Gay Popism Party Every Thursday in NYC

Popism-gaga-thursdaysDJ ‘s Bougie and Rebel present a night called Popism: An evening of mashed beats and pop. They are a dj duo who throw a gay pop party every Thursday at 125 St. Marks Place. This duo mashes up old, new, pop, hip hop, rock, ol skool…just about everything.

The party is 21 & over & goes til 4 a.m. The official launch of the party is this Thursday.

Pop!sm plays the classics and is Rated X for Xtra Fun (we like anything rated X). Drink Specials: $5 Draft Beers All Night. Happy Hour from 7-9 Featuring $5 Vodka Drinks & $6 Martinis.

NYC for Fashion Week and the VMA’s

We are in NYC this week for Fashion Week and the MTV VMA Awards 2009.  We scored some fabulous seats for the VMA Awards this year and cannot wait to see it for the first time live and in person.  I have been a big fan of the VMA awards and it is my favorite show of the year.  This year Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Green Day, Pink. Taylor Swift, Muse,and Janet Jackson are expected to perform.

It’s funny I just went to Austin for Splash weekend and went to a club in NYC last night called Splash.  Splash had what it called college night but it was not what I remembered of what college nights used to be in NY.  Splash was a great club with two levels of dancing but only one real dancefloor – the other was more of a lounge area with people dancing.  It was open until around 4am and was pretty busy earlier in the night it seemed and then died off somewhat.  I think people are still tired from Labor Day weekend.  I know I am!

I believe Splash is supposed to be more circuity during the weekends and more hip hop and top 40 for it’s Thursday college night. We are planning on hitting up Mr. Blacks, Hiro, Rush (18 and up), HK Lounge, and Greenhouse Sundays while we are in town.  Let’s hope there is lots of eye candy out.  Have not been to NYC in sometime mainly because most of the big clubs have died but let’s hope there is more to do than I have seen online.

New York City Wants Your Money

I love New York as Madonna says.  Although, she also says that New York is a state of mind when she toured to the other cities she traveled on her Confessions tour.  Recently she was spotted in a trendy gay bar The Ritz  in New York City for her trainers birthday party.  But what ever happened to the good ole days when you could see her perform at Roxy… well there is no Roxy anymore!

New York City wants to reduce thier hard hit budget projected at $4 billion and they unveiled a marketing campaign to attract more GLBT tourists from around the world.  They will be competiting for the top vacation spot over Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and places such as P-town.  The problem is that this is just marketing/advertising.  It is not bringing back the gay friendly NYC we once knew.  It does not bring back the big dance clubs nor does it get rid of the ridiculous dance permit laws.

Yes there are still dance clubs but small and overcrowded basements and lounges just do not count.  Not saying that clubs are the only reason for tourism but the fact that they became so overly stict shutting down gay establishments a few years back and when they turned down a gay pride festival that really sent a bad taste towards the Bloomberg types and chased people away from that scene.

When I can goto a bigger club in Columbus, Oh and a more exciting gay pride parade on the same weekend why travel to NYC?  Actually more cities should take note on the coolness and liberalness of Columbus for their pride.

NY does have some exciting things to see as a tourist now though.  In June, they plan to open a High Line Park on New York City’s Gansevoort Street.  An abondoned railway turned park and elevated walkway in the sky that will cover a total of 1.45 miles.

This Rainbow Pilgrimage campaign comes months in advance of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan in June.  It sounds like if you plan to hit up NYC then June is the best time.

I need to make it to NY soon and I am glad that they are spending money advertising to GLBT.  Maybe they will come back.

HK Lounge NYC

So a lot of people have been saying lately that “the NY club seen is dead” (or scene as you should spell it). That is simply not true (all that has really happened is that it moved from one party of NYC to another).  The scene has moved north from the Village and  Chelsea up North to Midtown and Hells Kitchen. One of those up-and-coming places is HK Lounge.

HK Lounge is in NYC at 405 w 39th street. The place has been getting more and more packed every week (I know because I like it so much that I practically live there). HK got amazing reviews in HX Magazine for FRAT BOI Wednesdays and also for HOT MESS Sundays both of which rocked last week and where packed to the rim with the hottest boys I have ever seen (not counting the go-go boys). HK will be featured in Page Six Magazine’s “Let’s Do Brunch” section in Sunday’s paper (November 16th issue) Be sure to pick up a copy this weekend or check online at

If that’s not enough the Go-Go boys on Fridays and Saturdays are to DIE for. Between Dante, Sam, Ajuna, and Michael and bartenders like Heran, Eddy, and Mike honestly I don’t know which one I would rather dream about.

The staff in general is nice, courteous and sincere and service is great which adds to the fantastic atmosphere which is classy and laid back but A LOT OF FUN. I really mean it too (I can be found lounging here Wednesday and Friday-Sunday)

So to sum it up, GO TO HK. You will love it! BTW I have also heard that you can RSVP for a free BTL. I think their # is 212 913-9092 or something like that just call them up.  Learn more about this fun lounge at

9pm-4am – 39th & 9th Ave
Hosted by Spicky Hilton, J-Roc, Vlad, Joe McHugh, Chris, Justin and Brian
$4 vodka drinks from 10pm-12am
Weekly giveaways and surprise guests
Live performance by Spicky Hilton

10pm-4am – 39th & 9th Ave
$5 drinks from 11pm-12am
Hot NEW Weekly Porn Party Hosted by SPICKY HILTON

10pm-4am – 39th & 9th Ave
$5 drinks from 11pm-12am
Hot Go-Go boys, FREE shots ALL night!

Hosted by Charles Winters, Chandilier & Logan Hardcore
$1 drinks from 10-11pm.
$5 vodka cocktails from 11pm-1am

Text Message for a Trick?

Splash nightclub in NYC is going high tech for this Thursday night. They plan to offer a big screen with a live text messaging system similar to the pick-a-trick type numbers you see at some clubs I suppose. Thursdays are the college nights (18 and up) with Remixer Mikey Rave (Rave is the perfect last name for a DJ). The lower level features a hip hop DJ Steve Sidewalk.

What do you think about text message boards at clubs to meet someone? I just do not feel right about putting all my business up on a plasma screen when I am being hit on or hitting on someone at a club. Then again maybe it will take off and it could be an easier way of meeting people if the people on the other end play the same texting game.

Maybe after the $3 long island teas you will be ready to start texting some people on the big plasma above. I could use one of those long islands right now and some NYC boys to go with it!

Splash is located at 50 W 17th street between 5th and 6th avenue in NYC. If you are on the Chris Ryan mailing list (ChrisRyan at they send you a free invite most the time so make sure you sign up.

Mayor Bloomberg Ruining NYC Nightlife?

We recently have learned that John Blair will be closing down his party at Avalon in the next month. Apparently, New York nightlife is undergoing serious changes due to pressures from Mayor Bloomberg. Just this last week we reported that Bloomberg’s office denied the license needed for the NYC gay pride festival.

New York City was once the hottest, high energy cities to visit for a good time at the clubs. The social scene in New York for gays and clubgoers has now taken an even lower level. Money spent in New York from gays and sophisticated tourists may soon drop once they realize how horrible a wreck Mayor Bloomberg is making out of the city.

What is there to do in NYC if there are no good clubs? NYC is taking steps backwards in the world while other cities are progressing ahead.

Peter Rauhofer has a party at Stereo for now but that will also come to and end soon. The building where Stereo Saturday’s is held will be torn down soon. The tourists and residents of New York City will soon find themselves in smaller, more humble clubs. There has got to be something done to save the scene in one of the largest cities in the world or this could eventually spread.

NYC Mayor Denies Chelsea Pride Festival

Just when New York City nightlife is going more downhill because of Mayor Bloomberg it just gets worse.PrideFest was given an ultimatum by the NYC Mayor’s Office where they would only be given a permit for Sunday, June 24th for Washington Street in the West Village.  June 24th is the same day as the pride march so there would be fewer volunteers available.

The most shocking part of this is that the NYC Mayor’s office expected the gays and lesbians to be stuffed into a dark, narrow street in the West Village.  Is that a way to treat people coming into town to spend money?

Here is where you can print and mail a letter to the mayor’s office in New York City.  This will not help this years’ NYC Pride but it may get much needed action for a license for 2008.  This may also draw more awareness to this issue.

NYC Pride Events

Dance 21 will be held on the Pier 54 (13th St. @ the Hudson River) in Hudson River Park on Sunday, June 24th, 2007, 4:00pm-10:30pm.  I did not see any age restrictions on the website so you may want to verify if its 18 or 21 to enter.  Also, no tickets will be sold at the Pier which may be inconvenient to some who were not able to buy a ticket beforehand.

Find out more about NYC pride at

Roxy Nightclub to close after 16 years

The Roxy Nightclub in New York City will be shut down after sixteen years of performances, headline DJ’s, and surprises. Madonna has played a few times at the Roxy and not just made appearances but actually performed several songs. Roxy is one of the last major gay clubs to be shut down or town down because of regulations or underage drinking. Maybe it’s high time to make drinking 18+ but that’s another subject we should get some attitude on. Then again there are other well known clubs that were shut down to build such tragic things as ballparks including one of the largest gay spots in America known as Nation D.C and the stripper bar “Wet”.

I am not familiar with the State Liquor Authority but I am sure they are as communist as the TABC in Texas. Station 4 in Dallas is not even allowed to have contests anymore because they feel they promote drinking. Clubs around the state of Texas are having problems running contests because groups like the TABC say contests that include hot dancing shirtless or in boxers could promote more drinking. Dallas nightlife was also hit hard when Club Eden, a strip club during the day, was the afterhours dance scene for the hottest people in Dallas their dance permit is taken away. You now cannot dance in Club Eden afterhours you have to sit at tables and stare at each other.

The teens, queens, and party scenes today just do not seem to have the balls to go up against the communist government of ours. We need to do something to stand up to all of our famous night clubs shutting down including Avalon NYC, Roxy NYC, etc. Think about all of the raves that disappeared because of the laws that were passed to stop dancing at these happy events.

New York club life will suffer again from another club closing down. The tourists from foreign countries and other states will goto NYC looking for clubs like Roxy, Avalon, or bars like CBGB and they will be no where to be found. It will be emptiness like the Studio 54 day ending but hopefully we can get some new things and learn from our mistakes. You would think the mayor or elected officials would finally realize the nightlife scene is a major reason some people visit NYC. The only problem is they cannot own stock in most nightclubs so if they do not see any money in it then lets just make it so people need permits to dance, permits to drink, and soon you will have to display permits to piss.

After almost two decades Roxy is closing its doors for good on Saturday, March 10, 2007. The building that held the Roxy will be demolished just like our buddies over in D.C. at Nation. This Saturday will be the last dance at Roxy and will definitely be a party that you should not miss if you are in the Manhattan area.

Saturday Nights in NYC
What will become out of the closing of the Roxy in NYC? You can expect lots of new parties popping up. I am sure John Blair will not waste any time starting up some events but there are a few others you may want to check out besides the usual suspects.

Saturdays @ Rebel
Vip List
Ride Saturdays @ Rebel Saturday
Cover: $8 Reduced Admission 10-12pm $10 After & General Admission $15
Location: Rebel Nightclub 251 West 30th Street @ 8th Ave 21+