Grindr’s New Emojis are Scandalous #sexmojis

Grindr’s has released their brand-new custom emojis and they are a bit shocking at first. We are not sure if these will turn into more of an aggravation with the app or make it more playful and scandalous. Some are into Grindr’s new set of custom emojis but it is getting mixed reviews and some are deleting the app and seeking other apps such as Hornet. Continue reading Grindr’s New Emojis are Scandalous #sexmojis

Grindr Premium Features We’d Like to See

grinderhottieshirtlessThere are lots of gay hookup apps out there but we all must admit all we really have time for is the most popular one. So why not make it perfect? New Grindr features we would like to see for premium monthly or yearly subscribers or anyone who uses the app…
1. Not visible to people that have favorited me or still seeing me after I leave a city if I do not wish. This way keeping me visible in what city I’m in at the time.
2. Swipe in Messages. Be able to swipe in message mode down to other messages instead of having to go back and start from the beginning. Biggest complaint!!
3. When I block someone make it actually block them. (May have been fixed)
4. When I delete someone’s message it actually deleted it. Rarely happens… Maybe it’s my phone or a glitch. Looks like they finally got around to fixing this problem.
5. Keep it discreet. Be able to change the very embarrassing image icon that sticks out above all other app images to keep the app discreet. Maybe have a place to toggle the color as well.  Continue reading Grindr Premium Features We’d Like to See

ManCrunch to find a Valentine?

Mancrunch is a dating site; it’s got a neat design and all the standard features of a dating site, so what’s so special about this one? What sets it apart from all the others out there? Well, for a start I’ve never seen it before and, as time goes on and more sites like this come on line, and they learn from the older ones. They pick up on new features and functions, and they simply add to the wealth of knowledge behind all these dating sites. So I am expecting good things from Mancrunch as I take my first look at it:

You can run a quick search from the home page. ‘I’m looking for guys near (insert a place) aged 18 to (insert an age)’ and click… and you find you have to register. That’s standard practice at dating sites and it’s going to take you a few, but only a few, moments to go through the process.

You make up your user name and password, make sure you use your valid email address and then you can add some basic personal details. The more honest you are here the better the contacts you will make. I’ve said it before but there’s no point describing yourself as a 25 year old Adonis when you’re a 55 year old Nero, you’re only go to be disappointed and cause disappointment to guys you may hook up with inside.

The next stage consists of a ‘five minute compatibility questionnaire, and it did only take me five minutes to complete thanks to the handy drop-down lists. Many folk are put off these stages as you’re often required to type, but not here. You’ve got a set of basic questions, you do need to upload a picture though, before you can proceed, and then you can if you want type in more details about yourself. All that done, in less than five minutes, and I was in to where I wanted to be: A pace where I could fully search who was online, who was not online but had pics, who was around and where they were from. I also noticed that I had other options such as messages, flirts, gifts, photos and private access, in a left side-bar. This is like a message center and I guess it gets used when other guys send you messages.

I had a basic membership going now, there were photos of who was online and I could search proper. There were some very detailed options here, right down to hair color, and when a guy popped up as a suitable match, I was able to see his photo and profile. I could also send flirts and messages and the like. I have to say these pages were neatly designed; Mancrunch has the look of a well designed and popular social networking site, with several functions that other similar sites don’t have. Photos opened neatly in a Flash player, the texts were easy to read, and there were private galleries, so people have to contact you in order to see your best, or dirtiest, pics I guess.

There are certain functions that are not open to you until you upgrade. Nothing is ever for free right? And that’s the case here as it is with most, if not all, similar sites. You can pay $29.00 a month for three months’ membership ($87.00 right off the bat), or $40.00 for one month premium membership. I thought that was a bit on the high side to be honest, but you do get some goodies for it: 100 credits to send ‘gifts’, you come up top of searches, and you can have unlimited messaging – and you get six hours exclusive access to New Men. (Not sure if that meant new members or a website…)

To sum it up; I found Mancrunch looked as good as, if not better, than some more established dating sites. I found it easy to register and use, though I did think it was asking a high price. A trial of one month at $29.00 would have been fine, but I was reluctant to part with three months’ worth all in one go.

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Gay hook up sites

Looking for a new BF or a hook-up for the New Year? Looking for a couple to hang out with? Want to find someone close to you or do you simply want to check out some horny guys, see their photos and think about it for a while? Sounds like you need to find a hook up site and the good news is, there are plenty of them around.

These days you are not stuck with just good old Gaydar, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I’ve been a member for years and have met some great guys through it. You don’t have to wade through Adult Friend Finder, though that works too, and you’re not stuck with sites that are clunky and hard to use. The world is your hook up oyster, at least the virtual world is. Whether you then make that world real is up to you (always check the advice about actually meeting guys in person), but while you’re looking for mister Right or a couple of ‘will do for tonight’ guys, you can have great fun.

I came across a new one on me, and this site caught my eye for various reasons. First of all the intro is neat and swish; it runs in an animated player where this guy actually says hi, chats to you, talks you through the process, and you feel like you’ve hit on something up to date and clever. Which you have. And that bodes well for what is to come. It was easy to work through this introduction, step by step. Starting off with who you want to find, then where, and that ‘where’ quickly gets very detailed. Then it’s on to you, and there are only a couple of basic questions here, your age and what name you want to be known by. Put a valid email address at the end of the process and you have a password emailed to you immediately. This is all free. I was in the members’ area within a minute.

And once there I found I could carry on and make a profile, add pics and, of course, the more information you put in the more hits you will get back. As always with these sites, be honest so as to avoid disappointment all round.
Continue reading Gay hook up sites

iPhone Hookup and Dating Apps

iLet’s imagine that you are in a strange city for a night or two. Maybe you are away for work, or on a vacation, either way you want to meet someone local for some no-nonsense fun. You could go to a bar and hope to pull, you could spend hours getting to know someone and then still not strike lucky, or you could go to a club, spend a lot and come away empty handed. Got an iPhone? Well, then you don’t need to waste time again. Not when you’ve got an add-on that will let you cruise from the palm of your hand.

Take Grindr for example ( This is a new company, based in LA, California, that is set up specifically to provide a service for guys, gals and bi-folk looking for a date. Basically it is a social networking application for your iPod, Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, and it is free. You sign in, get the necessary application and then start using it. You’ll find the download and instructions on the site.

And once you have it you simply launch it, view the nearest guys to you (or gals etc.) and the you can start checking profiles and viewing pics as this device lets you upload information and images too – so anyone can see all about you, and whatever pics you’ve decided to display. When you find someone you like you use the ‘chat’ facility to start instant messaging and here you can also send extra photos. There are other cosmetic functions too, to do with the way the thing looks and runs, but the main spine, the important functions, are all there.

So, this means that with Grindr you can simply look to see who is in your unfamiliar city, send a message and a pic and say ‘up for it tonight?’ and then, hopefully, get a reply straight back. No more hanging around bars, waiting to be drunk enough for the ugliest of guys to look cute.

But Grindr isn’t all; there are others. I found (not the most memorable of titles, it’s this current fad for missing letters, like Flickr and so on – it confuses the hell out of me.) But think Purple – or purpll – and you’ll be ok.

Purpll is another social networking site that offers you the chance to find new and hot friends instantly. I have to say that I didn’t find the site as easy to use as the one I mentioned above, mainly because there were no obvious instructions – though the colour was nicer. But the brief intro should be enough to show you what to do – which is to sign up, download the application and then start using it; but I didn’t find out exactly what the application did, as I did with Grindr.

I did though find lists, in the phone style side box, of guys who were already registered. And I could vote for how hot they were according to the face pic that was shown. I was also being told who had recently become friends with whom, in this small selection of members, so I guess nothing is going to be kept private. The sign up page was very simple too; you simply put in your basic details, including your email address, and while you wait for your password etc. to come back to you there’s the chance to start playing with your profile.

So, both Grindr and Purpll are easy to use, both give you the chance to have mobile dating wherever you go, both let you add profiles and pics, and both are free and fun to use. Which one you go for may depend on what device you favour, but both look as cool as each other and both will ultimately save you a lot of time, money and effort when you’re hot to trot.

Real Jock 4 Jock

Well, bravo I say! It’s always good to come across a place where gay guys are encouraged to look after themselves; to find a website that isn’t just about sex. There is more to being gay than just sex after all. Real Jock is a meeting place, yes, it could be called a ‘hook up’ site in that respect but it’s more than that. It actually about, and for, guys who want to keep fit, and guys who want to meet other guys who are into looking after their bodies and having a healthy lifestyle. I put down my donut and took a closer look at exactly what’s on offer.

First off you have a free registration so anyone can sign up and take a proper look around. But before you do that you might want to see what’s on the tour pages and get a feel for how these things are expanded once you are a member.

The home page lists all the latest news and forum topics and you won’t be surprised, on a fitness site, to find titles such as ‘Ab workout frequency’ and ‘Forearms’ in the latest forum topic list. But it’s not all about workout routines and building muscles as guys have been chatting about scents, their love lives and even more personal matters. There is a list of articles which include subjects such as food nutrition, diets and sexual health. There is also broader news about politics and how it affects gay men. This was USA based when I was touring around but the site is aimed at a global market. You can see this from the list of locations from which the membership is drawn. The home page lists USA states but when you click the ‘more locations’ link you have a list of worldwide countries, plus there are guys listed by interest too.

Of course you have the chance to build your profile when you are signed up and this can include videos. There are some samples on the tour and these included professional clips and members’ homemade shorts; some sexual, many erotic and many simply about showing off fit bodies. You start to collect buddies as you go and, in the manner of many networking and community sites, you get to see images of these buddies and you can let other people into your collection of personal photos too. The more you put into your profile the more you will get out of the site so when you sign and join be honest, otherwise you won’t find the kind of guy you’re looking for.

But you get the impression that Real Jock isn’t just about hooking up and meeting other gay guys. There is plenty of discussion about all aspects of gay men’s lives, their health and fitness in particular and this is a place where you can get helpful and interesting information. You can of course have some intimate and sexy chats and send messages to fit looking guys too and I guess it’s up to you how you use the site in that respect.

Finally you’ll want to know how popular the site is; after all you don’t want to be the only one in there. Well, a quick check of the forum posts is usually a good indicator of a site’s popularity and there were thousands of posts here. Topics covered events, sports, fitness, dating, sex, sports and nutrition. A good mix of subjects which reflects the fact that Real Jock really is about keeping fit, but it is also about meeting other gay guys who care about their bodies and their lifestyles, and improving your personal life as well as your body as you go.