NYC Pride 2013 Event List

nycpride-gogodancerbrazilOk, so you will not believe this as long as we have had this blog and as much as we love NYC this is our first pride to cover. We were in a tough decision this year because it was either London or NYC and there was word it would be canceled across the pond but then it was on then off and now its on and looks rather big but we decided NYC and hope we made the correct decision. There is so much to do in NYC and so little time jam-packed in a small weekend with pool parties, roof top parties, and new club nights that are premiering. We also want to hit up the UN-promoted clubs and bars in the gay scene (you know without the big names involved).

We have decided to start out the pride week at two hot spots for Tuesday night and for some reason we are looking more forward to this night than some of the others. Why? It is Trick Tuesday and Twink Tuesday. How can it get better than that? Trick Tuesday at the Cock and Twink Tuesdays at Splash.

Thursday Night is the debut of the Q Thursdays at Marquee Nightclub located at 289 10th Ave, New York, New York 10001. We also plan on checking out XL Nightclub to see what they replaced 20-Something Thursday’s with or will they keep it the same 19 to enter party. Both events could be really hot this night!

Friday Night
Tracy Young is bringing her iconic Miami party, GENESIS to New York for the first time ever for Gay Pride. She has partnered with Live Nation for this mega-event that will take place at Irving Plaza on June 28th. She’ll split her duties in the DJ booth with NY DJ legend, Tedd Patterson. For 10 years, GENESIS has been one of hottest yearly events in South Beach – it is more than just a Circuit Party, rather it is an experience that draws people from all over the world. June 28th @ Irving Plaza : Irving Plaza : 17 Irving Pl New York, NY 10003. Tickets can be purchased for $50. We know Madonna has been premiering her new DVD for MDNA and is running some contest for someone to train for a workout promo so who knows maybe she will stop by and say hello to her close friend Tracy while she is in town?!
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19 and up Tonight at XL Nightclub in NYC

20somethingsmNormally the clubs are all 21 and up for the gays in NYC but tonight is a special graduation event celebration where you do not have to be 20-something to enter. It is normally 21+ Something to be exact. You get free admission if you have an XL Card or with this invite below. Print it out and get in Free! This is one of my favorite nights in the NY besides Penthaus Fridays (21 and up) and Twink Tuesdays (18 and up). Continue reading 19 and up Tonight at XL Nightclub in NYC

Party Every Night in NYC

barebutttwinks-collegenightTuesday night was one of my favorite nights to go out it was a Twink Fest. There are a few things to do this night with one being a contest at Splash Nightclub in Chelsea. This is the only 18 and up night and you will get some of the hottest twink and college aged tourists and locals come out and dance to DJ Steve Sidewalk. The contest the night I was there featured an Australian vs. a California boy. It was a close, close contest and the LA boy won. I remember reading that Splash was doing this big remodeling project but I was yet to see any real changes. They do have hot gogo dancers and are located in the heart of the gayborhood.

Tuesday night also offers a more scruff filled evening at Trick Tuesdays at Hardware Bar off 697 Tenth Ave. The flyer for this party says to dance and get slutty in dark and that anything goes. This is a new party for NY and looks fun. Their also seems to be a Monday night party going on at the Cock in Manhattan.

Wednesday night the hump day begins with NYC Club Scene with Anchor Wednesdays featuring Paige Turner and sailors and gogo dancers. The Anchor NYC is at 310 Spring Street (between Greenwich and Hudson in Soho.
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18 and up Gay Club in NYC?

If you have not heard by now the only 18 and up club in NYC for the gays was at 579 6th Avenue called Club Rush or Heaven is now closed. This is not anything new though they closed down New Years Day and do not plan on re-opening this time around. We have been getting messages asking if there is a gay club open in NYC for Spring Break this year and the answer is “sort of”. The only night that is 18 and up is Splash with DJ Steve Sidewalk the same DJ who spun at Heaven Saturdays. This is the only night that caters to the minors though and it is not exactly the busiest because it is really not that promoted because Splash is remodeling. Although there seems to be lots of minors finding their way into the 21 and up clubs such as XL Nightclub using emergency id’s from China Town which we may not recommend but hey it’s worth a try isn’t it? Continue reading 18 and up Gay Club in NYC?

NYC’s XL Nightclub Grand Opening Weekend

The NYC Nightclub scene has long waited for another Roxy nightclub and waiting a long, long time. The clubs in NYC are mainly pretty congested and small for such an enormous population. How about a Nightclub that is extra large and is open seven nights a week and until 4am. Yes, you can dance your bootie off almost until the sun comes up. Work off those drinks before you try and find a taxi back to your tricks house.

The XL Nightclub is finally opening Friday, January 27 and the grand opening weekend goes until the 29th. Friday nights are FV Events which stands for Brandon Voss and Tony Fornabaio events. This night is the Rock It night at the 512 West 42nd club between 10th and 11th Avenues. 42 Below features a complimentary bar these nights from 10 to 11pm with DJ Carlos Melange in the Main room and normally performances from Amanda Lepore and DJ Lady Bunny and Jonte.

The ultimate party promoter in NY John Blair is back with Beto Sutter in association with Alan Picus brings you the JB XL Saturday nights. This Saturday begins with a performance from Kristine W, DJ Stephan Grondin, and DJ Steve Sidewalk.

Sunday Funday? XL Nightclub features a Tea Dance and a late night party. Christina Visca’s Classic Tea with Music from Warren Gluck.

NYC College Saturday Night

Now you do not have to worry about missing class the next day.

Saturday, November 13 comes a new party in NYC. NYC the birthplace of the original A-list. Club 57 presents a new College Party with only a $5 cover for anyone aged 21-25 before midnight. Who gets out before Midnight? Um you if you want to get in for $5.
The real question though is why not just get out before 11pm and get free cover or at 10pm and get a full open bar. DJ Johnny Dynell spins this downstairs at Club 57 then you can walk downstairs to see Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet DJ Escape or walk over to the lounge and hear DJ Keo Nozari.

POPular’s grand opening also has performances from Krystal Something-something, Charmin ultra, Mary Jo Camelltoe, Backspace, an Jimmie Sprinkles.

I am a bit confused though because it says its a college party then it talks about a special price for ages 21-25 at a $5 cover but does that mean it is an 18 and up event to compete with Rush? It says no where on the flyer if it is an 18 and up event or not so I will assume it is not.

A-List New York on LOGO

I Finally got around to watching the season premiere of the new A-List show on LOGO. Then I tuned in last night for the second show. The A-list New York was quite different than what I was expecting I was thinking it was more of a show the advertising suggested that it would show more club scenes and taking part in A-List events. For one the Broadway show that Reichen Lehmkuhl’s acted in his friends were not sitting on the front row they seemed to be back in the back how A-List is this? Should we show them what an A-List really consists of? Then again sometimes the VIP sections are not in the front row (really?).

Reichen’s dinner story with Austin was one that really intrigued me about this herbal supplement he took at a party and he said he walked around with a hard on for two hours or so.  Wow.  And what might the name of this herbal supplent be so that I can purchase it myself?

The guy who is most A-list is Mike Ruiz in my opinion because of his photography is so world known. Mike has worked with Britney Spears, Lance Bass, Beyonce, Dolly, Ru Paul, and Kelly Rowland. The next A-lister of importance would be Reichen Lehmkuhl who is famous mostly from when Lance Bass came out. I mean I know few people who paid attention to CBS “The Amazing Race,” but then again it had its audience. Reichen seemed to act like he was embarrassed of his relationship with NSYNC’s Lance Bass like he wanted to move away from that and be known for something else. I don’t think that’s too bad of a thing to be known for Lance is hotter than Rodney in my opinion. Maybe it’s the eyes?

Neither Austin Armacost or Rodiney Santiago stood out as models. Nothing like the models they had on the BRAVO TV show Manhunt now those were some hot boys. Rodiney at first seemed like your typical Brazilian model who gets attached to a boyfriend in a short time and being bi-sexual (citizenship?). We could all use a Brazilian model but make sure he has a job first.

My favorite on the show besides Mike Ruiz is Derek Lloyd Saathoff. Derek who called Austin Armacost a “Neanderthal” is actually a southern boy who has a successful career in Model Management is mainly why I watch the show but he does get a little bitchy at times. He in a way is the stereotypical attitude of New York Social scene and that’s good and its bad. I think hes the most attractive but that’s because hes the one I would want to date or marry until he calls me a “Neanderthal”.

I am glad to see Austin on the show because it shows what someone who has been kicked out of the A-list looks like and their struggle to get back online. You can tell he’s kind of past his prime even at only 22, there is just no future in modeling I can see for him. I know thirty-year-olds that could deserve a spot in modeling more than him. Austin hanging up the phone on Derek and acting like a Farm Animal is just not proper in the Hamptons or in LA where he lived. No one does that well unless they are on a reality show.  Oh yeah and  this home that Austin owns in London? hmm.

Ryan Nickulas just seems like the most adorable character (but then again who doesn’t love Salon owners) on the show him and his assistant (or friend or whatever role that guy is supposed to play) he’s gossiping with all the time. Ryan certainly works with A-list celebs and he’s legally married. Overall I was hoping for more single action on the show and more bar hopping and clubbing but this is a different kind of A-list and sadly I am still addicted to the new LOGO show. I would have really loved to have seen a nightclub owner or promoter on this show such as John Blair or Chris Ryan.

I really think a fundraiser to benefit needy teenagers is a really great place to start a bitch fight.

Foursquare and LOGO have gotten together for an A-list contest by checking into places and earning the A-list badge for a $1,000 prize. You must visit and click on Follow Now then you check in to the pre-determined locations as displayed on the app. The locations will include gay bars, wine bars, lounges, hotel bars, restaurants, spas, sushi restaurants, art galleries, and more. You can watch A-List: New York on LOGO TV and if you do not have LOGO then call your cable company!

Call Me Derek. =)