends or do it in a Netflix and Chill kind of way at home. If you really want to go hard we found a way to do it free. It’s your birthday it should be free right?!? But this is the ultimate party for your birthday.

According to a post from Justin Luke of Boiparty on Facebook his weekly event JB Saturdays along with Legendary Party Promoter John Blair are offering an amazing free package at no cost. This sounds too good to be true but it’s not a scam. The only catch is that you need a party of 10 or more and the event is in NYC only once a week. Continue reading Free Entry, VIP Table, and Champagne for your Birthday!

Changes in the NYC Gay Scene

TwinkcollegeboyWe should just change this to mainly the Hells Kitchen night club scene although there is a few great finds still left in Chelsea area. It’s been a few years since we have been to NYC and that was on a pride weekend where the NYC scene was on fire with XL Nightclub and Splash competing for boys. Then we turn to 2014 where Splash has since closed and XL Nightclub changed over to BPM. Continue reading Changes in the NYC Gay Scene

Anything Goes at Splash Bar Closing?

splashgoingawaysaleSplash Bar in NYC posted on Facebook today that if you show up to the closing party on August 10th you get to take home whatever you want?? Don’t tempt me with a good time. They even said you could take home tiles, disco balls, mini tv screens, couches, and anything that is removable. Really? And Dougie Meyer.. we assume he’s the guy in the photo? Does NYC allow parking with U-Hauls outside the clubs?

They are also planning on a big performer to come in on the final night and asking who would be the best. We have a few in mind…
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NYC’s Splash Nightclub to close after 22 years

splashnightclubnycThe Chelsea community will be losing its two-story dance club on August 10th. It will be the end of an era after the Splash Nightclub closes it’s doors for good. It was one of our favorite clubs in the US because we could always find hot dancers and you have to admit it is a great place to find other hot tourists. Everyone always knew that Splash would be in the same spot when they came for a visit. It was nice to have a place you could depend on not changing (too much). It’s a staple in the gay community which opened in 1991 rising to International fame (like Pitbull) with over 10,000 square feet covering two floors of boys, booze, and dancing.

We hate to see Splash Nightclub go away especially at a time when there is already so much change in the gay nightlife community in NYC. With promoters leaving XL Nightclub to do a weekly event at Stage 48 among other changes it is hard to tell where the future of nightlife in NYC is headed. Change is certainly in the air.

Monday nights is known for Showtunes night where you will hear some of the great Broadway classics. On the weekends you will normally find a busy crowd and that fun basement type room downstairs was always a nice escape from the main room.
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Cher to make Live Appearance at NYC Club for Grand Opening of Thursday Party

marqueenightclubNYCfloorGay Pride for NYC is going to be Epic and not only because gay rights could be decided on just before the Parade but because Cher will be making her comeback! Cher knows how to make a comeback! If anyone knows how to make a comeback it is the NYC club scene that went from mega clubs to lounges back to mega clubs. Cher has two shows now in NYC for Pride… one show at the Pier party following the Pride parade Sunday then another appearance or show at the new Thursday Night party called “Q Thursdays” at Marquee.
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