CeCe Sings 1-Yr Anniversary of GAY leaving the Astoria

I could not get to the G-A-Y UK site today for some reason it is not online.  There seems to be so many changes in the past year in the London club scene that it is hard to know what is going on unless you are cabbing around town peeping into all the buildings.  One year ago, the G-A-Y party left the Astoria This Saturday (25th July) in order to make room for a new train line and the building to be demolished.  This was a historic event that led to the closing of the club but yet an opening of G-A-Y at its current Heaven location at the Arches by Charing Cross.

OMO was a party held at the Astoria for awhile but it closed down as well for the same reason.  I am glad I had the chance to visit Astoria while it was open because it was where legends of pop played such as Madonna and Mariah Carey.  But we have moved on to the new building where another legend will play this weekend CeCe Peniston.

CeCe Peniston will perform her hit song “Finally” (it has happened to me…). This will take place in the main floor of Heaven nightclub where you will hear commercial pop as they call it in Great Britian.  Also, Performing her hits including the anthem “Finally”, “We Got A Love Thang” & “Somebody Else’s Guy”.

The Star Bar will have commercial RnB, Pop Room – 80s & 90s, Dakota Bar – Cinema Room, Tonight showing Priscilla & Murial’s Wedding. £1 ENTRY wrist bands exclusively available from G-A-Y Bar.

Did I mention that Heaven was my favorite club in the World? Yes, it is but I go on tour starting August 2009 to be proven wrong so Czech boys, Paris boys, and London gents show me who has the best club.  This American boy wants to dance it up!

I cannot figure out why g-a-y.co.uk is not up but maybe they are just regrouping the site.  Their facebook page is up so please comment if something has went wrong with this promoter.

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