Gay Memorial Day Weekend 2017

It looks like things are shaping up to be an exciting summer this year starting out with epic beach and circuit parties. Memorial Day weekend has grown over the past several years to be one of the biggest gay outings for beach and dance. There are two events that really compete each year for the Gay Memorial Day Weekend and that would be the events in Pensacola and Matinee Las Vegas.

The decision is easy for most of us because we would prefer the beach to the concrete faux Las Vegas skyline. This year they have upped the offer for the Matinee party as they are throwing most of the parties in the clubs inside Hard Rock and those are great places to party even though they are not traditionally gay clubs they have supported past gay events such as Hustlaball Vegas. See our comparison here.

May 25-29 on the beautiful sugar white sands of Pensacola Beach they are throwing 7 Fabulous parties.The newest events are the Glow party and the Foam parties. Keep in mind they have skipped the past few years of throwing beach parties and moved them to Emerald City. This year will be better with the parties on the beach.
Friday, May 26 • 9PM-3AM GLOW Paint Party with DJ Joe Gauthreaux
Saturday, May 27 • 9PM-3AM The return of WAVE Beach Party with DJ Dani Toro
Sunday, May 28 • 9PM-3AM BATHHOUSE Foam Party with DJ GRIND
Additional weekend DJs include: DJ Joe Ross, DJ Blacklow, DJ Drew G and DJ Hector Fonseca. DJ Dani Toro puts on an amazing production and is one not to be missed! There will also be parties across the beach at the Portofino resort which is basically the “host hotel” for the weekend. Continue reading Gay Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Addicted Gang Bang Swim Wear

Now is the time to start picking out some great swimwear for the massive pool and circuit parties scheduled for 2017. Every now and then you see underwear or swimwear that really sticks out in more ways than one! These new gang bang boxer swimwear will have everyone talking. These are so scandalous we love them because it almost looks like a big load stain in the front and a welcome mat of a gang bang in the back. Continue reading Addicted Gang Bang Swim Wear

Pensacola Beach Memorial Day Weekend 2016

memorialdaypensacolabeachemeraldcitypensacolaMemorial Weekend is coming up starting May 26th of this year in Pensacola. We have been going to this event annually and of course it’s in our Top 5 events of the year not to miss. The reason as you can see in past posts on Gay Memorial Day Weekend that thousands of people a re camping on the beach and having the time of their life.

You can also go to the man made city of Las Vegas for Matinee but why would you want to do that when more people are in Pensacola and it’s mostly hot southern boys. Did we mention there is a real beach? Not some man made concrete pool where you have to order bottle service for a place to lay in the sun or even sit down. With the Pensacola Beach the gays take over during this weekend you don’t have to pay anyone to put up a tent and can goto temporary tent venue to tent venue partying it up from sunrise to sunrise. You will also want to make room for the DJ’s playing at Emerald City which is the popular nightclub in Downtown Pensacola.

Emerald_City DJ Lineup Pensacola DJ GauthreauSuperstar DJ Lineup at Emerald City for Memorial Day Weekend:
Thursday, May 26th “Foreplay” with DJ Jay-R
Friday, May 27th “Strip Down” with DJ Blacklow
Saturday, May 28th “Sweat” Dani Toro Dj
Sunday, May 29th “Friction” Glo Blacklight Underwear Party with Joe Gauthreaux
Monday, May 30th “Climaxx” Drink and Drown DJ Jay-R
This venue is located at 406 East Wright Street in Pensacola, FL. You can check out their website at

Where to Stay?
We recommend either setting up a tent on the private beach set up for this weekend across from the Portofino or staying at the Portofino. If you have a tent you may want to consider a hotel as well because you will want a place to regroup each night. There are facilities for bathrooms and showers along the beach but to each his own.

The Portofino Resort is where you will find many gay parties and you can go room to room or their main pool area where they normally have a huge Pool Party event setup each year for this weekend. It’s not an easy task getting a room at the Portofino because you basically have to plan months in advance and you have to book with a 4 day minimum and have two rooms or more. They are more expensive than a regular hotel but not so bad when you split it up with friends.  Other hotels in the area include the Holiday Inn, Hilton and the Hampton Inn right along the beach.

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How to get Around Pensacola Beach and Downtown Pensacola
They do have Taxi’s but now that they offer Uber we recommend taking Uber or Lyft.
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Andrew Christian Underwear under $20

Andrew_Christian_UnderwearWe found some great deals on Andrew Christian Underwear at Hautelook today… We are loving these new Twerk brief thongs and the active show-it jock straps for under $20. We love a good sale on underwear especially with White Party Palm Springs underwear party coming up in a few weeks. Go here for the Hautelook site.
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Leopard Bulge Speedo Bulge Steals The Splash! Show

dan osborne leopard print speedosContestant Dan Osborne stole the show with his leopard print trunks on a reality competition show Splash! Tom Daley was a bit distracted from the bulge out of these hot leopard prints. Dan Osborne also does modeling for which sounds like a Sean Cody site but it is actually just an underwear site so don’t get too excited. Continue reading Leopard Bulge Speedo Bulge Steals The Splash! Show

Austin’s Labor Day Weekend Last Splash

boysonrockssplashaustinWe did our annual thing in Austin this year for the Last Splash or Splash Days party. My favorite thing about the events in Austin is that it’s not your typical gay pool party you have at a W hotel such as the one going on in New Orleans. The Austin lake party is at Hippie Hollow off Lake Travis that is a nude part of the lake and you will actually see some hot boys walking around with their pee pee’s out. This is not a family beach. The only bad thing was that the lake seems to keep losing its water levels each year as Texas dives more and more into fracking and not having much rain in this part of the state. We also did not see this event marketed like it was in years past so the circuit part of the party was not all that.
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Wrestle Me Swimsuit from AussieBum

We have always had the biggest fetish for wrestling as gays and now we can wear it to the beach.  The long awaited release of the wrestleMe swimsuit has been released and it is too bad they waited until after Summer for us Americans.  Although Summer starts soon in Australia where they are made.  These are super Sexy, super comfortable and designed by Sean Ashby and looks to be the future of swimwear.  This might even be a sexy Halloween block party outfit since Summer is kind of um ending…

Watch the video below for more of this hotness:

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