Berlin is absolutely the hottest gay destination for Weekday and Weekend Clubbing

I don’t want to go into a history lesson here so I’ll just say that, since the wall came down in 1990, when we talk about Berlin now we talk about both East and West Berlin combined. However the city still has various districts and they are each as diverse as each other, but the news is that gay people are generally accepted in most of them and you can often see gay couples walking hand in hand and enjoying a relatively accepting society. This is particularly true in districts such as Kreuzberg, Schoneberg, Mitte and Friedrichshain. However if you travel to the eastern districts of the city there is a certain right wing element there which means you have to be more cautions and probably less public in your affections.

If you are visiting Berlin and are a bit of a culture vulture then you’ll be pleased to know there are many museums and galleries, plus the cathedrals and other architectural sites to visit. Including the Gay Museum which also has an archive of mainly English language and gay related books that you can browse, on site. is their website is you want to take a look.

But that might be jumping straight in; first you’ll need somewhere to base yourself for your visit. has a comprehensive list of places to stay. This site is in German and English and you can easily follow the links to the individual hotels where you will find locations and prices to suit you. Staying with that site you’ll see lots of information about things to do after dark. There are many gay cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs in Berlin though no one area where you find them all together as as you might in say Soho, London or Canal Street Manchester, UK. That means there is no gay ‘ghetto’ and, some people think, this adds to the individuality of the city as each business does its own thing and each district has its own vibe.

Check out the Mitte (central) area of e city as this is where the trendy and the young hang out at the new and sleek Sony centre with free wi-fi, open air and crowded with hip tourists. The Maritim ProArte is a recommended hotel in this district, it features original artwork on each of its 11 floors and the nightlife of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg is only five minutes away by cab. In these areas you will find some of the oldest and most notorious of Berlin’s clubs, such as SO36 and Eldorado. There’s a saying that cameras are not allowed in many of Berlin’s clubs for a reason and you can probably guess what that reason is!

But it’s not all sex clubs in Berlin, there are other, dance and chill out places too. It’s just that you might have to go searching for them. One of the biggest party nights in the city can be found at Club Weekend ( for up to date opening times) but it takes place in what looks like an office building. As says, these wild clubs are often hidden in plain sight.

And staying with that site there’s some very handy tips on having a good time listed there. Such as: The various nights and dates of certain events can change and you need to be known to know where and when the party will be. Remember which will have the details on the nightlife or nachtleben as the Germans call it. Also don’t forget the gay museum and the various cultural events that the city hosts including the Love Parade, a giant street party you’ll see And as for getting there LTU offers nonstop flights from NY, LA and Las Vegas, see

As usual that’s only a quick dip into a huge city that is teaming with varied night (and day) life and loads of gay things to do and see. Check those websites, there are many more too if you use your search engine and keyword “gay Berlin” for example. But one thing is for sure: if you are planning a European vacation then Berlin needs to be on your itinerary.

LabOratory / Berghain
There are few gay nightlife experiences in the world that compare to LabOratory. If you are just visiting or a local, this is one gay nightlife spot that you must experience. Lab, as the locals call it, is probably not for the novice or faint at heart gay explorer.

Lab has a motto of“Anything goes” and a very cool location inside an old East Berlin power station. What an amazing atmosphere!  It also houses Berghain and Panorama Bar (separate entrances). To get to Lab, walk by the hundreds of people trying to get into Berghain and go to a hidden entrance on the northern side of the building.  Men play hardcore here so you may will catch yourself in the middle of cages, glory holes, slings, private areas/cabins, and dark rooms. On a place like this you can also expect to have access to showers, paper towels, free condoms and lube.

Make sure to check LabOratory’s website for specific themed parties. Each party has a special dress code that you should adhere to if you want to get in. Some of these parties sell out way in advance (if they are “ticket only”). Some don’t require advance purchase.  Tip: Do not wear strong perfume. You will not be admitted. And obviously pictures are not allowed inside.

As you walk in, you are expected to get into your outfit which could be your birthday suit, sports clothes, rubber, jockstrap, leather. After that they will give you a bag for your “normal clothes”. You then check in the bag and they write a number on your shoulder. This number is used for billing your drinks at the bar.  Friday nights are popular with 2 for 1 drinks and “no dress code required”.

You just hop on the subway to Ostbahnhof and walk for about 7 minutes or use an Uber Taxi since they don’t have Uber in Berlin.  Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1 Berlin

Upcoming circuit events in Berlin include the Hustlaball held in October at the Kit Kat Club. Gay pride comes around the end of every June with half a million people attending between Ku’damm and the Siegess.

Xlsior Festival Mykonos August 21-25

gayfootballplayersEvery year we like to try out something new and this looks like one of those parties we want on our future party list. Who doesn’t dream about going to Greece and seeing their beautiful beaches and breathtaking views? Xlsior Mykonos is the most exclusive International Gay Leisure Festival, launched in Sept. 2009 on the famous island of Mykonos. The festival takes place in late August and includes an International Superstar DJ roster. With a strong international dimension, the Festival is welcoming more than 30,000 Gay travelers from all over the world.
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Memorial Day Weekend Travel 2012

Where are you going this Memorial Day weekend? See our past Memorial Day weekend posts to decide what you should do.
There is Pensacola, Florida our FAVORITE hot spot. As you can see what it would look like driving to Pens for the big weekend:

You also could hit up Las Vegas for Matinee and their pool parties or even give Austin’s Hippie Hollow a ride.

What are your plans for a gay fabulous start to Summer 2012?

Puerto Vallarta: Wet, Blue Chairs, Anthropology, Paco’s

Puerto Vallarta, which is located in Jalisco, Mexico is a destination we have traveled to a few times now and and still for some reason always go when its not the season to go and too humid to breathe. We looked on the weather on our iPhones before we left and though okay it will only be 80 degrees which would be a nice change from the 100 degree heat in Dallas, TX. We did not think about the humidity and most of the clubs and restaurants do not have a/c and some of the condos do not either if you have rented one.

The time to visit the internationally known gay resort town of Puerto Vallarta would for sure be from October to March when the humidity is lower and when more of the boys are in town or out. Parts of the weekend seemed like a ghost town due to the humid weather and did not really see too many hot guys out but there were some hot dancers at places such as Wet and Tease. Tease even had some hotties working on Sunday night but the place was dead but it was all about the bartender there who reminded me of Antonio Banderas from “Evita” with his hair slicked back.

Wet had one of the hottest dancers come up to us after his show at Wet on the street who later had a drink with us he could speak some English and had one of the most charming smiles. He wore a bit too much deodorant though because when someone licked his armpits it got all over their tounge hahaha.. I wont say what drunken person did that… He was very lick-able though! Wet had a modern feel to it and a shower behind the bar where the dancers would stroke their hard cocks but all-in-all it was a “Tease”. Continue reading Puerto Vallarta: Wet, Blue Chairs, Anthropology, Paco’s

Take a Party Bus?

If you live in Miami – Ft. Lauderdale or in the Los Angeles area you finally have some party buses to help you get to where the boys are. We have also seen this in some other cities such as Orlando. A party bus can be much better than taking a taxi from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale to say go out to the Living Room Nightclub on a Friday night. One reason is the air conditioning on the bus is better than sweating or having the windows down in a taxi – we know they never turn on the air. Another is the risk of a DUI or DWI, having to drive such a far distance to a club and drinking even after dancing it off may not be a good idea. You will also save money by not having to get a hotel room. The taxi is not going to have a bar and play dance music so why not just take a party bus unless of course you have your own chauffeur than use him.

California Party Boys:
Each Month BoyPartyBus will be Loading up the Hottest Guys from ALL of Southern California for a Stunning Night that Will Not Be Forgotten! Our all Inclusive Package Provides Everything a Gay Boy needs to Survive a Wild Night of Dancing and Debauchery at
Southern Californias Premier Gay Nightlife Destinations.
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The sexiest places on Earth

This is a hard one, no pun intended. Where is your sexiest place on Earth? Why is it ‘sexy’ and what’s there to make it so? I did some scouting around the net to find top destinations for gay guys, top lists of what others thought were sexy places, and whittled the lists down to six. Here are my thoughts on what are considered to be six of the sexiest places on the planet. In no particular order:

Barcelona Spain
Classic architecture, hot Hispanic boys in tight trousers, nights under the stars with a glass of Rioja and a tapas or two, romance and… bull fighting? Well, forget that last one and think about what else Barcelona has to offer us.

You have a wealth of the usual gay bars, discos, nightclubs and beaches, and you’ve got the Med right there on your doorstep. Start at the port (where better for some Matelos and sailors?), and the beginning of Las Ramblas, the main gay thoroughfare that everyone heads for. It leads you straight up to the centre of town, stopping short of the main gay village, it’s a popular street for street-performers and can be crowded with life, and professional pick-pockets, the only downside. In Spain you don’t go out to eat until after 10.00 pm so expect late and sultry nights under the night sky. Grab a siesta in the afternoon and prepare yourself for the sights and sounds, of those sexy Catalonian boys.

Key West, Florida
Did you now that Key West, Florida, is home to the nation’s only gay and lesbian historic trolley tour? They mean street-car type trolley, not supermarket type trolley. It’s also home to some of the sexiest parties and events on the planet, well, so their official gay website tells us. It’s your typical sun, sea, sand and sex destination with romantic places to dine, hot beaches to cruise, plenty of nightlife and gay friendly paces to stay. Accommodation here ranges from the luxurious for those with the cash, to the basic but comfortable for those on a budget. And then you have the festivals: Pride, Bear, Women – ad ‘fest’ to the end of each, plus many other events all year round. Romantic and buzzing; a really sexy place.

Las Vegas
This one surprised me; I thought Las Vegas was only casinos and gambling in the middle of nowhere? (Sorry.) But no, it’s a top gay destination and not just among gamblers. I’m told that there is a small town, fun feel to the place and plenty of friendly gay bars and clubs sprinkled around. There are spas and bathhouses too, plus endless miles of shopping opportunities. Krave is a big night club on the strip ‘expensive but fun’ according to one recent visitor, and I found a list of gay/gay-friendly restaurants for your romantic nights out which were, more or less, all given a five star rating by folk who had actually used them. Sounds like Las Vegas is a place for late night fun, following a romantic dinner among the glittery lights of The Strip.

Rio De Janeiro Brazil
This almost goes without saying. It’s not the safest city on the planet, but then where is? But it must be the most vibrant, lively, fun and laid back one. You’ve got all the Latin heat you handle here, from the spicy boys on the beaches to the spicy food on your plate. You’re watched over by the famous statue, and you have the world as your oyster when it comes to carnivals, festive occasions, quiet dinners and romantic walks by the sea. Head south and you’ll be hooked in no time.

Tel Aviv Israel
And another surprise entry into the list. Don’t think that it’s all troubles and battles here, there is more to this sexy place than you might glean from the media. It’s a 24 hour city with a reputation for being ‘one of the world’s finest and friendliest GLBT travel destinations.’ They will be having their Gay Pride celebrations there on June 10th 2011, so that’s one for your diary, and while you are there you’ve got a host of nightlife opportunities with many regular, occasionally, and once-a-month bars and clubs open to all. And did I mention the weather, the gay film festivals and the welcoming people? All those hot Israeli boys and girls waiting to welcome you intimately to their sexy city?

Palm Springs CA
And finally good old Palm Springs CA. the very name suggests luxurious hotels and locations, the beautiful sea, the toned boys, the sexy girls, the nightlife and parties, the warm weather the swimming in the clear sea, everything you could wish for in a sexy holiday destination. Again you’ve got plenty of romantic places to wine and dine your loved one, loads of choices of places to stay and go, sights to see and many events to hook into; from the Film Festival in January, to the Desert Romp in May, there’s something for everyone at this top destination.

So, a very quick rundown of what’s considered the set of top, sexy gay destinations. Here’s a challenge to leave you with: how many have you been to, and which one will you visit next? Can you see all of them within the next 12 months? Worth a try!

Best Global Destinations

So, you’re thinking about a vacation and you’re wondering where to go. You want to go to a place that great for gay, a destination that’s tops for trade, or first of fun. As long as there’s a gay life there you’re happy to try it. But where? Where’s the best gay destination in the world?

According to Trip Out Gay Travel you’ve got a few choices. Recently, Logo, a unit of Viacom’s MTV Networks, announced that (its comprehensive travel site dedicated to the LGBT traveller and MTV Network’s first stand-alone, travel-focused site), revealed its second annual “TripOut Gay Travel Awards” at London’s World Travel Market – the premier global event for the travel industry.

Top of their list came New York City, it won the award for the ‘best global destination.’ A few other sites and bloggers agreed with NYC as being a top gay destination, but what if you don’t like cities? Well, trawling around looking at what people are saying is hot and what’s not, all the ‘top destinations’ I found were cities. Berlin for example…

Having recently been there I can give a big thumbs up to Berlin as a great destination. It’s clean and the people are friendly, public transport runs on time and you’ve got a great variety of places to go and things to do. From the zoo to the backrooms, you get well looked after in Berlin. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. For eating, you’ve got loads of sausage stalls beside the road, plus a huge range of eateries, and for drinking, I found that with a little planning, I was able to find a ‘happy hour’ happening at a bar somewhere practically every hour of the day.

If you fancy somewhere slightly more exotic, then how about Argentina? Buenos Aires, to be precise. Apart from seeing where some of Evita was filmed, and having the chance to do your best Madonna impersonation on location, you have a wealth of bars and clubs to explore. If you check out an Argentinean gay guide site, you’ll also find saunas, restaurants, maps and a guide to the city’s pride celebrations, though that information was a little out of date.

And back in Europe there is always London, somewhere else I’ve been recently. One of the best gay bars in the world (as voted for online) can be found there in Vauxhall, but there is more to London than the famous West End and Soho, the gay village. When you’re there you should look in the free magazines and listings to find clubs and bars that are away from the centre of the city. You will find a different atmosphere, guys seem to have more fun in the outlying areas, there is less attitude. And while you’re in England don’t forget Brighton, another ‘gay capital’ by the sea, and Manchester, one of the newer gay hot spots in the country.

Madrid, if you want sun, sea, sangria and sexy Spanish boys with tight butts and tanned skin, is a perfect destination. Get away from it all in a cultural city that’s got more going for it than just its architecture. Gay Madrid websites report that many bars have back rooms, where just about anything goes, and the whole city seems to breathe a raunchy atmosphere.

Over the pond you’ve also got Montreal. There’s a whole strip of places to hang out there, loads of bars and cafes, restaurants and clubs. It’s going to be a question of knowing where to start, so a site like is a good starting pace. And, when you’re looking around at these gay city sites and choosing your destination, you may find special offers for hotels and travel. I noticed several, all very tempting.

But if you’re not into city vacations but still want to go gay? Well, how about a gay cruise? But that’s another story.

Best Gay Breakout Destinations

Taking a vacation isn’t always about sitting by a pool, seeing the sun set over the sea, and being pampered. There are loads of adventure holiday companies these days, but what if you want to do something different and gay? What if you want to find a new and upcoming exciting gay destination and you’ve already done the usual places? Well, then you want to look around for the best breakout destination, the best up and coming new place where it’s cool and hip and fine to be gay. Here are a few ideas.

Mexico City gets a gay friendly rating from Trip Out Gay Travel who describe is as ‘loopy bars, friendly locals, amazing food and urban insanity.’ Sound like it’s going to be fun. There is a smattering of gay bars, and plenty of ‘gay friendly’ places to go and to stay. The transport is cheap though you are warned to be a little cautious when out and about, the same as in any major city really. Think safety and you’ll have more fun.

Reykjavik, Iceland, doesn’t always spring first to mind when thinking about a gay vacation or a visit. But it’s on the Breakout list and there is a growing gay scene there. Being Iceland you’re going to find the gay scene all in one place, in the capital. is the site to start your browsing, the official gay guide to the country is found there. You’ve got bars and clubs, places to stay, events and much to see and do. But you might want to check out prices first, we’re heard that drinking in Iceland is not the cheapest of pastimes.

Ever thought of going to Tel Aviv, Israel? There’s an all year round nightlife, a great scenes and friendly and welcoming people. The annual pride even is in June next year, everyone’s welcome and you’ve got the added attraction of the weather, the coastline (there’s a safe nude beach at Ga’ash, and the Hilton beach is recommended for cruising), and of course those sexy Israeli guys and girls. is a simple community based site where you can discover basic listings, though has much more information.

Toronto sound interesting? It’s breaking out, like the others we’ve listed, but its probably more established than some other breakout gay destinations. The hit TV series ‘Queer as Folk’ was filmed around the Church and Wellesley Gay Village so it’s become popular for that, more popular than it was before; it’s always been a bit of a hot spot. As has the city’s other gay village, the Queer West Village, which is described as being funkier and edgier.

And now let’s throw one at you right out of left field. Cambodia. No, honestly and there’s an good online guide to the country and its gay life at It’s legal to be gay in Cambodia, the reign of terror that stalked the country is well and truly over. The first gay pride was held there in 2004, in Phnom Penh, but the current government is holding back on gay marriages and civil partnerships, even though the King supports them. Meanwhile, you’ve got bars and clubs just the same as anywhere else, but with Asian charm and hospitality added in for good measure. And not just in the capital either. There are other cities, such as Siem Reap, and in the south, Sihanouk-Ville which is small, has one gay bar and two hotels. But, as they point out on sites about Cambodia, the people are friendly – you can meet and chat anywhere and, reading between the lines, what they are saying is hat it’s easy to pick up and meet ‘new friends,’ wink, wink.

There you go, there are a few ideas to give you some food for thought. When you’re tired of the same old same old vacations, you should turn your thoughts to one of these new Breakout Destinations and become a pioneer.