Dallas Purple Party Weekend

If you are not in the state of Texas from April 29 to May 2nd you will be missing out on some huge events in two cities. The weekend that kicks of May is just packed with big events in the Texas area but how can you decide which one to attend? Austin has so many events going on this same weekend including a party inside the old Power Plant and a lake party at Hippy Hollow called Splash. It will be warm so we may want to be outside lounging at Lake Travis in Austin for their first Splash event of the year.

The big city of Dallas offers the Purple Party and it’s headliners will be the Perry Twins among other top World known Dj’s such as the Freemasons, Alyson Calagna, Alexander, Bryan Konrad, and Michael Tank. The Freemasons will be playing at the unique and infamous and did we say legendary Lizard Lounge nightclub that looks like a goth church. It is as close as you can get to the old Avalon in NYC. Free yourself with them on Friday the 29th of April. The afterparty is at the Crowne Plaza Downtown off of Elm street with Michael Tank.

The main event of the Purple Party will be at Palladium ballroom which in my opinion is a way better venue than last years event at the House of Blues. The Perry Twins will be dancing and spinning for your enjoyment and some cool lasers by laseronics that Saturday, April 30 from 9pm to 2am. Cover is $65 at the door. The afterparty is with DJ Alexander at the closed down Club One – Yes they are re-opening for this event the walls to the Party Monster days. The venue is actually named Excuses restaurant now but you will not be able to tell inside as the Purple party will have it all the right ambiance.

Sunday Funday brings GLOW with Alyson Calagna at Plush. We could name the other DJ Playing the Ultimate Dallas DJ of the Year… Ronnie Bruno who is everywhere these days. Justin Ryan will also be joining the Sunday Weekend Tea Dance party from 6pm til Midnight with $25 cover.

Afterglow is the Purple Party Closing party with Bryan Konrad at the new Brick (off wycliff). DJ Adam Metts will be on hand as well from 10pm til 4am with a $15 cover.

It looks to be an exciting year for the Purple Party as the event keeps growing and growing although I would love to see more vocal performances. In past years they had such divas as Debrorah Cox. It would be amazing to bring in Robyn or even Adam Lambert. The Purple events do raise money for HIV / AIDS so it definitely serves a great purpose and most of the people are volunteering their time for free which is a great thing for our community.

Where do you plan on staying in Austin or Dallas for these events? We recommend the new W hotel in either Dallas or Austin, TX.

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