Revolution Sundays

I call it Sindays not Sundays.  There is a new club night in the big metro area of Dallas.  The new Sunday hotspot is at the Thoth Lounge at 1301 Main Street on the corner of Main and Field presented by Axel and Snow Queen.

The cover is only $5 which is way cheaper than the $8 you have to pay at S4 in Dallas.  There is also bottle service and a VIP room and booths available and get this… Valet service.

There are also drag queens, DJ’s and a nice dance floor all ready for the grand opening on October 26th and then every Sunday from then on… we hope…

If they want to compete with S4’s very popular Sunday nights they should have made the club 18 that night.  Most 21 and enter Sundays fail unless they have Daisy D or TP Lords performing especially in a ghost town such as Deep Ellum on a Sunday night.  Consider making the club 18 and $8 for them and $5 for 21.  S4 is charging a whopping $15 on their hip hop/rap Sunday night.  Just a thought =)*

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