Cher to Headline Mardi Gras 2018? White Party Palm Springs Headliner 2018?

We constantly hear rumors about the music legend and pop goddess Cher. This time it involves two oh-so-fabulous rumors involving mega-gay festivals.

A google search tipped off by a suspicious Facebook post this morning reveals a VERY interesting article posted a few hours ago by KIIS FM:

It’s almost like an Apple leak though because the story is mysteriously absent from the KIIS website! The excerpt from google is pretty detailed. It’s not like Cher has not played NYC Pride a few years back and has been a gay icon since the Sonny and Cher show. This will be the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras so they will absolutely have someone as big as Cher if not her.

While there’s many rumors that Cher will release new music and go on another tour another great one is out that says she may be the headlining act at the White Party Palm Springs. You know the event where Jeffrey Sanker brings in the hottest act of the year to perform. This has to mean she has new music if it’s true we can hope!

Here is why we believe it is the goddess Cher. Jeffrey Sanker has been teasing the biggest act signed ever to the White Party lineup. Let’s think about this a minute. Bigger than Lady Gaga, J-Lo, Mary J. Blige, and Ariana Grande? This better be Britney Spears. Cher. or Madonna the way they are making this sound.

White Party was home to Lady Gaga for a few years but she was also doing club performances at the time so who knows maybe it will be Lady Gaga returning but the emails sound like this is a performer they haven’t yet booked. We are placing our bets on Cher.

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