Dallas Nightlife Gayborhood Update

We thought we would send you over some hot pics from the latest happenings around Dallas and give you the scoop of what is to come. Apparently there are some changes going on at the Brick which is currently having a dance contest by Juan where the stripper can take home around $100 to $200 each Thursday. Brick is also hosting Sip N’ See on Wednesdays and a Juan’s Drag Race on Tuesday nights. I am not sure if all of these shows will stay with the changes going on.

The Tin room is trying to get back some of its customers they are losing fast due to BJ’s and other more aggressive bars having better specials in some cases. The Tin Room plans a free bar from 10:30 to 11pm on Trashy Tuesdays even though it is not really too close to the Walk of Shame over on Fitzhugh. BJ’s has taken over as the place to be on Tuesday nights as you can see Officer Jake hanging from a Gazebo doing some playful stunts for us spectators. The Drinks at BJ’s are over expensive and they do have a cheap version of Red Bull called Blu along with The Brick which does not taste as good and should be more of our choice that we want the real Red Bull for drinks priced this much.

The Tin Room will offer you a canned Red Bull and always some of the freshest meat to look at when it comes to the dancers. It may be small and a tin room but the dancefloor is pretty big and it is 18 to enter if they are not charging them too much. The Brick is also 18 to enter along with Station 4 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. We normally just goto the tin room to check out the dancers, talk on the patio, and sometimes dance to some good music. The Drama Room is trying to be zoned so it can get it Dance permit and has not done too much until that is taken care of.

Station 4 is now the ultimate place to be on a Friday night. If you are in the S4 Group on Facebook you can get secret codes sent your way weekly and you just then say the phrase which could be “sunshine” or even “gaga” and be allowed in for free and avoid a $6 or so cover. This would be only for the 21 and up patrons. The 18 to 20 folk will need to make sure they have a real id.. and yes a real id not a fake one and then try to get in with your real one 20 minutes later. They are smart up there and know all the games so don’t even try it. The cover for under 21 is $15. S4 recently added 4 laser lights to their dance light mega-show which is already one of the best light shows in the US. They are now offering glow party nights that are taking in record attendance especially for Friday night which used to be their slow night you will see lines outside.

A lot of good bartenders have left S4 but there are still some good ones left such as Bruce, Kat, Lacey, Bobby, Sassy, Melissa, and many more. The drag shows are still going strong in the Rosé Room early in the night with Krystal Summers, Layla LaRue, Heather Skyy, and many more. Saturday night it kind of turns more into a bachelorate party for the straights but we have fun with it.

JR’s Bar and Grill has finally remodeled again. We know when JR’s remodels its nothing like that of Sue Ellen’s or of Station 4 its more of a moving video screens or making a VIP area lounge for non-smoking. This time JR’s simply opened up to the sidewalk area a patio to people watch closer to the street. I guess for people too lazy to walk upstairs for the real patio? I believe JR’s still carries some good premium vodka specials that I certainly approve such as Tito’s and Red Bull.

TMC has the Legendary DJ Ronnie Bruno spinning both Friday and Saturday Nights. They set up the dancefloor differently for this and makes it more exciting. I always forget how big TMC is with the huge patio outside and the big space on the way over to the pool tables and restrooms. You can also catch DJ Bruno at the Tin Room on Sunday nights which is a nice night to chill after a big Sunday Funday.

Gayborhood Dining for Dates, Drinking, and Fun!

The Oaklawn Gayborhood has been changing a lot lately especially with the new food on the menu. Macho Nacho, Mustache U.S.A. Oaklawn once had a Mexican restaurant located where Zini’s Pizza is now but its salsa and food were not good enough to keep up with the tastes of Dallas boys who love good salsa. It closed down and I did not think any other Mexican restaurant could survive on the strip. The Oaklawn strip has a Hunky’s, Subway, Zini’s, Panda’s, and Café Brazil and there does not seem to be much room for many more restaurants. The Black Eyed Pea has managed to stay around even after they closed down most of their stores but the Hungdingers recently closed down which did fun drag shows starring Ivana Tramp and an amazing Cher look alike. The reason Hungdingers probably closed though was because of them ending the Ivana Tramp (Tina Turner) and Wayne (Cher) dinner shows.
Hunky’s recently moved over to where the historic Crossroads Market bookstore was located for years. A few months have passed and now a fresh new twink is on the scene with Macho Nacho also known as Mustache USA. We were surprised to find out that their salsa was pretty tasty maybe not spicy enough but it was good. The bucket of chips were cute as well.  Personally, I think the Hunky’s burgers are so much better than IN N’ OUT Burgers you keep hearing about in the news who recently opened with 3 hours waits.
The queso mixed with guacamole was also delicious. The plates come out looking more like an appetizer than a dinner plate but the food was top quality. I ordered the Pork and Pineapple tacos and they were delicious. This is coming from someone who normally does not eat pork.
The drinks at Macho Nacho were rather expensive and way too sweet. I ordered a premium margarita and it was so sweet I could barely drink it. Then again I am not a big margarita drinker. They redesigned the inside and made it a nice, trendy atmosphere on the inside and out with a nice patio for people watching. We are glad to see more restaurants open in Oaklawn in the Dallas Gayborhood. All of this and I still have not mentioned the new Sushi joint down at Ilume. Add your comments and which restaurants and bars are your favorites.

Dallas is up and coming with so much going on besides Lady Gaga visiting the Roundup twice in a year and S4 performance once. LOGO will start filming the Dallas A-List cast with some of the names being thrown out as James D., Levi C., Paul M., and an Ashley. Update: James Doyle, Phillip Willis, Beau Bumpas, Levi Crocker, Chase Hutchinson, and Ashley have officially been announced.  We seem to think that Chase is the hottest or has the hottest body and in typical fashion they even have a cowboy who is Levi Crocker.We have been working with our friends over at @GayDallas on Twitter and GayDfw.com on these new happenings. Continue reading Dallas Nightlife Gayborhood Update

Dallas Purple Party Weekend

If you are not in the state of Texas from April 29 to May 2nd you will be missing out on some huge events in two cities. The weekend that kicks of May is just packed with big events in the Texas area but how can you decide which one to attend? Austin has so many events going on this same weekend including a party inside the old Power Plant and a lake party at Hippy Hollow called Splash. It will be warm so we may want to be outside lounging at Lake Travis in Austin for their first Splash event of the year.

The big city of Dallas offers the Purple Party and it’s headliners will be the Perry Twins among other top World known Dj’s such as the Freemasons, Alyson Calagna, Alexander, Bryan Konrad, and Michael Tank. The Freemasons will be playing at the unique and infamous and did we say legendary Lizard Lounge nightclub that looks like a goth church. It is as close as you can get to the old Avalon in NYC. Free yourself with them on Friday the 29th of April. The afterparty is at the Crowne Plaza Downtown off of Elm street with Michael Tank.

The main event of the Purple Party will be at Palladium ballroom which in my opinion is a way better venue than last years event at the House of Blues. The Perry Twins will be dancing and spinning for your enjoyment and some cool lasers by laseronics that Saturday, April 30 from 9pm to 2am. Cover is $65 at the door. The afterparty is with DJ Alexander at the closed down Club One – Yes they are re-opening for this event the walls to the Party Monster days. The venue is actually named Excuses restaurant now but you will not be able to tell inside as the Purple party will have it all the right ambiance.

Sunday Funday brings GLOW with Alyson Calagna at Plush. We could name the other DJ Playing the Ultimate Dallas DJ of the Year… Ronnie Bruno who is everywhere these days. Justin Ryan will also be joining the Sunday Weekend Tea Dance party from 6pm til Midnight with $25 cover.

Afterglow is the Purple Party Closing party with Bryan Konrad at the new Brick (off wycliff). DJ Adam Metts will be on hand as well from 10pm til 4am with a $15 cover.

It looks to be an exciting year for the Purple Party as the event keeps growing and growing although I would love to see more vocal performances. In past years they had such divas as Debrorah Cox. It would be amazing to bring in Robyn or even Adam Lambert. The Purple events do raise money for HIV / AIDS so it definitely serves a great purpose and most of the people are volunteering their time for free which is a great thing for our community.

Where do you plan on staying in Austin or Dallas for these events? We recommend the new W hotel in either Dallas or Austin, TX.

Easter in the Park Dallas 2010

When the weather is not bad there is a gathering in the uptown area of Dallas at Lee Park every Easter Sunday that every gay and lesbian should attend.  Especially if you like drinking in the daytime, hearing a live orchestra play, or getting your dog dressed up for a costume contest in the park.  There are many things to do this day and we have some pics to prove how much fun it is. The weather was ok this year so we were able to do Easter in our gay fashion.