Ways to Score Presale and VIP Tickets

People are always looking for ways to get better seats and access to concerts and events. Most of the time people wait outside for hours or even days to get first dibs on seats. Other times these people get up at the wee hours of the morning to ensure they get first access to premium seats.

With the rise of Credit Card reward programs that offer customers preferred seating, first access to certain events, concerts and shows. The days of waiting online in the cold and early morning ticket reservation is over. Some cards allow customers to have access to tickets before they’re available to the public, while others offer VIP packages and reduced pricing on premium seating. Some of the other types of reward perks that come along with the assorted programs are:
• Concierge services
• Discounted or even free tickets to assorted family attractions, museums and zoos
• Exclusive access to private events and screenings

When looking into various Credit Card reward programs, it’s a good idea to look at each card individually, and assess the type of perks that are included.

American Express Platinum Card for those with exceptional credit offers around the clock access to concierge services. This means that by one call, a customer could reserve seats and/or tickets to a host of different events.  Access to private events and screenings that are unavailable to the general public. Advanced tickets to concerts and shows and Special VIP admission to applicable events.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card
Preferred seating and advanced access to tickets. Admission to Gold Card Events and other private entertainment. Early notification of upcoming events
and No annual fee for the first year.

American Express Gold Card
Early option to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Ticket saving and deals to numerous events, shows and concerts
Preferred seating to events. Event Protection of up to $2,000, when things happen. Sadly, this option is unavailable in New York State.

American Express Business Gold Rewards Card
Reserved seating at various venues worldwide. Presale access to tickets before the general public. Event Ticket Protection of up to $1,000 per event with a maximum of twice per year are just a few of the benefits if you are a business owner.  All GLBT business owners should be carrying an American Express card that offers OPEN Savings.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card
Early presale tickets to concerts such as the Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour. Preferred seating for sporting events and concerts. Access to private screens, shows and events. VIP packages and specials and 24-hour concierge service.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards
24-hour concierge, Special access to exclusive and/or highly anticipated events such as the Super Bowl.

Capital One Cash Rewards
Access to premium seats for shows and events and Exclusive VIP packages.

Visa Signature Credit Card
This is one of the most popular cards but you normally have to have a good credit score to achieve this one. When you apply for a card such as the Marriott Rewards card it will say Signature on the top or bottom of the card. You will receive access to private events, screenings, meals and shows including special weekly and monthly offers. Premium seats for concerts advanced presale ticket availability plus 24-hour concierge services.

Private Pass Rewards by Citi Card
No special sign up or fees for the Private Pass Rewards Program which is offered to all Citi Credit Card holders. Advanced presale tickets and
preferred seats to numerous events and shows. Special VIP packages for cardmembers that could include meet & greets with artists such as Ke$ha, signed merchandise and more. Special pricing on selected events and shows and discounted tickets and packages on all events.

Although there are other cards and programs, the list above serves as a good guide to gauge the benefits and perks of the most popular cards. There may seem to be no downside but with many reward program Credit Cards there lies membership fees. These membership fees vary greatly depending on the company, but they usually range in the $120-$155 range. That’s why it’s important to understand the type of Credit Card program that is being used, as to not stumble upon shocking fees after the first year. Taking that into consideration, concert and event reward programs are an excellent option for the occasional concert goer or devoted fan.

Bonus Tip: Sign-up for every email newsletter such as LiveNation, Ticketmaster, and the new Groupon Live that is coming out for every city you are considering a premium seat. You can also bookmark pages such as MonsterBallTour.com to keep them on your “Radar” for upcoming events.

Current Summer concert tours for 2011 include Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, Glee Live in Concert, Get $leezy Tour, American Idols Live, Adele Live, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Robyn.  Although the hottest tours this Summer may well be the NKOTB and Backstreet Boys along with everyone trying to see Adele perform live.

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